Subject: VPH Newsletter: February 2013

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Dear colleagues: 
from the ashes of the Italian political elections to the excellent electoral result of the UK Independence Party at the mid-term elections in Eastleigh, there is a strong anti-European wind blowing across our continent. Very few citizens can understand better than us how difficult is the Euro-bureaucracy, and how much better the European Commission could work. But it is unquestionable that without the European Commission and the framework program the VPH initiative would not exist. 

Science does not tolerate barriers, geographic, political, or cultural. Ideas must freely circulate to increase our collective knowledge on the nature. But for research domains like our, research in itself is a collaborative endeavor. We need to work in large consortia where very different skills can contribute to the achievement of the goal. As scientists we must remain neutral in the political debate around how Europe should be organised and work (but of course not as citizens). But I believe it is important to send a clear message to our politicians that any measure that will make more difficult to fund international research consortia will have a very bad effect on any applied research sector such as our own.

In this sense I would recommend the Policy Affairs Work Group of our VPH Institute to consider a position paper where we strongly demand that the design of Horizon 2020 makes easier to form consortia not only among the member states, but with any other institution in the world, if the research plan motivates it. 
If you have opinions on this matter, please share them with me at
Incidentally, if you are interested in the policies relevant to the VPH, please consider to join our Policy Affairs Work Group, which is open to any representative of every member organisation. It will cost you one hour per month for the periodic conference call, but it will be a great way to get engaged. 
Marco Viceconti 
Executive Director, VPH Institute
VPH 2014 in Norway
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology won the bid for organizing the next VPH conference.
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Commission launches Consultation on Technology Transfer
The European Commission has launched a public consultation on a “Draft proposal for a revised block exemption for technology transfer agreements and for revised guidelines”. 
Dead-line: May 17th, 2013 Read more»
Clinical Trials Regulation Report published
EU Council debates Open Access to Scientific Information
Interface Focus Theme Issue featuring VPH2012 papers: Available Online

The special issue entitled "'The Virtual Physiological Human: integrative approaches to computational biomedicine'" contains selected papers from the VPH2012 conference, the congress of reference for our community.  Read more»
Going up, Going down
"There is no preferred direction of causation in biology, causal influences actually run from the top down as much as they do from the bottom up." This is the theory of the VPH Institute President, Prof Denis Noble, recently reported in the Thesis section of the Nature Physics Journal - February 2013 issue.
Discover the FET Flagships winners
Graphene and the Human Brain Project win EU's largest research excellence award.
News on the Digital Patient Roadmap
It’s Well Underway, But First, A Reminder
Back in November 2012, we had the Second Consultation Meeting in Barcelona, exploring the scientific and technical challenges that have to be overcome in other to make the Digital Patient a reality. Read the report of the meeting.
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How To Get Involved with the Digital Patient Roadmapping exercize
Currently a public consultation process is going to implement a second draft of the Digital Patient roadmap. This roadmap belongs to all of us, and will affect the way healthcare is delivered to the population of Europe in the years to come. We want as many people to get involved in the roadmap consultation process. To do so, you need to join the DISCIPULUS Forum. Read more»
A Complex Fusion of Modelling, Data, Interface, and Funding
Read the list of the scientific and technical challenges to overcome in other to realise the Digital Patient.
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February issue
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§ 2013 World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies
   21 - 30 March, 2013, Algarve (Portugal)
§ NC3Rs Mathematics Study Group
   15 - 18 April, London
§ UK e-Infrastructure Academic User Community Forum
   15 April 2013, UCL, London
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