Subject: VPH Newsletter: December 2022

The Conference - “EU Secure and Innovative Digital Future”, held by the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU on 3-4 November 2022.
On 30 November 2022, the European Commission presented a new EU Global Health Strategy.
The Standing Committee of European Doctors, the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations published their positions on the Commission’s European Health Data Space.
A consensus is being reached in the European Parliament on splitting the health portfolio from the ENVI Committee and creating a separate subcommittee solely dedicated to it while extending the COVI Committee’s mandate by six months.
- INTERVIEW with Liesbet Geris - Find out more on the activities of our Research & Technology working group
Liesbet Geris, Executive Director of the VPH Institute and leader of the Research & Technology Working Group, explains in a nutshell the goal and main activities the WG focuses on. All VPHi members are welcome to join and contribute to this important initiative!
The 5th edition of the summit was held in Paris on 16 November 2022 and counted more than 78 sessions on innovation in healthcare.
This new working group aims to increase the level of adoption and trust in the in silico medicine technologies by their primary users: clinicians and healthcare professionals.
The Integral Health System of Public Use of Catalonia (SISCAT) is running an open market consultation aimed to capture the availability on the market, or the possibilities that the market can develop, of solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support the process of Diabetic Retinopathy, integrated and interoperable in the field of primary care.
The Avicenna Alliance releases a Glossary of Terms for Computer Modeling and Simulation
Click here to read some interesting recently published papers from our community. If you have published an article in the field of in silico medicine, send it to us: we will include it in this section of the newsletter!
Meet the new members of the committee that will be involved from January 2023 untile the end of 2024.
The winner will be invited to present during the next VPHi Summer School. Deadline: end March 2023
Eligible candidates are those who have defended their PhD in the period 1st January 2022 – 31st December 2022. Deadline: 28th February 2023
BioModels has launched a new competition for early career researchers. Deadline: 31st Dec 2022
Check out the opportunities and open positions of this month.
For the EC Officers ISW is an ambitious, well-managed and high-impact project with high scientific and economic values. The quality of the work developed so far puts the Consortium in a strong position to advance the state of the art and make an impact in the growing field of in silico clinical trials.
The SimCardioTest cloud-based in-silico trials platform has been developed to host the three Use Cases developed within the project, and a user-friendly interface for each Use Case has been created. Users will be able to run simulations on the browser leveraging the models created by the SimCardioTest partners.
SIMCor has demonstrated a proof-of-principle of its virtual cohort generator, a methodology for generating populations of ‘virtual’ patients, as well as preliminary results on the use of such models for the example of in-silico assessment of transcatheter aortic valve implantation procedures.
The researcher of SimInSitu projects successfully completed the characterization and uncertainty quantification of biodegradable scaffolds fabricated by Xeltis company for tissue engineered heart valves. The role of material nonlinearity on the biomechanical response and the effects of test methods on material elasticity was quantified. Data will be then used for verification and validation activities carried out on other project WPs.
For the first time, five EU funded projects - SimCardioTest, SIMCor, SimInSitu, the CSA EDITH and the EIT Health project inEurHeart- join their forces to bring together the different actors of the in-silico cardiovascular ecosystem at a one-day workshop in Bordeaux on 22 March 2023.
30 July - 3 August 2023, Fukuoka - Japan Paper submission deadline: 31 January 2023
1 - 5 May 2023, Melbourne - Australia Early bird deadline: 15 February 2023
- 7th Barcelona VPHi Summer School
5 - 9 June 2023, Barcelona - Spain More info soon!
4 - 6 September 2024, Stuttgart - Germany 
"The Virtual Physiological Human will revolutionise the way health knowledge is produced stored and managed as well as the way in which healthcare is currently delivered."
 European Commission
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