Subject: VPH Newsletter: August 2018

On 24 July, the EC adopted the revised Horizon 2020 Work Programme for 2019, which now includes new calls for Future Emerging Technologies (FET) activities in High Performance Computing (HPC) and future battery technologies.
4,322 people have signed a petition launched by EuroScience and the Initiative for Science in Europe, calling for an increased European Research and Innovation budget.
Latvia has announced its intention to become a founding member of the European High Performance Computing (EuroHPC) Joint Undertaking, which aims to pool European and national resources to build a world-class HPC infrastructure.
On 1 July 2018, Austria took the helm of the Council of the European Union (EU) which gathers the Ministers of the Member States.
On 1 July 2018, Austria took the helm of the Council of the European Union (EU) which gathers the Ministers of the Member States.
EBE and EFPIA have financed a study to understand the benefits of personalized medicine to patients, society and healthcare systems.
A number of interesting activities will take place during the InSilico week from 4 to 7 Sept 2018: don't miss out!
IN VIVO, IN VITRO, IN SILICO - 4 September 2018 - European Parliament
Supported by the Avicenna Alliance and the VPHi, this large-scale international conference will present the newest developments of in silico medicine. The conference will have a global dimension bringing together speakers from e.g. the EU, the USA, and India.
- VPH2018 - VPH for In Silico Medicine: 5 - 7 September 2018, Zaragoza
The bi-annual VPH conference is the must go event for the VPH community. It offers a platform to present research related to computer modelling for healthcare, as well as applications thereof in clinical settings, towards predictive personalised medicine.
The GA is an important occasion for our members to meet face to face, get informed on the activities we worked on during the year and define, in collaboration with the VPHi board of directors, the priorities and goals to focus on the upcoming year. A great chance to get your voice heard and feel part of the community!
Representatives of both the EC and the FDA will present the research priorities and opportunities for in silico medicine in the upcoming years. The VPHi executive director will also introduce and discuss with the session speakers the joint VPHi-Avicenna Alliance position paper on Horizon Europe.
The EC Spanish National Contact point, Dr Juan Riese, will present the funding opportunities for in silico medicine research in the last work program of H2020. The event will be an occasion to discuss and ask clarifications on the future calls, but it will also offer an opportunity to network and create synergies to facilitate the consortium creations process for future VPH projects.
Plenty of opportunities also for VPHi students during the #InSilico week:
A 500€ prize will assign to reward the outstanding work submitted by VPHi student members to the VPH Conference. Deadline 15 Aug 2018
A 1000€ prize will assign to reward individuals for outstanding achievements during their PhD thesis based on: Capacity or knowledge gap, Methodological Approach, Research outputs, International integration. Deadline extended: 22 Aug 2018
A 1000€ prize will assign to reward individuals for outstanding achievements during their PhD thesis, specifically focusing on the translational aspects of their work, like: addressable market, product development phase that would benefit from the model/simulation, IP ownership, patentability, industrial use readiness. Deadline extended: 22 Aug 2018
The Meet-the-Mentor Luncheon is an event organized by the VPHi student committee to enhance the learning experience for PhD students. The luncheon offers trainees a special opportunity to meet and network with senior members of the community and receive career advice and insights.
14-16 Sept 2018, London -U.K.
16 -20 Sept 2018, Granada - Spain
17 -20 Sept 2018, Sheffield - U.K.
17 -21 Sept 2018, Pula - Italy
3 - 7 Dec 2018, Pavia - Italy
"The Virtual Physiological Human will revolutionise the way health knowledge is produced"stored and managed as well as the way in which healthcare is currently delivered."
 European Commission
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