Subject: SIMCor e-workshop "Statistical environment for in-silico trials" on 6th December 2021, 15 – 17 CET

Dear VPHi members,

we would like to inform you that on 6th December 2021, 15:00 – 17:00 CET, the SIMCor project partner European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN), in the frame of WP10 – Quantification of healthcare, industry and socioeconomic effects, is organizing the "Statistical environment for in-silico trials" e-workshop
The e-workshop will bring together experts from in-silico research as well as experienced biostatisticians, data managers and data scientists with the aim to discuss and specify the requirements for the implementation of an R-statistical analysis environment for planning and managing in-silico-trials and to explore implementation strategies, along with open issues, options and hurdles to overcome. 
This e-meeting will also leverage the participation of in-silico experts of the other H2020 in-silico trial projects, namely the In Silico World, SimInSitu, SimCardioTest consortia.

Different tools have been developed to support statistical management of in-silico trials (e.g., QSP, Simulo, Hect, InSilico trial platform, UISS). SIMCor, addressing the challenges of cardiovascular implantable device manufacturers, put in place a standardized validation process and sensitivity analysis to guarantee statistical credibility for in-silico tests.

To cover its full cycle, it also aims to implement a flexible and openly available R-statistical analysis environment for planning and managing in silico trials within its Virtual Research Environment (VRE). The requirements for virtual cohort generation and in-silico trials defined by SIMCor can only be partially fulfilled by the existing tools. In order to cover the full development, verification and validation cycle, a necessity is seen to implement a more flexible and openly available statistical environment for in-silico trials.

The e-seminar will take place on Microsoft Teams at THIS LINK, for further information you can visit the SIMCor website's page dedicated to the event.

Best regards,
the VPHi Staff
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