Subject: Next Avicenna Alliance webinar 13 April 2021 5pm CEST

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we are pleased to inform you that the next Avicenna Members Webinar is already approaching!

Claudio Capelli, Research Fellow at GOSH, UK will host the next Avicenna Alliance Members Webinar on 13 April 2021 at 5pm (CEST) with his topic “Applying in silico medicine for congenital diseases: a translational experience".

Abstract: Congenital diseases are structural and functional defects developed during prenatal life and that remain present after birth. An estimated 6% of babies worldwide are born with congenital diseases, with the most common and severe abnormalities affecting the muskoskeletal, nervous and cardiovascular systems. With modern advances in medicine most of the structural congenital anomalies can be corrected thanks to the massive progress made in paediatric surgical procedures, interventions and medical technologies. Despite this, life expectancy for children with critical congenital abnormalities is lower than the average population and, in some cases, patients require continued treatment throughout the patient’s life. The complexity of these conditions often require personalized and tailored approaches. In this context, in silico medicine can indeed provide support to enrich diagnosis and model personalized treatments for children born with congenital diseases.
In his talk, Claudio Capelli will speak about his experience as a bioengineering researcher embedded within a clinical centre of excellence (i.e. the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children). Claudio will review methods and results highlighting both successes and challenges incurred in over a decade of efforts to translate computational models and simulation to clinics.

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This webinar belongs to the Avicenna Alliance webinar series for members-only, a monthly initiative has the goal to enable both Avicenna member companies and VPHi Members to get to know each other better and share their knowledge about their main activities, expertise and interests. 
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