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The VPH Institute is a not for profit organisation that focuses on ensuring that VPH related R&D all over the world:
» receives an adequate level of funding
» is harmonized to achieve maximum synergy
» is deployed effectively to support clinical practice and maximize the delivery of potential benefits for the healthcare system

If you share the view that substantially improved healthcare can only be achieved through the converging efforts of life and mathematical sciences and engineering, you should consider to give us your support becoming a member.

€90 per year
Any individuals with interests in VPH research can now join us without requesting substantial institutional support. Personal members are eligible to participate in all work groups within the Institute, such as the Policy Affairs one, getting privileged access to policy information and being involved in drafting important documents such as position statements or green papers on hot research topics.
Student membership must be associated with a personal or institutional membership at an additional cost of only 10 euro per year. VPH students will have all the personal members rights and will also receive discount on selected publications.
€900 per year
Your organisation will be placed in a network that gives you access to very broad, heterogeneous backgrounds and know-how. Your institution will have the possibility to contribute to all our initiatives such as creation of strategic documents, proposals for policies, recommendations for standards, protocols and the like. Your organisation will also gain a seat  in the General Assembly.

Commercial organisations, charities and governmental organisations can support the VPH Institute through sponsorship, which will be designed case by case. Contact us for more information.
The VPH Institute aims to represent the VPH community at large to work on the common goal of strengthening the profile of in silico medicine research. The larger the number of researchers we represent, the greater the credibility we gain in the dialogue with our interlocutors: 
All members will be entitled on a €50 discount at the VPH2014 conference, and... only if you join now: a Christmas present for you
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