Subject: VPH Newsletter: March 2020


Dear VPHi members and enthusiasts,
these are extraordinary times and we hope you are all safe and well. First and foremost we want to gratefully acknowledge the precious work done by health care professionals in these challenging times, including by some of our own members. We have been receiving questions regarding what in-silico scientists could do to contribute to battling this crises as well as questions related to our own activities.

Computer modeling and simulation can be used to expedite testing of a wide range of COVID-19 related processes including drug repurposing, epidemiological models (forecasting of disease spread, incidence, prevention measures etc), resource optimisation (e.g. ICU beds) and in silico certification of medical devices related to COVID-19. For instance, EMA is currently already evaluating digital evidence related to COVID-19 treatments. If you are asked to provide in silico expertise and do not feel you are qualified to do so, please get in touch with us so we can help locate the experts.

Most of the VPH activities are taking place through teleconferencing (such as the working groups under the Avicenna Alliance umbrella) and continue as planned. A number of physical VPHi activities are planned to take place later this year, including the VPHi summer school (Barcelona, early June), the VPH2020 conference (France, late August) and the international School on in silico trials (Bologna, early September).  Each of those activities will communicate in a timely manner if plans change.
We wish you and your loved ones courage in these challenging times!

VPHi team
On 19 February 2020, the European Commission has released a communication addressing the European strategy for data, which is part of a broader policy package aiming at making the EU fit for the digital age
On 10 March 2020, the EC presented a new Industrial Strategy Package for a globally competitive, green and digital Europe. The package of initiatives sets a clear direction for the twin transitions towards climate neutrality and digital leadership for the five coming years.
Application deadline 2 April 2020
On 19 February 2020, the European Commission released its package on artificial intelligence and data, which includes a white paper on artificial intelligence.
On 19 February 2020, the European Commission published its communication entitled "Shaping Europe's Digital future"
With the beginning of the new year, the VPH Institute invites all its members to renew their membership to keep on sustaining the number of activities VPHi is involved on! Find out what we have planned for 2020!
The VPH Institute and the Avicenna Alliance bring together research institutions and companies focused on in silico medicine to collaborate on a number of activities, from policy to engagement and research with the common goal to facilitate the adoption of in silico medicine. This year we have a number of new working groups open to all VPHi members, sign up to give your contribute!
In a paper published in the European Heart Journal, VPHi members from King’s College London, leading the Personalised In-Silico Cardiology (PIC) consortium, show how linking computer and statistical models can improve clinical decisions relating to the heart.
7, 8, 9 September 2020, University of Bologna (Italy) - A unique opportunity to attend a 3-days immersive school on in silico trials with top-level international experts. Discounted rates for VPHi members!
Submission deadline - first round: 31 March 2020
Application deadline: 27 April 2020
Application deadline: 27 March 2020
The 5th VPH Summer School will be held in Barcelona, Spain, on June 8-12, 2020 and will focus on "Tackling Complexity in Health & Medicine"
30 March 2020 at 17 CET. Co-organised by the VPHi Student Committee
Application deadline 10 August 2020
Application deadline 30 April 2020
Application deadline 30 April 2020
Application deadline 31 May 2020
13 - 15 April 2020 - Silver Spring, MD - United States: POST-PONED TO A DATE TO BE DEFINED
12 - 15 July 2020, Milan - Italy
16 - 18 July 2020, Stuttgart - Germany
20 - 24 July 2020, Montréal, Québec - Canada
26 - 28 August 2019, Paris - France
"The Virtual Physiological Human will revolutionise the way health knowledge is produced stored and managed as well as the way in which healthcare is currently delivered."
 European Commission
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