BIG Business and Veterinarians

December 14th, 2010 at 5:12 am EST

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

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Re: BIG Business and Veterinarians


Hello and a cheery Tuesday to you and and yours.

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I opened my mail yesterday and received a big glossy pamphlet for
an upcoming Veterinary Conference.

It's to be held at a fancy resort community, and it has many
prominent speakers.

They will be covering issues like Vaccine protocols, and Pet Food.

Yet every single seminar has a Big Drug, Vaccine or Food Company
sponsoring the seminar.

Do you really think that the speakers are not going to be
influenced by the company that is sponsoring it?....

Do you really think that the Veterinarians that attend the seminar
are going to hear about dramatic altered vaccine protocols, and
other alternatives such as homeopathic nosodes?

Another large Pet Food company is another corporate sponsor.

Do you really think that the speaker is going to talk about How
clients can make their own pet food at home?

Or the benefits of Raw food?

What about Natural Home remedies. These are not a favored part of
the Veterinary Corporate world.

Surprise, Surprise..these are rarely if EVER discussed at ANY
Veterinary Conference.

The speakers will claim to be presenting unbiased information.

The Big Whigs of the Veterinary Community will claim that the
profession is not influenced by these Big corporations.

But how could they not be.

Conferences are expensive.

If you were to present information completely contradicting these
companies, then they would pull the financial plug.

Hence most Veterinarians get educated at conferences that are
primarily funded by large Drug and Food Companies.

One BIG FAT Conflict of Interest.

Of course that is only my opinion, but any unbiased person can see
how this may not necessarily be the best way to educate


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you really should check out some of what I have to offer. I
guarantee that it is NOT sponsored by any Drug or Pet Food company.
In fact they would likely love me to just go away :-)

But here I am, and here are some of the further ways that you can
better care for your dog or cat in the comfort of your own home
using Natural Home Remedies..

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Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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