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Join host Miriam Slozberg and her guest Tiffany C. Wright (me) on Miriam's Blogtalk radio show, Getting Social with Miriam, for "An Overview of Funding with Tiffany C. Wright". To quote the program description, "...We delved into newer methods (of funding) such as crowd funding and strategic and angel investing."
The Resourceful CEO works with small and medium business owners who have no senior management team who either are cash-strapped, overwhelmed, frustrated or bored by their businesses who want to once again experience the joy they once had and spend higher quality time, less time, or no time IN their businesses. What makes The Resourceful CEO unique is that I understand where they are. I've helped over 20 businesses get over $42 million in funding, obtain over $25 million in contracts, and built a company to a net worth of $1 million in 2.5 years. Because of this, our clients get the guidance, support system, network, and insights they need. Our clients access the cash and resources they need and strengthen and increase the value of their businesses so they can do whatever they want with those businesses. You can call 1-866-466-3692 to set up a time to talk about building a business that works without you and generates more cash. This 20-minute, high impact consult is free.
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Building a High-Performing Minority Business Hosted by the Tuck Executive Program at Dartmouth
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Non-Profit Board Participation and Business Owners

Non-profit board participation is something that many corporate climbers do. If you look at the roster of board members of your local United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Cancer Society, etc., you will notice the names of various directors and vice presidents of Fortune 1000 corporations with a local presence. One reason is these corporations encourage participation as a means of building and/or solidifying community relationships.

Another reason is that many of these charitable organizations have large fundraising commitments for their board of directors, i.e., $25,000 or more each, and the corporations have the funds to pay this commitment. However, non-profit board participation is not exclusively for corporate senior management. Small business owners can participate and reap similar benefits as their corporate counterparts.

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