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Join host Kelly Scanlon and her guest Tiffany Wright for tips and insights into cash flow management and how to find often overlooked sources of capital for your business.
The Resourceful CEO works with small and medium business owners who have no senior management team who either are cash-strapped, overwhelmed, frustrated or bored by their businesses who want to once again experience the joy they once had and spend higher quality time, less time, or no time IN their businesses. What makes The Resourceful CEO unique is that I understand where they are. I've helped over 20 businesses get over $42 million in funding, obtain over $25 million in contracts, and built a company to a net worth of $1 million in 2.5 years. Because of this, our clients get the guidance, support system, network, and insights they need. Our clients access the cash and resources they need and strengthen and increase the value of their businesses so they can do whatever they want with those businesses. You can call 1-866-466-3692 to set up a time to talk about building a business that works without you and generates more cash. This 20-minute, high impact consult is free.
Job Costing is an operational / accounting function that many companies neglect to do. However, proper job costing can save you significant time and money and greatly increase your firm's profitability. Why? Watch the video for more information, tips, and insights!

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First, let me state unequivocally that it is an achievement to sell a business. When you look at the number of businesses that fail within the first five years, selling your business for any amount of money is a big achievement. However, if you can sell your business as an ongoing enterprise to a person or another company who wants to continue to operate it, you’ll derive more value from that sale than if you sell your business for its assets to someone who needs your equipment and customer lists.

5 Actions to Take
Here are 5 things you can do to determine your starting point by assessing the value of your business, then strengthen your company into a viable, sustainable entity that operates without you. This will drive significantly more value for your business when you do sell it.

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