Subject: What are the basic Ayurveda body types?



Ever hear of Ayurveda before now? What is it and how does that affect you?

Simply put, Ayurveda is an ancient way of using the body's healing power to treat different kind of diseases. It focuses on the body type, also known as dosha to bring about the healing and maintain optimal health.

Ayurveda has 3 body types and they are: Vata, Pitta and Kalpha.

1.Vata Ayurveda body type is ruled by the elements of air and space.
People with this body type are slim with slender body frame and usually experience cold, have dry skin and hair.

They are very creative and imaginative with exciting sexual desires and they talk very fast and enjoy talking a lot. They are usually timid, modest and with low confidence.

2. Pitta Ayurveda body type is governed by water and fire elements and the people in this category tend to have moderate, well built body frame and maintain great focus and concentration. They always feel warm and enjoy a high energy level. They also usually have soft skin with reddish complexion.

They like to dominate any conversation, and have a strong desire for food and sex. They are very intelligent, focused and goals oriented. Very emotional and passionate about life. They are extroverts and love to draw attention to themselves.

3. Kalpha Ayurveda body type is ruled by the elements of water and earth.
People with this body type have a bigger body built than the two previously mentioned body types. They are usually overweight with bushy and wavy hair.

They are also very relaxing, affectionate, forgiving and gentle. While they are slow learners, they do have great retentive memory and have great immune system with good health.

What we eat and how we treat our body as well as our thoughts and activities at any particular point in time do influence our Ayurveda body type.

Thus, to create that balance in our body and maintain good health, there's need to effectively manage our body's current state and that can have huge benefits to the body than using modern medicine to attain such balance and good health.

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