Subject: Life Vessel Special: Trigger Your Relaxation Response



Most people these days are always stressed out, tense and anxious.

Stress has been linked with many ailments in the society such as depression, panic or anxiety attacks as well as heartburn.

As shared with you in one the previous emails, chronic stress can weaken the immune system and makes one very susceptible to diseases. It could also bring about sleeplessness, anxiety disorder constipation and so on.

Thus, it's imperative that one learns to manage the stress, and one of way of doing that is the ability to trigger one's relaxation response.

When you're able to trigger your relaxation response, you will be improving on your ability to handle stress.

So, how do you do that?

Well, deep breathing is one of the effective ways to strengthen your relaxation response, so also are regular exercise, yoga, mindfulness meditation.

At life vessel, we offer relaxation therapy that could help greatly to reduce the effects of stress.


 To your health,

Dr. Helen.




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