Subject: Covid-19 Battle of Bulge



You might probably think the title of this email is a little bit of mis-normal. I mean, what similarity could be between COVID-19 and the battle of bulge?

No doubt, mentioning "the battle of bulge" brings to mind one of the key events of World War II, where the allied forces were under immense threat from Hitler's forces.

Well, the outbreak of COVID-19 took the world by surprise and brought the health facilities across the world, especially in Europe down to its kneels, as the nations of the world shut down.

That brought about so much reliance on the internet and networked technologies which also bring about so much exposure to cyber vulnerabilities.

Thus, just like the Hitler's forces took advantage of an exposed area of weakness to attack the Allied forces, Covid-19 has exposed area of weaknesses in most country's healthcare system and their cyber vulnerabilities that potential enemies could possibly take advantage of.

That's another side to the advent of COVID-19 that we need to pay attention to as we look for vaccines to combat the pandemic.

In the meantime, we can continue to ensure that we follow the guidelines to stay safe and ensure that our immune systems are not compromised in any way.

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