Subject: Plantar Fascitis, Heel Pain and Feet Pain



Do you normally feel an intense pain in the morning around inside and outside of your heel?

That could mean one thing: your plantar fascia - a sheath that covers the entire area of the bottom of your foot - is being stressed and that brings about the pain you're experiencing.

Plantar fasciitis (the feet and heel pain), is common among athletes, and dancers because they exert much pressure on their heels and feet when performing their activities. Also, if you're someone that wears with little support or you're overweight, then you're prone to experience plantar fasciitis.

What do you do if you have plantar fasciitis?

Well, the first thing you need to do is to put on hold your regular activities like running, dancing and jogging and limit your movement to the barest minimum.

And if you must walk, wear shoes with flexible soles and put on arch supports that regulate the rolling in motion of your feet.

You can also apply ice to reduce the heel pain as well as use any effective massage tool such as golf or tennis ball.

If the pain persists, then you should see your health care professional.

You may also want to schedule a consultation with Dr. Helen for any common and persistent ailments you may be experiencing.


 To your health,

Dr. Helen.




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