Subject: somewhere over the Rainbow - the tragedy of Judy Garland

We sent out Somewhere Over the Rainbow as our song for today's grid healing. I was looking through other versions of that song just now and I found this one. It's also by Judy Garland on the Andy Williams show in 1965.. You can see Judy holding back the tears as she sung. If you remember the history of Judy Garland, who died of a prescription drug overdose in 1969. There was some controversy as to whether it was accidental or suicide. Regardless, she had a difficult life and she did it publicly. Believe it or not, she lacked self confidence and thought she wasn't attractive. 

As I played this version of the song, I broke into tears and played it 4 times. It felt cathartic and healing. Some of you might get  a good release.....Try watching it a few times and tune into Judy's state of mind.