Subject: Transcript-Wed 03-23-2011-Q/A-- What is the real meaning in dreams.

Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing.


                                                                           Ra'An- March 23rd, 2011



This is Wednesday, March 23rd and this is Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Sedona with a number of people on the line. We have healing requests and hopefully with their help , we will fit it all in. Sometimes people come onto this line and have amazing shifts in their health or something miraculous occurs. There is a certain kind of chemistry that works where our Sources have access to this dimension and it shifts. In asking I hope that for everyone that's asking it shifts but I can't promise anything. We are not medical, not doctors, and we are just talking to voices in other dimensions and they are explaining to us how things work from there to here, and we're all learning including me and including Terry.

We are not coming from up on the mountain place and we are all here together and I thank everyone who is listening and supporting this and you are all part of the growth and the learning that's taking place here. For those who are new that kind of explains things. We are talking to a Source that identifies itself as a conglomerate of two group souls and both of these group souls apparently have played huge parts in the evolution of mankind connected with religions and connected with the Old Testament and connected with the physical universe. We have talked extensively about how the Elohim created the physical realm and it was more sophisticated than Genesis. It has to do with frequencies and projecting holograms and they work together and after billions of years it's what we have down here. It's kind of gotten screwed up down here where there is competition and separation and then losing one's connection with divine Source. The question is how do we get connected again? It probably means you don't have to give up all your possessions but just not get attached to this realm.

Now before we start asking questions let's imagine these group souls and that they are real and we are all one.


(Wynn does the invocation to call in the light)


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We make contact and we take a minute and we manifest in the 3rd density and connect to each and every individual who wishes connection or who is listening and has the idea that they wish to sense or feel or touch the higher frequencies; the higher realms. We are consisting mainly of love-light and we are intelligent and this is Ra'An. We send love to each and every individual who wishes to make this connection, whether they read the transcript at a later time or whether they are listing with us on the telephone line or listening to the audio. We are mindful of Carolyn's situation and we send love-light for her serious injuries. We send love-light to her that she may in reverie connect and the love-light may permeate her body and her injuries. We sense each and every person on the line who is listening and sending love-light to her also. We send love-light to Anna and we look at the possibility of her contacting another expert force in the area of nutrition perhaps in her area, who can check out her magnesium levels as this is a regulatory nutrition item, instrumental in the body and we indicate that some information of finding an expert in this area is contacting Dr. Marshall's office who is located in Santa Monica, California to gather information and bring it into your sphere to gather understanding of what is required for the operation of the normal heart. We send love-light to Lisa in San Francisco and to her body and situation. Do you have questions tonight?


Wynn: Yes we do. We have one from Oren who is now in Jerusalem and Jerusalem just got bombed and there was forty injured. He did a healing light meditation for a group of eight or so later in the day and he invites prayers and he wants to know how he can be of the most service in Jerusalem.


Ra'An: We look at this city as a target city. We see the desire for communication that has turned into disrupting the lives of many and frightening the lives of most as one never knows where or when something might happen in this area. We send love-light to each and every person and to Oren for his anchoring of energies in this disruptive area. We send love-light to Jerusalem and as a city it is the target of anger, a symbol of some other factions of injustices that have been doled out upon some others in their consideration. We send love-light to both sides.


Wynn: Thank you.

The next question is from Gary. He asks: what is happening when we dream in our sleep. Are we learning something?


Ra'An: There are certain kinds of dreams. One of them is the learning dream where one works out situations in their creative sleep state and is brought information concerning things they are working on, bringing in new solutions; new ideas and new insights to the individual, putting in place the enactment of situations which helps see a person through dilemmas they are working with areas they would like more information or where they need to grow. There are other types of dreams. There are predictive dreams where one may pick up from the unmanifest reality situations which are becoming evident or apparent or moving into a manifest state but aren't there yet and the dream may portray situations that in the future may come to pass. These are predictive dreams. Something has to happen to confirm it was a predictive dream. For instance dreaming of a tsunami before it has happened and then there is a tsunami. Many people have predictive dreams which alert them before changes occur. Those are two prevalent types of dreams.


Wynn: There was an experience early on with me when I began writing my dreams down and and I started getting relevant messages and Daphne indicated it was coming from the Ra Group. Is that a common thing or is that possible for many people who reach for that or ask for that and if so, how could they promote it for themselves.


Ra'An: They can ask for dream scenarios which will help them and get provided with help with their dreams.


Wynn: Do the Elohim work with people in the dream state?


Ra'An: Yes they can we also comment that there are certain situations that the negative entity can send dreams to an individual that are of a negative character.


Wynn: Would that look like a nightmare or could it look like a verbal message as well?


Ra'An: It could look down like either a nightmare or a verbal message depending on how it was sent. If an individual writes down their dreams and then at the end of the dream they can read over what they have written and they can begin to get what kind of a dream it is. It could be a past life trauma that keeps coming up in the dream as an individual is attempting to work through a difficult situation or the trauma from the past life. In such a situation it might be a nightmare and they might keep dreaming the same nightmare or it might be simply a situation of dreaming up a stairway which would be in that past lifetime, and it may be a hard job because the person have been very old and they may dream in this life dream of walking up the stairway and a few years later of walking up that same stairway. They write down their dreams and after they have written it down and reviewed it, do a little bit of analysis of what you think. What type of dream is this? Is is a teaching dream, has it got something in it that you might learn something? Is is helping you with a current situation? Is it just a nightmare and you are not sure where it came from? By writing down your dream, right after you wake up before you forget it, between sleep and waking, because dreams are gone in a blink of an eye, it can provide you with a wealth of information about yourself and the things you are learning. It can help you feel better about your circumstances too as the learning situation is clarified as you write your dream down and then analyze what it is. It may be something you may be working on in your every day life. An example of this type might be as we give a dream that Terry had. In the dream Terry had a child and she was very happy to have this new born baby and the baby began talking very quickly and asking to eat chicken soup and so the same day the baby was born she took the baby to a restaurant and ordered chicken soup and by the time the restaurant served the chicken soup the baby had totally grown up into a girl and was taller than Terry. This was a teaching dream in that Terry was looking at babies and picturing them all grown up and what values they would then be to society and what treasures they would be in potential grown up and so this dream showed this little baby growing up in just one day and being from just a little bundle to a five foot seven girl. This is just an example which portrayed in 3D color what Terry was attempting to envision with little children.


Wynn: Thank you.

There are traditional known Dakota (native american) sites in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area that we are told are home to various important spirit energies and this is from someone living in those areas. Is this something you can tune in to?


Ra'An: We can tune into it. These are sites where individuals have called in energies and have particularly oriented these locations to be particularly open to these energies. The energy of a bird, the hawk, the energies of the spirit as these energies are brought into existence through a portal where they have been opened by Dakota shaman have been opened to the particular energies of the spirits: the spirits of the ancestors, the spirit of the animal, certain animals that can bring certain qualities into the space and be accessed by Indians with the intention at the time, who were wishing to grow and experience their expansion into communication that could move through them and give them wisdom and broader areas. Those are our comments.


Wynn: Thank you.

You know when we were sending healing to people, Dee was requesting healing to her husband. “If there is room on the call, my husband is not doing well and I think it's his heart but the doctors say different. Could you ask your Sources to please look at him?”


Ra'An: Thank you for your question.

We see that he has a desire to move into greater healing and it is this desire that can carry him through. We see areas in the lungs which are not working efficiently and have previous damage. It is as if the lack of oxygen exchange creates a burden on the heart. Those are our comments and we send our love-light to Mr. Collier.


Wynn: Thank you.

Temperance asked a question about nuclear energy. I have learned that different things in the physical realm have a consciousness attached to them like we have learned that hurricanes have a consciousness; have some kind of self awareness. So Temperance is asking, is there an intelligent consciousness with respect to nuclear energy and is it meant for 3rd dimensional use?


Ra'An: Well there are more than one question there. The first question is that nuclear materials do have a consciousness as do rocks as do other material objects. We look at the consciousness of nuclear material and it is different depending upon the nuclear material, uranium, plutonium and there is a great desire with the consciousness of nuclear material that once the nuclear material has been destabilized in given off electrons for the burst of energy that that gives off, the nuclear material is lacking balance and it is seeking every way possible to regain that balance and it is reaching out in radiation. It is reaching out, it is unstable and it is reaching out for heat that it can use what matter particles it has left to attempt to increase activity within it to counteract the destabilization it has experienced by the loss of it's other electrons. Those are our comments about nuclear materials.

What was the second part of the question?


Wynn: The second part was, is it meant for 3rd dimensional use?


Ra'An: This is a judgment call. If it were used wisely and it was used with a design wherein the waste could have the electrons replenished and balanced, so that it was no longer toxic that would make a great advancement. It is being used and we do not wish to make a judgment call and say it should be used or should not be used. It is being used and it is being used unwisely without adequate precautions and without knowledge of how to detoxify the waste and how to protect the reactors against circumstances which may be outside of the box, which can happen. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you

There was a comet that was discovered on December 10th of 2010 and the comet is called Elenin named after the guy who discovered it in Russia. They actually captured images of it and it's three hundred and seventy five million miles from the sun and it's inbound (I am reading this from the internet). It is still early but the question is what is the impact of this comet on earth? Is it connected with what's called Nibiru?


Ra'An: It is not connected with Nibiru. It will create excitement and some pull upon earth, however not enough to cause a problem. There are still unknowns about it's impact. That is our comment.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have a comment from Phil Gerrard in Sweden and is asking about his thirteen year old daughter who has showed signs of slow development for the last few months and the doctors suspect that she might be mildly retarded. This has been incredibly worrying, stressful and exhausting for my wife and I. Could you please send some love-light to us and especially to my wife and daughter. Could you see whether there is something special about little Cerie, or is she just taking her time, is there something else she was born with and is there something my wife and I can do to help her?


Ra'An: Thank you. You can send love-light as we send love-light to her. She is a beautiful child and is taking her time and we suggest we can research into nutrition for brain development which would be in the area of acetylcholine as this can make a difference. Also sending her love-light, talking to her as much as possible as to get her talking and expressing herself so you can better understand her reluctance to blossom forth at this time and making it safe by giving her love-light that she can begin to express herself and so she can get excited about the connection between you and your wife and her. We also note there is something called Brain Complex that is available from Dr. Marshall which does help brain development and the number in the states is 310 320 1132 as one can research by calling that number and get more data and also more data whether there are nutritional experts in Sweden, although it is not necessarily a nutritional problem, nutrition can help and also communicating with a child to see what her strengths are and how you can interact with her.


Wynn: Thank you.

That will be our last question this evening.


Ra'An: Again we see the difficult that (name not clear,German, Sherman?) is having and we send love-light to her.


Wynn: Isis's mother in Nogales. Please send light to her for her health.


Ra'An: Yes we surround her with love-light.


Wynn: Thank you. On that note we are going to say good night to everybody and thank everyone who is listening and to the replays and we will see many of you on the Sunday call and thank you Terry and all our volunteers and thank you to Suzanne Hayes who is doing these Wednesday calls and bless you all.






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