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First of all, I am wishing you all peace and health in this crazy pandemic time. Please be careful about what you touch when your out in the world. It goes without saying that this is the most contagious disease I ever heard of. 

I've been compiling all kinds of material that I think you'll find very valuable. Make sure you stock up on vitamin C along with the toilet paper. There is real evidence that it can help. Start taking 2 grams a day or more if you can handle it,.  Watch your emails over the next few days for updates. 

About two months ago, I put an email out about a new product we were taking on and we immediately sold out of. It was from Russia and I had to learn how to import it.We finally got our second shipment from Russia last week.

Here's an excerpt from an article from BBC News, by British biologist Roger Cogill where his research proved that cell phone radiation severly impacted white blood cell count. White blood cells regulates the immune system., 

BBC News: "His latest research suggests the microwaves generated by mobile phones may damage the ability of white blood cells to act as the "policemen" of the body, fighting off infection and disease.

Mr Coghill took white blood cells, known as lymphocytes, from a donor, keeping them alive with nutritients and exposed them to different electric fields.

He found that after seven-and-a-half hours, just 13% of the cells exposed to mobile phone radiation remained intact and able to function, compared with 70% of cells exposed only to the natural electromagnetic field produced by the human body. Body's balance is upset

Mr Coghill claims the body's immune system is partially controlled by electromagnetic fields emitted by the body. He believes the radiation emitted by mobile phones damages the body's own electromagnetic fields, and undermines the proper functioning of the immune system."

That's right. Cell phones usage can impair the immune system!
This is not the time to have an impaired immune system, Having to spend time quarintined indoors with more time talking to your friends on the phone, can only increase your exposure and vulnerability. 

Interestingly enough, the city of Wuhan in China, which is where the corona virus started was the first city in China, as I understand, to fully implement 5G, which is even more harmful to one's immunity. 

We've already gotten three testimonials from people (including Terry) who have a history of great sensitivity to cell radiation, who's symptoms disappeared when they stuck one of our minerals on the back of their phones.

Here's our website. We have lots of Russian research as well as the transcripts of the testimonials posted on the site. .

They're really affordable. 12@, 3 for 29.00. It takes almost a month to get more, so suggest you place your order before we sell out again. 

Thanks for being interested and have a great weekend........... Wynn

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