Subject: 6pm - Special Guest.. The Man Who Taught Emoto About Water

An Interchange Between Loren Zanier, Wynn Free and Terry Brown
Hi All

Loren Zanier has been coming to our calls for almost a year. He has a mild, angelic nature, and exudes a loving acceptance to the people who he connects with. 

He's also a scientific genuis.He understands science from a deep metaphysical perspective. Hr's done some pretty notable accomplishments includinding designing a healing device for a Japanese company which is being used in hospitals all over Japan as well as Europe.

As I understand it, he is the first person to expose Emoto to the special qualities of water. Emoto is the best selling author of a number of books on water. 

I found this quote about Loren on the internet

"Physicist and water researcher Loren Zanier spent years studying legitimate healing waters around the world and found that the one denominator common to ALL of these waters is a high degree of structuring. ..Using this water structuring technology in combination with his expertise in Resonant Field Theory"

I am honored to say that Loren and I have become friends. The Elohim and Terry like hin and acknowledge his special gifts. 

Hope you can listen. Sorry for the late email.

tonight 6pm  pac.. 712 770 5600  pin 172746#


Book Talk, 1308 E colorado 593, Pasadena, Ca 91106, United States

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