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Wednesday –
How can I overcome feeling left out?

Host:  Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien

 Wynn:  Welcome everybody; this is Wednesday, June 20th, 2012.  We have questions that you guys have submitted to us that we’re going to answer.

Let me tell you for all those who are listening on the replays and on the downloads – you’re missing out by not showing up.  Try showing up on one of these calls early because, I know, what happens before the call is people kibbitz.  Do you know what 'kibbitz' means?  Kibbitz is an old Jewish word that means “they chatter; they have fun with each other.”  It’s like when you get on – some people need this.  Some people need it and some people may not need it.  Let me see who just got on the line.

There were a couple of people who were going to show up tonight.  Who just got on the line?  Would you like to say your name and your city?  Welcome, anyway.

Caller:  This is Ellen in Endicott, Washington.

Wynn:  You’ve been on the line before, yes?

Ellen:  Yes, I have.  I’m just late today.

Wynn:  Is Jim on the line?  Is Greg on the line?  Greg in Washington.

Greg:  Yes, that’s me.  I’m here.

Wynn:  Okay – you had a question for tonight, right? 
Greg, was that your question tonight?

Greg:  Actually I didn’t submit one today.

Wynn:  It’s another Greg.  I’m glad you didn’t submit this one because I don’t think I’m going to ask it.  Someone else just came on – would you like to say your name and your city?  Anyone else who submitted a question for tonight who is on the line?

Caller:  You have my question already, Wynn.  Did you need me to say it again?

Wynn:  No, I know about you.  Let’s see if there is anyone else.

Lisa:  Wynn, this is Lisa.  I had a question two weeks ago.

Wynn:  I’m not taking any more questions because I have more questions than I can ask.  You’ll have to do it for next week.  Who just came on the line – would you like to say your name and city?

Susan:  Susan in Sacramento.

Wynn:  Susan in Sacramento – Susan are you being fashionably late tonight?

Susan:  I had to finish dinner.

Wynn:  You had to finish dinner; you missed Terry’s lesson in remote viewing – never mind.

I have to make you laugh, Susan.  I don’t have to, but I know laughing and not taking things seriously is the first step in feeling energy you know.  Did you know that?

Susan:  Okay.

Wynn:  You can’t laugh without feeling some energy.  The key is - some people come on the line and they hear us talk about feeling energy and they’re not feeling something.

One of the reasons you don’t feel energy on this line when you want to, is you need to build a certain amount of stair-stepping up in your own system.   If you don’t do that, the energy comes in at the top and it can make you dizzy and it can make you out of balance.  It wouldn’t be necessarily good for you to feel the energy at that moment.  That’s at least my take on it.  The energy comes in at very high chakra levels and when you’re going through healing wounded areas in your body, it has to be more gentle in the way it shows up.

On that note – Terry’s not ready, right?

Terry:  No; I’m never ready.

Wynn:  You’re never ready; you sound like a bad battery.

Terry:  I know it.

Wynn:  Did you get that?  You sounded like a bad battery? 

Terry:  Yes.

Wynn:   You got it: 

Terry:  There's “never ready” and there's “Ever ready.”.

Wynn:  Right.

This is serious now and I want us to come into a more sacred energy, a more still energy,  What happens is, we start to heal some of our stuff when we laugh and enjoy each other in a genuine way.  Then when we come back to ourselves, we feel more present with our self.  Some of you have gone through that when we were doing this on the line, and in this still space we start to feel the energies from other dimensions and our sources.  Maybe some of you are feeling them now who have not felt them in the past because you were laughing so hard.  If you’re listening to replays, you’re going to have to come on the call early to figure out what we’re laughing about, so – please do.

One of the things here is this is a come as you are party; you don’t have to look good or be something.  It’s okay to come in just as you are because you can only change from where you are.  If you come as you are, there’s the potential for shift, and if you try to be something or look like something or have some kind of attachment to the way people see you, it freezes everything and things don’t shift; things are stuck.  Some of you know that; you can go through a whole lifetime with things being stuck.  Some of you have felt that way.  We’re going to call in the light:

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the outer energy fields of the earth; through the sun, the moon – through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  I meant to say through the energy fields of the planets and then through our bodies.

Right now we invoke a group energy; a blending of all our energies.  This is something that either we make pretend we’re or we’re doing; I think we’re doing it.  I think we’re meeting in another dimension right now.  We’ve moved our energies through the veil and there’s a special feeling that comes in.  Some of you feel it in the top of your head.  We create this blending while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls, which means we’re not a glom; we’re free-willing group that is choosing, for these few minutes that we have together, to commune our energies.  We have these sources that are on the same dimension, they drop down into it, and they join with us.  We have this big conglomeration of energy that we’re creating just by our intention.

Take a moment, and if your mind is chattering away that’s okay; if you’re here for the first time and you’re not sure what the heck we’re doing, that’s okay.  If you keep listening to these calls, for many people – this may not be for everybody, for many people – there’s a magic that happens; a connection that happens things and things shift in your life and you become more of who you are.

This is empowering; it’s not disempowering.  There’s nothing to follow here; it’s just a matter of showing up and connecting with the energies.  We’ve invited our sources in, and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to, and anything not of that nature must leave now.

We’ll let our sources greet us and we’ll ask some of the questions for tonight.

Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the one infinite Creator.  This is Ra’an, and today is June 20th, 2012.  We take a moment and we reach out and are available to each person on the line or who will listen to a replay or will read a transcript.  We are available in that person’s space, sending the greeting and are available to reach out and touch.

We are pleased to have this opportunity to be of service.  Do you have questions?

Wynn:  Yes, we do.  Thank you for coming forth.

Let me see here – we have a question from Maurice, who is in North Haven, Connecticut.  He’s heard of a serious earthquake that occurred in Melbourne, Australia.  He wants to know, “Why does Mother Earth need to go through and experience all this suffering?”  I guess he’s assuming that earth is suffering when there’s an earthquake.  Then he asks:  “Is it connected with all the negativity of the populations currently on the planet?”

Thank you.

Ra’An:  Thank you.  One of the things that is happening right now is, in the weak parts of the earth where the crust is ready to shift; it is picking up the energies that are in streaming from outside of the solar system.  These energies are moving the planet into greater harmony and settlement so that in such areas that are not in alignment -

Wynn:  Terry’s voice is a little muddy; I’m not sure if she has her microphone aligned correctly.

Terry:  Is this any better?

Wynn:  It’s much better, thank you.  People want to hear this and it was very hard to understand.

Ra’An:  Thank you – give us a moment.

The in streaming energies into the planet, into the solar system at this time, are settling out some of the areas in the earth plane that have disharmony, and for the earth the changes are a realignment, and they are a betterment of the resulting energies for the earth.  Individuals, when they live conjunction with mother earth, need to understand that mother earth needs to shift as these shifts are triggered.

However individuals can moderate, through prayer, some of the earthquakes and bring them to a less intensity, as they, through their prayers, attenuate the situation and help mother earth to align in harmony.

Wynn:  Could we visualize how a tectonic plate actually shifts and responds to prayers?  Is it a reconfiguration of the fields that go to that tectonic plate?

Ra’An:  When we look at a structure such as the resulting structure of earth, and then we look to the scene behind the earth, the structures, the energies, that hold it together.

There, in the structure of the earth plane, is the – we do not know the words in the English language for this – there is the template, there is the model.  The structure of the earth is filled in and built according to the model.

Individuals, in their conscious state, can have an affect upon this model, or upon this template so that if a section of earth – say the San Andreas – is getting ready to release, then beings of high consciousness can affect the template, or the model, and can breathe light within the framework of the original template can rewrite the happenings in the time in streaming. 

Therefore individuals, when they pray, and when they have us available also, can – in the gradient of energies and frequencies from your level to our level, of which the earth template is a part – can be affected by the rewriting of the potential shifts within the original matrix template.  The original matrix template can shift also.  It is not a fixed structure; it is a created, you may say, energy structure.  Individuals may have an effect upon what is written and occurs within the structure.

Wynn:  Thank you.  The way – if I were putting that in my words – if the earth, which is physicalized, has an energy body just like humans do which is non-physicalized; some people might use the word 'etheric'.  The physicalized Earth is very rigid and fixed, but the etheric earth – if you can move the energies in the etheric earth – the physical earth can then change just as if somebody gets a healing if you can move the energies from your etheric space which is flexible, it can transform into some kind of shift in their body.

When we pray, our prayers go into the non-physical area and it gives the opportunity if enough people are doing that to re-arrange the template in that area, which then causes something to change in the physical.  That’s probably a good explanation of how prayer works in general, because prayer is accessing our higher energies that exist in the template; we all exist in that template simultaneously with existing in the physical.  We can’t see ourselves directly, but we can access it through prayer and through intention; is that a correct interpretation?

Ra’An:  That is correct, yes.  We might also say that another factor is the shifting of the magnetic fields, and the shifting of the potential location of the North Pole and the South Pole.

Wynn:  Irregardless of that, the earth is destined to go through a certain amount of earth changes that are probably beyond what is possible to correct by prayer, unless there were millions and millions of people who could access this.  Is that correct?

Ra’An:  Yes; and to offset looking at the whole issue from your perspective instead of from the perspective of the earth:  from the perspective of the earth, she is making corrections to her field to place her in better harmony.

Wynn:  Thank you.  Jan is asking a follow up question; we asked a question last week on crystals and someone asked about how to imbue them with energy.  It’s interesting maybe before I do Jan’s question I’ll ask the question that the person asked last week; that’s Martin from Palmdale:

 “I would like to thank you, Wynn, for interpreting my question better for the listeners last week.  I’d like to thank Daphne, Terry and the Elohim for the instructions on the simple prayer for programming the crystal.

Something really exciting has happened since I’ve added the prayer to the frequency bath that you recommended.  On June 16th at 1:00 a.m., in the early morning, while running the frequency bath program, I heard a loud rumbling and hovering sound that woke me up and startled me, which left me dumb-founded.  Today, June 20th at 2:00 p.m. I was doing my meditation, and boom – I woke to another loud rumbling.  Both seemed telepathic in nature.”

One of the things is, maybe that’s not positive.  When you start to open up to higher frequencies, you have to be very careful – this is Wynn commenting – about what you open up to and have a lot of discernment.  Sometimes we’re so hungry for phenomena, that if we get a phenomenon we get all excited and it may not be from the right place.  Martin is asking, “Can you tell me what that sound is?  Wow.”  Then he says when he asked his question, “a hummingbird just flew right up to my face and stared at me in the eyes.”

Do you want to make any comments about Martin’s experience?

Ra’An:  You are opening up to the phenomena that occurs underneath the normal phenomena, and the birds are sensing this as you co-ordinate your frequencies with the frequencies of that around you. There have been, other than that, some rumbling of shifting within the tectonic plates.  These can be distinguished by careful observation and seeing if there is a location, a direction, that is accompanying the sound.  Give us a moment.

You are opening up to frequency manifestation that is normally beneath the conscious level.  Part of the opening is to do with the work with the crystals. 

That is our comment.

Wynn:  Thank you.  The other question about crystals is from Jan.  Jan is asking – she heard the comment about crystals enhancing our energy and that they help cleanse energies.  What people say is, that crystals help cleanse energies; offer protection and purification.

She says “First, is that true?  Second, can we not receive these enhanced energies on our own to protect, cleanse, and elevate our energies?  Do we need crystals?  I feel that by connecting with you, that we are accomplishing the same effect, are we not?”  That’s Janny asking that; I think she’s asking, “Given all that, are crystals something that she should consider using, or is she  making a connection strong enough that it wouldn’t really be important for her to use crystals; and is that true for everybody who is on this line?”

Ra’An:  Thank you.  Crystals are a tool to opening up energy, and it is not necessary to use crystals to open up the energy, as your body does also have focusing mechanisms within the body in the area of the pituitary, the area of the thymus, in the chakra systems – which also focus and align energies.  So, it is not necessary to use crystals to achieve the results you are looking for.

Wynn:  Thank you.  Next question this is from Michelle, who is on the line.  I’ll read her question directly:

I feel this yearning or pull toward my purpose and what it is I came here to do.  I seem to fall short of connecting to my high self.  I do research and there is so much information out there it becomes overwhelming at times but does not deter me from searching on.  I feel the answer is within each of us, but why does it seem like the hardest place to get to when it should be closest for direct access?  Meditation is a very good tool for this, but I feel like I’m missing something.  Is there any help for the genuine seekers who feel out of sorts because there is something in their heart they can’t seem to reach and it is important.  I just know that.  Thank you.

That’s from Michelle in Farmington, NM.

Ra’An:  Thank you.  We reach out and touch that area of your heart and send it love and send it care and nurturing, that it can connect and that it can open.  We are silent for a minute.

When you work with the area, do not try to program it into your own program that you wish it to have.  Let it open; see, listen, observe to what it has to tell you and accept it; do not try to change it.  Let it flow past, give it nurturing and love and care and it will work with you.

The body is a composite being; it has cells, it has different component parts and they all work together so it pays to listen, and it will work with you and for you.

Wynn:  Thank you.  This is from Serena; she’s on the line right now.  I’m going to see if I have her location because she’s asking a question that it might be important for her.

Gijs:  She’s in Seattle.

Wynn:  She’s in Seattle; thank you so much.  Serena has been under attack for some time now from other-worldly life forms. it is my understanding, when I voluntarily agreed to take on their retribution for acts that others did in the soul group that I was a member of.  I have renounced my association with them, and have instead to chosen to stand in my own Christ light.  I am surprised to find out that after this, I am still under attack when it was my understanding that the retribution was for something others did in the soul group and I am no longer a part of that group.  I have done my best to end my contact with them; can you shed some light on why this is still happening to me, and do you see a solution of my situation?

Serena, I’m going to add, if it’s okay – “and, can you help?”  Sometimes I know you mean to ask that, so if they can its good to be open to it.  Thank you.

Ra’An:  Thank you. We are looking at the situation.  We are seeing an energy of taking [on the part of the other-worldly life forms,] of attempting to get something back, to get an energy back, to make an injustice right and somehow, they have identified you with the injustice.  [If] you, instead of fighting it and trying to get away from it, rather than trying to get away from it, and it is pursuing you, to let it flow through you [while maintaining your own center and observe it, you can then begin to get separation from it.].

At the time that you sense it, it is already received and present in your space; it has already arrived.  We are speaking slowly, as we are working with the energy to straighten out the energy flow which is sort of a grabbing, as if the entities that are grabbing are seeking to gain something, right something.  We are still looking at and are working with it.

These entities have not felt understood, and they are reaching out in about the only way that they know how to seek to retrieve something; something that has gone wrong and they are seeking to retrieve it and to make it whole.  We will work with these entities, as they have not known where to turn.  Their reach is an attempt at life.  We are working with them to let them know that the way that they are going about this is a dead end and not the correct way but it is the only way that they know at this point. 

They have a hold upon your energy, as if they are holding on for dear life.  We seek to loosen the hold and welcome them as they can loosen up and move into a higher realm that allows them to continue their path and to expand.  That’s our comment.

Wynn:  Thank you.

Serena, do me a favor and keep us apprised of anything that shifts.  A lot of times when this happens on this line, something shifts for someone.

This is from Ian in Victoria, Australia:

I have been reading your messageaday for some time, and feel now is the time to contact you.  My feeling is of being left out, and I need love and light as we all do, but find an increasing loneliness in my life.  Although well-loved by my wife and family, as I move into a non-confronting spiritual but questioning outlook, I am subject to constant questioning by them as to my mental state.  [I] quote (these are the kinds of things they tell him): “At your age, 72, how can you believe such stupidity?  After death there is nothing.  The government would not cheat us like that.  You can trust manufacturers to get things right.”  Well, you get the picture.  I have metabolism that makes meditation near impossible; try as I may, I cannot turn my head off or maintain only one thought at a time.  Most of my spiritual searching is by reading and demonstrating of it, as by volunteer work I do in disaster-hit areas, which I feel is a good training ground for some of the needed skills for if and when everything around us changes and a vast number of people need buffering to stay on track.

Any help, guidance or comments from those in the ethers would be greatly appreciated.  Ian

Ra’An:  Thank you.  You are speaking our language, and we take look at your family members who are not ready to follow your movement upward.  When they speak to you, it is hard, and they have to hold on to their narrower position, as they feel that they would lose their centering if they opened up more or believed other than what they do.  They are holding on to structural models that make them feel connected to the earth, or connected to society, and holding on for dear life.

Two – and this is hard, because you feel so close them – but, to allow them their viewpoint.  When you allow them their viewpoint, then they may free up just a little bit, as then they won’t have to hang onto it quite so hard.  If you take a really close look and see what it is behind their holding on to this physical that they are attempting to achieve in their life: stability and grounding.  Give them love and understanding, and eventually they may give you back a little.  But, do not wait for it; just continue to see and observe where they are at, and you might even get them talking about their position without making them wrong, but as simply an exercise in attempting to understand the underpinnings of their beliefs.

Wynn:  Thank you.  We have a couple of people we are going to send some healing to; then we’re going to close this call.  One of them is Gary Brownlee, who is one of our volunteers.  Apparently he was just diagnosed with liver cancer.  He’s asking a question about medical stuff, and I don’t want to do that on this call.  I don’t necessarily want to do that at all, because it opens the door that will take us off the air; we can’t do that.

Ra’An:  We would suggest that Gary contact Dr. Marshall; he is close to where Dr. Marshall visits in Santa Monica, and to get on a strict program to help and to contact Dr. Marshall himself to have the best advice possible.  Again, Dr. Marshall lectures to the doctors on cases that they have trouble with.

Wynn:  Gary has a note that he’s already gone to the center in Santa Monica and he’s got some stuff for alkalinity, so they’re already looking at him.

Ra’An:  We suggest that he personally has an appointment with Dr. Marshall, in that Dr. Marshall can set out a program for him.

Wynn:  Right; thank you.

I’m just going to put this out.  You can give a response, but I’m not expecting a response:  Carrie Trowbridge: we’re just sending healing for her nephew Lex.  Carrie, I want to suggest that if you want healing for somebody it’s really good to come on these calls; hold the frequency of the energy, and it’s even better to bring the person on the call – because it works through your energy.  We send the energy anyway, sometimes something might happen but if you’re really serious, get on the call live.

I say the same thing for Vickie; maybe she’s on the call.  She wants to send healing energy to her daughters whom she is separated from and disconnected; she misses them a lot.  So we send the light to Vickie.  These are people who sent these things in the last minute.

On some of the questions tonight, we have two questions which I don’t think I’m going to ask.  One of them is from Kim; Kim I don’t know if that’s like a legal problem.  We'll send the light to it but I don’t know if it’s appropriate to ask them the complexity of it.  You can submit it again next week because I don’t want to keep Terry in a trance much longer.

We have here Greg – this is interesting – Daphne channeled an answer to Greg concerning Greg’s friend Jesse and sending help with the Parkinson’s.  Apparently Daphne mentioned Jesse’s last name which Jesse never gave.  Just pointing that out. 

On the stuff you’re asking about, Greg – one of the things I don’t do is try to validate or invalidate other people.  For example, Wilcock is talking about mass arrests, and I’m not going to go into saying where that’s coming from for him or anything about it; that’s what he does.  There are all kinds of people who are saying things.  First of all, some of the stuff Terry doesn’t understand, so she’d have to get it through her conscious mind I think, to get them on board to understand it.   In general, when other people say things about what’s happening, what’s going on, I don’t think it’s in the best interests of the work we’re doing to talk about other people’s predictions and whatever publicly.  I’m not going to ask that.

Let me see if there is anything else here   I think this covered everything except for Kim and Greg’s question. 

I want to thank every one of you for being on this line and holding the space.  Jim had a question, but he’s not on the line, so Jim I’m not going to ask your question tonight, you’re going to have to ask it again next week.

Thank you so much for being here; our sources thank you for being here.  Those of you who are on the line, those of you who are asking questions.  Those of you that are asking questions, some of you are really putting a lot of your heart into your questions.  I really appreciate you trusting us to be vulnerable like that; we honor the space.  I hope we have given something to help.

I want to say, those of you who are feeling separated, alienated and disconnected, and yet are tuned into this work we’re doing, we have something called 'Team Shift.'  You can meet once a day with a group of people and call in the light.  It’s been very healing for many people who have participated.  They have found spiritual kinship over the phone where they couldn’t find it in their life.  If you’re interested, go to  There’s a little form there; fill it out and answer the hours you’re available.  You’re not committing to anything; if it doesn’t work for you you don’t have to do it.  You can come in three or four times a week, but essentially it’s a once a day meeting for five or ten minutes, and a little longer if you start to talk but the essence of the call is five or ten minutes and calling in the light, putting your issue in the light every day.  It really helps to make a connection.

Also I want to plug my website  There are a lot of great little videos with Elohim messages on it if you just watch them help lift your energy and tune you in.  There’s an introduction; we’re going to be putting a lot more on it.  Take a visit, watch the videos, make comments if you feel like it; help get the energy.  Send it to other people.  Look at it so that you could say, “If I sent this to so-and-so they might respond.”  The first thing people come to on the website is they can get my book for free so they can download it and read it: [at]

Whenever I’m thanking people who are doing transcripts sometimes I seem to have forgotten Gina; so thank you, Gina.  She’s been doing transcripts for some time now and we really appreciate your efforts.  On that note, we’re going to open up the lines.

We’ll see some of you Sunday; by the way, this Sunday is going to be a really short call.  I don’t know how much Terry and I am going to be there.  We’re going to be in Denver at what’s called a New Age Trade Show; I’m doing a book signing there and I’m going to be talking about myself to everyone there.  It’s going on Sunday morning; it starts at 10:00 a.m.; I think that’s 11:00 in Denver.  Somehow I’m going to have to figure out how other people can do some of the things we do – maybe Gijs will be there. 

Gijs, are you on the line?

Gijs:  Yes; and I’ll leave my dog home.

Caller:  And your neighbor’s dog too?

Wynn:  We’ll see what happens Sunday and we’ll see you all next time.

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