Subject: Transcript- Sunday Grid Healing 06-03-2012

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Sunday Grid Healing Calls; 2012 Conferences
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Pauline Cheung

 (Channeled Portion of the Sunday Grid Healing Call)

Ra’an: We greet you in the love light of the one infinite creator. This is Ra’an, this is June 3, 2012, and we look at your planet and we send love light to the whales and the dolphins as they join us on the call, and light-workers everywhere. And we send love light to each and every person on this call and are delighted at connecting with each and every one of you that wishes to be connected with. We are mindful of everything that you have put into the light. We are mindful and look at the health issues that each of you have put into the light.

We send healing energy to Jerry, for his back and for the lower extremities, and we sent love light to his friend’s grandmother, Mary, for healing from her surgery. And we send love light to Noah, Richard’s nephew, that Noah, for the highest good as he himself feels and wishes it, for him to find support at all levels in his journey of growth. We send love light to Joanne for healing, and we take a minute as we are there. To Mary in Kentucky, we sent healing for [her] eyes, and that her nutrition may be boosted in the elements that [her] eyes need in order to heal. For Marilyn, we send healing for her feet and for her legs.

For the dolphins, we feel the energy coming in for support for them, as it has been mentioned by Gina. We feel this rainbow energy supporting the dolphins and the excitement the dolphins feel in this connection. And we thank Gina for her connection with the whales and the dolphins. And we send love light to Paul Watson, that he may come through this ordeal, and he may resume his support of the whales. To teachers everywhere, we sent support as they are very needed.

To the Ring of Fire, we take a look at the Ring of Fire, and we see that there are areas that are in a precarious position, off Japan for one, and we speak very slowly as we are there. We are sending support and care and nurturing to the rocks.

We send healing to Jim Cole, and we recognize the affect that the lack of support of these detrimental actions, and people have had towards him, and we are working, as we are speaking, with him, that he may find new support, for in the new support that he can rely on, he can move away from the lack of support he has gained. And we further magnify this to bring support for new paradigms of healing, that these may, wherever needed, filter in, and take the place of the old paradigms that need to be replaced, and that he is ahead of his time.

And we then look at the plankton and the oceans and the support for the whales and the dolphins, and the sea life. And the Gulf of Mexico, and we see the corexit, the oil disbursement factors still in the Gulf, is affecting sea-life. And it has an adverse affect even if you come in contact with its essence, in that it disperses the oil within the biological systems, making a break in the growth process, of the shrimp and the sea-life. We look at breaking down the corexit.

For the countries such as Syria, we place love light with the children, and families, and the people there that are seeking to provide for their families, and seeking support for their life. And we trace it down to the detrimental factors, the attempt to bring disruption for purposes that are not stated. Which brings us to Michael’s putting in the light of discernment, that individuals everywhere may see the truth of matters, and so you have also put in the light that individuals may see who is service-to-others and who is service-to-self and in the political systems, may elect those people that are for the highest good of the people.

We thank each and every person on this line, and it is a very sacred thing for us to be able to have this connection, and to be able to bring our love light into your realm, to each and every one of you who is listening, each and every one of you who is taking part. And we thank Wynn, and Daphne, and Terry, and Carla Rueckert, and David Wilcock, and everyone who has been involved in bringing this connection forward. We are with you, and although we will turn this back over to Wynn, we do not leave you. Adonai.



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