Subject: Transcript- Wed Q/A Call-2013-04-10--How Can I Feel the Energies On the Call?

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How Can I Feel the Energies On the Call?

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Wednesday Calls; 2013 Conferences

Host: Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  Hello, everybody. This is Wynn Free.


You have called in to our Wednesday call. We do three calls a week and each call has got its own signature. Our Monday call could be anything. We’ve done everything on our Monday calls, from having conversations with this voice that says they’re the Elohim that was explaining how they created the Universe, to our conversations with Carla Rueckert, to you all sharing some of your experiences on the line.


On our Wednesday call people send me questions and Terry and Daphne are on the line. We’ll ask questions and get live answers. Our Sunday call, which many people say is their favorite call, is not really focused on bringing information in, although sometimes that happens; it’s focused on energy; it’s focused on making the energetic connection with the higher realms. Many people are experiencing that, maybe for the first time on that call; it’s pretty extraordinary.


It’s hard to put into words, because it’s not like something that relates to your normal experience; in other words, it’s an inner experience. If you haven’t attended that call, then I highly recommend it; I think it’s our most important call. My way of interpreting it is that we are creating group energy on that call by all of our intentions.


Our Sources become part of that group energy, or they work through it, in a way that when we do that call there’s a shift in consciousness; there’s a shift in awareness; there’s a feeling of expansion. Probably there are more synchronicities-miracles that happen as a result of our Sunday call than any other.


Please check it out; you need to have your own experience. It’s not something you can organize in your head and figure out. You have to be on the call and experience it or not.


We have a question today and the gentleman is on the call. I promised I’d ask his question. It’s a gentleman who has been paying attention to our work not for a long time but for a short time. He’s heard us talk about these energies that are felt; in fact, he came to a live talk. He hasn’t felt any energies and his question is going to be: “How to Feel the Energies”.


I thought I would take a moment and I’d open up the lines. I hope somebody answers; I always say, “Uh-oh” when I ask people to share something and no one says anything. Those of you that feel energy, I think it’s different for different people; it depends on where your chakras are open and what your potentials are. We’re going to ask a question about that. But I’d like to have you share what your experience is when you have felt energies on this call, if you’d like to.


Let me open up the lines; the lines are open. Hopefully we don’t have too many peanut-butter crunchers on there. Actually, it’s pretty noisy. Let me leave it open for a second and let’s see what happens. We can mute anybody manually that’s making too much noise. Would anyone like to share their experience of the energy they feel on the line?


Caroline: I would.


Wynn:  Okay, who is that?


Caroline: Caroline.


Wynn: Caroline, why don’t you share your experience of it?


Caroline:  I used to do “Touch for Health”, which is working with the energy of the body. The very first time I listened to the Sunday call, it felt like I was floating up. I felt this energy just come and surround me; it’s almost like someone runs their hand up your back; it kind of felt like that. I just felt such joy and love I started crying, actually. It was very good.


Now when I’m on the call I feel it; it just starts very subtly. It’s almost like if you could sense somebody in the room listening to you. That’s what it feels like. Then I just feel my energy come up.


Wynn:  Thank you. Thanks for sharing. It’s good for people to share. I always talk about it and maybe people think I’m making it up. This is a good chance; it makes credibility for what we do, when you share; it’s a service for you to share that. Does anyone else want to share how that feels for them?


Joel:  This is Joel in Iowa.


Wynn:  Hi, Joel, speak louder, though.


Joel:  Sure. It comes differently. For myself personally, if it’s really strong it’s kind of like sitting on the hood of a car, diesel. In the sense that you’ll get the whole body, I mean subtly. It just feels like, in essence, there is like a touching of wind, that kind of like ‘tap, tap, tap’ all over your body.


Other times, like when I’ll meditate and I kind of focus on the energy, it will almost feel like there is—I have cats; so if the cats were up there walking around, then sometimes I’ll think there’s something there. If you’re not ready for that kind of energy it might be a little disconcerting; you might want to turn on the light or look, or something like that.


But I have felt it on certain calls where it’s really strong. I just kind of had my eyes closed and I have felt—I know this sounds weird for a lot of people if you haven’t experienced this, but in essence, my chest and my chakra—I felt a vibration that is just thumping about a foot away from my chest. Then I’ve heard like this drum: boom, boom, boom, boom, boom; you know it can be really intense.


The first time it happened to me I was, “Am I having a stroke?” Then I just realized it was kind of like if you do out-of-body experience, or you hit that out-of-body, or your body hits that vibrating thing before you kind of disconnect and you get a clap. I realized what was happening and I just kind of calmed down.


It can be really subtle in the sense that the room can go pink and it can be very, very ‘vibrate-y’, kind of like a vibrator, I guess, is probably the best way to say it. It’s that real, real subtle; it can be inside or it can be something that is a little more extreme. Once you fall into that, like when there is Daphne, Carla and Terry, I know that. I know that prior to the call and I know it when I get on the call, because I can feel that.


I think another way of saying it for people, because I want to give them different feels, it’s not always the same thing. It’s like you’ve had too much caffeine, say, and you’re a little vibrate-y. You feel a little bit nerved-out but it’s a matter of just taking it and embracing it and just relaxing and taking on that energy.


When we first started off, when I first started listening, there were sometimes after the Sunday call literally I would go lay down for an hour. I was exhausted, because you’re not used to that level of input. Now there is no ill effects or anything. I look forward to the call most of the time.


Like, you know, “Ah! Today is—it’s either Sunday, Monday or Wednesday.” Sometimes after a long day it’s something to look forward to and go, “Oh I get to recharge”, as opposed to, “I’m going to take a nap afterwards.”  But I thought it was powerful.


So it can be subtle and it can be something that’s very way out of your body; very expanded, very visceral.


Wynn:  Thank you; thank you so much for sharing.


Lucie:  If I can share something…


Wynn:  For some reason I recognize your voice, Lucie.


Lucie:  It’s probably my accent or something.


Wynn: Of course, it’s your accent. I love it. Go ahead, Lucie. What’s your experience?


Lucie: My experience is that for me it feels like you’re with somebody, you know, when you’re with somebody that you love? It’s some type of bliss. You feel comfortable; you feel good and the time goes so fast you don’t really see the time, because you’re so happy. Sometimes I have tears in my eyes, not crying, just its blissful, it’s nice, it’s comfortable.


That’s me; that’s the way I feel; comfortable, happy, blissful. Sometimes I just want to share with the whole world, because it’s so nice and feels good. That’s what my feelings are; that’s the way I feel the vibration. It’s the same thing when we do Team Shift, same thing, same feeling; nice, feel good, happy, love and all everything together.


Wynn:  You know what? Every time you talk on this call you’re actually sharing that; putting that energy out as well as taking it in. Do you know that? You hold that space.


Lucie:  Oh, I don’t know, thank you. Thank you very much.


Wynn:  That’s what I would say; I think that’s true. Thank you for being here and doing it, because all of you are helping hold the energy of the call to some degree or another.


There’s that religion; I think it’s called ‘Religious Science’. Well, whoever put that religion together kind of understood this principle. He wasn’t doing conference calls, but people were meeting in a service. The way it works is that certain people are—I don’t know whether they’re trained or they’re selected.


They’re probably selected, because they can hold energy. They put those people, the ones that can really hold the energy, scattered around the congregation in different locations. They’re actually assigned to be there and hold the space, because that seems to bring the energy into the whole congregation, because there are people all through it that are holding the energy.


I’m sure we’re doing something similar here in a less formal way. Yet those of you that are holding the energy really strongly are holding the space that helps bring others into it, at least the feeling of it.


Does anyone else have an experience that’s different from what we’ve already heard?


Ron:  This is Ron in Mexico. How are you?


Wynn:  Hi, Ron.


Ron:  Good, good. I have more advice than I can say about personal experience. Actually it’s personal experience. What I’ve found is that I have to offer first; kind of a first step, I guess you’d call it. I have to take some deep breaths, get out of my head and realize it’s me that’s holding the energy that wants to meet up. Then bring that energy down; whether it goes to my heart or just follows the breath, I don’t get too technical. I just have to relax, get out of my head, get into my heart and then take the step and offer love and it comes back.


I’d just be afraid, because I had looked for all the same things that people were saying was love. I’m going to sit on the hood of the car or whatever. I looked for everybody else’s experience and it ain’t mine. It has to be coming from me; it’s my compass, it’s my energy. I have to feel it, recognize it, know it and then offer the love or offer the feeling first, but moving it out of my head.


That’s kind of my advice more than experience, I guess.


Wynn:  Thank you; thanks for sharing that.


Even myself, I really can’t take credit. I do show up; I take credit for showing up. But there are times when I come on the call and I’m out of balance before the call. In fact I’m getting more stable; I’m getting more balanced; I’m holding the space better. But there were times when I’d come on the call and I was really out of balance. I would be amazed at how during the course of the call my energies would shift. Suddenly I’m in balance and by the time the call is over, the whole vibration that I was in before the call shifts.


Terry:  The same thing happens to me. I can be out of balance before the call, and then they start working with me. Or even before, like at the beginning of the call they just start working with me, then the channeling and at the end I’m in balance.


Wynn:  Is there anyone that comes to our calls that knows there’s something happening but has a hard time feeling the energy? I would call on the person that asked the question if he wants to volunteer to share something, but I don’t want to put him on the spot, so he’d have to volunteer. It would be good to volunteer, because we’re going to have them address these questions. That gives it more chance to tune into your energy and say something specifically for you.


Does anyone want to share how they’re not feeling anything on the calls, or they’re just hearing it in their heads, but they still enjoy it?


Rog:  Hi Wynn. It’s Rog.


Wynn:  Hey, Rog.


Rog:  I’m one of those that get on the calls quite frequently, but I just don’t feel it. I would love to; I’d love to get that spacey feeling, but often I don’t. In fact most of the time I don’t; I’m one of those. I would love to hear the answer from your Sources on that. I don’t know if I impeded someone else talking, but I wanted to share that.


Wynn:  Now what keeps you coming back to the calls? Is it you’re having mental cognitions when you hear some of the ideas?


Rog:  No, I think there is a slight intuition about it, in the sense I’ve tried so many things and I’ve been disappointed in so many things. This is the one thing that at least when you talk I feel like I’m getting a little something; not a lot, a little.


Wynn:  You know what? When they answer the question, if they want to, they can maybe point something in your direction to see what it is.


Rog:  That’d be great. Thanks.


Don:  I could pipe in. This is Don in Superior, Wisconsin.


My experience is: I have had, I would say, more than a couple calls where I definitely felt some energy and felt uplifted, but overall I would say, “I feel uplifted.” But for me, I look back to when I started on the calls. I’m one of those that heard you on George Noory and was surprised later when I went back and did a re-play of the show with Wilcock, when he first came out with the Edgar Cayce book; I actually had heard that show, but I had forgotten when I heard you on by yourself.


In the last two years of life experience, I was at an area I could call depressed, but it was different than depression. The only way I can describe it is I felt compressed; like I was just compacted. I knew there was something that I had to do and I was trying to make a conscious effort to open that up and do something. That happened around the time I discovered you.


So I started coming on these calls, then gradually, that is, probably when it was the most dramatic, I would feel really good after listening to the calls, but after a while it wasn’t so noticeable. If I look back now from when I started on the calls to where I am now, I’m probably completely different. I’m feeling a lot more like my old self, and just feeling more open.


Wynn:  That’s a great experience to have.


Don:  It is and I give thanks for it. I also try to carry that beyond the calls and try to give thanks to the Elohim and to the Source. I try to get inspiration. Actually I can give you an example of asking for help and I think I received it although it didn’t feel dramatic.


My mom just passed about two weeks ago. She was quite elderly and it was not unexpected. We had a very joyous service to give her a really great send-off. Our family is kind of musical. One thing she had requested was that I sing the Marty Robbins song El Paso City at her funeral.


I told her I’d do that. I used to perform a lot and I haven’t performed much recently. I was going to accompany myself on it. On top of that, my brother told me just a couple of days prior to the service that she had also requested that I sing The Lord’s Prayer. I don’t sing a lot of church music, but I’ve harmonized on that particular tune with my two brothers singing, so I’ve never sang the lead on that. I know the song and I definitely know the words but I didn’t really know the tune.


So I’m cramming; I’m finding every recording I can of The Lord’s Prayer and drilling on that. That was one thing where I just asked for help for when that comes up that I not screw it up basically. I didn’t think I’d do a great job of it, but I didn’t want it to be bad either. So I just asked for that help.


The interesting thing is I talked to my brother the night before the service. He was coming from out of town. I said, “I’ve learned The Lord’s Prayer but there’s no way I’m going to teach myself to accompany myself on guitar, so I’m going to sing it a cappella”. He said “I don’t think I’d do that. I think it’s already in the program and they’ve got an accompanist.


I think I’ve sung with her before,” he said, “so just plan on doing it. If right before the service you feel you don’t want to do it, then don’t, because the accompanist will play it.” I said, “Okay, that’ll be great. Then I won’t worry about it and I can just give her the word to pound out the melody a little bit for me.”


I sat next to the accompanist right after I did the El Paso City song. The minister had a couple of words, and then The Lord’s Prayer was going to come up. I just leaned over to her and I said, “I haven’t sung this in a long time and I’ve never sung it solo so if you can just pound out the melody…” She gave me this wide-eyed look of panic and she said, “I’m not playing it!” I said “What?” She said “Nobody told me to play it; I thought you were just going to do it.” I just started laughing and I said, “Okay. I was going to do it a cappella to begin with.”


So when I stood up I just explained to the congregation that situation. Then I just said “Would everybody who feels like please join with me?” I mean, it was a rousing rendition of The Lord’s Prayer and everybody, it seemed in the whole place, joined in and it was great.


There is a case where I think they were there. They helped welcome my mom. It was really great that way too.


Wynn:  That’s wonderful; thank you so much for sharing.


Many of you have noticed—I know I get emails that when you start tuning into this, there are all these little things that start happening in your life. There’s always the question, “Was that really them?” or “Was it going to happen anyway?” Of course, they like it that way; they like it because it creates the mystery. It creates the connection with the mystery.


I think right after George Noory—I  don’t know if any of you were on that call, but I talked about my sister’s miracle—suddenly I had three hundred people on the next conference call we did and they were all expecting a miracle.


I said, “Well, maybe they’ll have it; I don’t know. I don’t know how this works; I’m learning.” It was a little awkward; it was hard; it was difficult. I don’t like to let people down; I’d love to be a dispenser of miracles on demand and tell them, “Do this; do that”. But it doesn’t work that way; it’s non-linear when things happen.


In the big picture, that’s preferable. I can see why it’s preferable, because the idea of miracles is such a temptation. People do suffer and they’ll give up their power to have what would be a miracle to stop their suffering. The key is that on some level coming to our calls can stop the suffering or it can certainly alleviate it.


That gives an opening for something phenomenal or miraculous to happen and not vice-versa. It’s not like: “Okay, I’ll heal this and then you’ll come to the calls and be dedicated and devoted because you had this miracle”. From my experience it actually doesn’t work that way. People have had miraculous things, then oftentimes they’re gone; I don’t hear from them. Thank you all for sharing.


We’re having a little bit of different formating on the calls.


Willow, how come you’re not making a contribution before we mute everybody?


Willow:  I’ve muted my phone so I wouldn’t make any noise coming over.


Wynn:  We’d like to hear from you.


Willow:  Okay.


Wynn:  Never mind, I’m just putting you on the spot. Don’t worry about it.


Willow:  I keep coming back. I hadn’t really tried to evaluate it before. I feel really drawn to the energy. The people that congregate on these calls have an essence that is very inviting and welcoming. I think that you direct that energy well. I don’t try to define it; I don’t try to evaluate it. I just know it is very, very good and it’s going in a good direction.


Wynn:  Thank you. Should we tell everybody how we got to know each other, Willow? We’ll save that for another time, okay?


Willow: Thank you.


Wynn:  If Willow and I could have had an astral fist-fight, we would have.


Willow:  Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that and I have a way of phrasing it: I am not a female that you can beat down into a little box and control.


Wynn:  Do you think I want to do that?


Willow:  Yes I do.


Wynn:  Uh-oh, I’m cutting you off, Willow. Actually, let me tell you here’s how it looks from my perspective. I’ve learned this over time; I’ve learned it. I’ve said many times, “I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m learning as I go”.


One thing I’ve learned is that these calls set an energy level; they set a level that other people can participate in. When people first start participating, it often takes a certain amount of yin, or passivity, to respond to the energies of the call. If people become vocal or participate too soon, oftentimes they’re doing it before they get it. They come in at an old level of relationship. If I let that happen, which I used to; I used do that. If you notice now, even today, there’s space and people are contributing and I’m really enjoying it.


But you guys are coming in matching the energy; you’re not coming with something to preach or take over. Because that’s what often happens when people are new. If you give them too much space they don’t understand it yet, they haven’t assimilated it.


Instead of saying things within the context of the energy that’s on the call, they’ll pull the energy off. Oftentimes they’re coming in from a place of being lonely or unrecognized. They suddenly feel all this loving energy and they want to direct it towards them in that moment. It screws things up, because they’re not coming in a ‘oneness’; it’s like they’re trying to direct the energy towards themselves.


I’ve learned this; it’s better for me to be fairly tough in that entry point, until someone actually gets the energy and gets the feeling of what we’re doing. Then it’s easy for them to share and talk. But before that, they throw it off. If you had a few people like that on the line we’d lose the energy for the whole call and it would just become a discussion group where everyone gives their point of view.


Does that make sense? Did you follow that? You’ll see, next time I’m on George Noory, or there are a bunch of new people on the line, I will be really tough in holding the space, because the goal is to hold the space of the energy so other people can get it.


Some people are going to interpret it like I’m a dictator or I’m controlling. I just have to ‘eat’ that. It looks that way because I’m not being democratic and letting every new person say anything they want. I’ve watched things get really corrupted in the past when I didn’t do that; I watched it over and over again.


Thank you guys for understanding that; it’s a good principle. In your own lives, some of you are going to find that to be of value in understanding. When you want to create something and you’re able to hold the energy for it, you really have to hold the energy. You have to be willing to hold it against other people’s disapproval, because they want to do something where they need acknowledgment; they want to come into a circumstance where they need acknowledgment.


If you’re creating a loving space, you have to protect the space you’re creating and not cater to everyone that wants acknowledgement. Acknowledgement is really a lower form; it’s like, “Recognize me. Give me energy. Tell me how smart I am. I’m really metaphysically savvy. I’m really smart.” A lot of people want recognition for their qualities.


I’m not saying that’s wrong. People get together all the time in coffee shops and talk about these things for hours on end. It’s just because we are working with such an amazing energy on these calls. We have the support of these Sources in other dimensions. It’s just that until somebody gets it, they’re going to throw the energy off every single time. Somebody has to be the sergeant-at-arms and say “Be quiet” or “That’s not appropriate” or “We’re moving on”. Some people say, “Wynn didn’t give me a chance to say everything I wanted to say.” It’s really a great concept.


Look at this! Its 6:46 and we got ten minutes; but this is a great conversation. Sometimes these conversations are better than the questions; things come up. I have a couple questions here that really are good ones and I want to ask them.


Terry, you’re not ready, right?


Terry:  No, but you need to call in the Light. Then, I’ll get ready.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energies of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


I would like to ask that question on behalf of the particular person that said, “I don’t feel energy. I want to feel energy” and on behalf of all those people that are on the calls and that recognize or at least hear, that there’s this energy on the call and yet it’s not happening for them. Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to be with each and every one of you.


We see that there is a question and it is the question of more than one person on the line. Some individuals who are not feeling the energy or who are feeling little energy have a different framework than other people who are not feeling the energy; they have different reasons, different things happening and that is why they don’t feel the energy.


One of them is: in order to feel the energy one has to be receptive. We see that with the person in Florida, that when you seek to feel the energies or sense the energies, you are looking very hard and trying very hard to feel the energies. You are looking in the vicinity of your own framework, your own frequencies; the frequencies to do with your life. And you are looking for the energies within that category, within those set of frequencies.


We have a higher frequency that is coming in at a much, much higher level; higher in tone, higher in—we don’t know the words—higher in hertz, higher in cycles per second. It is so high that it is not easy to perceive when you look around you and sense, to see-feel sense the energies of us and what you are seeing is what you see day-to-day, then it is discouraging.


However, if you look higher in frequency, we are right there. We blink our energies at you in this moment of time. We have a slight light-pink color to our energy framework. We don’t even like to call it a ‘framework’ because it is so light. It is on the borderline of what an individual can sense. However within your own self you have components of those higher energies.


In your daily life you come and go and you do your daily activities, and those have a certain frequency. You eat your meals and this gives another frequency lending itself to your body. And when you look, these are the frequencies, these are the energies that you see and feel and sense.


We again blink our ‘high’ and ‘high’ has different connotations; by ‘high energy’ we mean a very high frequency, a very light frequency; a frequency that seems very elusive and almost not able to be sensed because it is so high. Sit with those thoughts and keep coming into the calls. We will keep blinking our energies at you. Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you. You know some people talk about opening your pineal gland, or certain diet things like not eating meat raises your frequency, that gives you the ability to tune into energies. Do those things relate to this situation here? Like doing things that impact your pineal gland? Like not having fluoride or eating certain foods and diet. Does that help to refine one’s energies and sensitivities?


Ra’An:  That is correct. However when one learns to focus very clearly, one can recognize what those frequencies are, the frequencies of the meat one has eaten, the frequencies of the food, the frequencies of the connection with the surroundings, the frequencies of the area; the ground, the metal in the ground, the iron in the ground, the minerals in the body. One can learn that one can look past those things, so one does not have to stop eating meat in order to sense us.


However some people, if they eat cheeses and meats, and they are not familiar with our frequency, then it may be harder to discount those frequencies when one is looking to sense us. However, when one can grasp our frequency, one can look past all of those sensory things within the third density and can see us very well.


Wynn:  How about things like if a person has trauma in their body? Does that impact the ability of the energy to be sensed?


Ra’An:  It does, because when there is trauma in the body the individual’s attention is going heavily to that area of trauma to help to balance the energies. Because in an area of trauma, there is a wrong kind of energy; there’s a disconnection, there’s acidity there. And as such, there is a lack of electrons that are needed to heal and the person’s body mobilizes around that, so it becomes harder to connect. If one is on pain medication then it becomes harder to connect also.


Wynn:  One final question: is the energy directional? I know it comes in from the top of your head, but can it come in through your heart or your third chakra or your fifth chakra? Can it come in multi-directionally, or would one look for it just in the top of their head?


Ra’An:  One can look for it surrounding them as when we connect. We do connect at the top of the head in a ring around the crown chakra. And we do then also move into the vicinity of the person so that we are, in a sense, all around them.


Wynn:  Thank you. One final question: Is there any difference of experience for how this works for the Elohim group and the Ra group?


Ra’An:  We of the Ra group have a greater connection with the frequencies of the third density life as we have lived and used those frequencies to connect with life in the third density. Therefore we are more versatile and we are more used to those frequencies.


So we can then because of familiarity, connect with the person and identify with the person at those Earth frequencies of minerals and iron and the things that the body is composed of and connected to of the third density realm.


Wynn: Okay, you know what? It’s 6:59. This was an important question, we focused on it and people contributed. So we’re going to have to do the other questions next week.


Thank you all for being here. Thank you Terry, thank you, all who volunteered your experiences; particular thanks to everyone who is volunteering; that’s making it possible for all our stuff to go up and be totally free and thanks to all of you who are using


On that note, I’m going to un-mute everybody. Everyone is un-muted. I hope that was helpful. We’ll see some of you on Sunday.



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