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Are the Auras and Lights About My Bed My Angelic Protector?

Why did negative Entities Visit Me in My Childhood?

Will Swimming in the Gulf Endanger My Health?

How does the Trincinity-8 Machine Work?

How to Open Your DNA Strands

What is the Relationship between DNA and Chakras?

Am I being warned not to relocate to Jordan?


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Hosted by: Wynn Free
Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Suzanne Hayes and Susan Rush
 Edited by: Terry Brown and Susan Rush and Dave Masty
We wish to thank Suzanne Hayes. She began the transcription project on her own without being asked and has been an immense help to this work.  She died Feb. 23, 2012, in Show Low, Arizona and is missed greatly.
Formatted and sent by: Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  Wednesday, April 20, 2011. This is Wynn Free speaking with Terry in Sedona, Arizona and this is our Wednesday conference call, where we answer questions that all you have submitted.


Before we start, let’s just do a really quick planetary meditation. I think many of you that are coming regularly are noticing that when we get on the call, we could be silent for a half-hour and make connections. If you’re listening to this and you’re one of those people that would like to get more connected and feels blocked, one of the programs we have, that has been really working for the people that are in it, is called Team Shift. That is meeting everyday on the phone with a small group of people. It’s a short call, a ten minute call (or should be) and it rotates, where people call-in the Light and then put things into the Light.


What does it mean to put something into the Light? It means that when you create a group energy, which is almost happening automatically on these calls even though I’m facilitating it, I’m part of it just as much as you are. We go into a zone, we go into a field, a field of energy; a field of energy that is outside of space and time. When we’re in that field, we are in the experience of Oneness because everything else is in that field including the whole Universe, including our Sources. Of course, we can’t see it all, but we can feel a shift.


We learn how to connect with that field. We learn how to let go of our physical awareness’s and move into our metaphysical awareness’s. So, we’ll take a moment and we’ll just feel that energy in our bodies and feel the connection with each other and invite our Sources to partake of the connection.


We start to learn that when these guys come in, for most of us (I don’t know if this is true for all of us), they come in through the top of our head, through our crown chakra. In “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?” there was actually a specific instruction from the Ra Group: ‘Send the energy through the top of your head, upwards and we’ll send it back as Love Light energy.” So do that, send it up; just send it up, say “you can send it back if you want.” Feel it coming back?


In this space, let’s take a moment of healing. Healing for ourselves, healing for anyone we care about and healing for our planet. Let’s send the Light specifically to the Middle East, to the New Madrid fault line, to the idea of disabling/disarming nuclear weapons, to the transmutation of radiation from Japan. Okay … and on that note, let’s move into our questions:


Father/Mother God, we ask for the Light to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone on this line. And any negativity be taken to the higher realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through all the planets, through the outer energy fields of the Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us.


Ra'An/Terry:  We greet you in the Love-Light of The One Infinite Creator. Wynn, did you have more to say?


Wynn:  I didn’t quite finish the little section where we create a protected space where…”-- only the positive has access and anything not of that nature must leave now.”


Ra'An/Terry:  We greet you in the Love-Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is April 20, 2011 on Planet Earth in the solar system in your section of the edge of the galaxy, and as we take a look at your galaxy, we see other centers of life, other centers of connection, other vehicles for transmission, for movement. And we focus in upon this call, upon the phone lines, and connect with each and every person on the line, each and every person who will read the transcript, each and every person who will listen to the audio at a later date. And we send Love-Light to each and every person who needs healing and to their relatives, and send a message that as an individual puts their loved one in the Light, that help can be given as needed to each and every individual that is so put in the Light. We give this a minute to set in and we extend it to all Light Workers who are putting things in the Light for the highest good. There are so many good things upon your planet. Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes we do. Isis in Brooklyn recently got a picture of her aura and she saw small lights near her on the left side of her body. They told her it was a protector. She would like to know if there is an angel beside her and does it just occasionally visit, or does it hang around on a regular basis. And if possible, what's their name?


Ra'An/Terry:  This is of an Angelic and Spiritual Source that is a protector and Loves you very much. And sends, from a greater realm in heaven, sends a protector out, and it is within the ebb and flow of the parameters of your life. And it is always changing, always flowing and sending protection. It is a projection from a higher Angelic realm of which there is more than one Angel watching over. As far as a name, since it is the projection, we do not give it a name.


Wynn:  Thank you. By ‘a projection,’ you mean an entity or intelligence is not actually there but it’s projecting into the space. Would that be accurate?


Ra'An/Terry:  That is correct. ‘Lisa’ would be a name for the Angelic creature that is projecting this. It would be a group of angels and ‘Angelica’ would be the name of one of them.


Wynn: If she used that name, would it help to evoke that angel?


Ra'An/Terry:  This angel is so strongly connected, and the group is so strongly connected to her, that they are there on call as she projects the connection part within herself, and they are very sensitive to whatever is going on and whatever is needed.


Wynn:  Thank you. Next question; this is from Chris, who’s in Memphis and who’s been a regular on our calls. He reported on Monday that he had a lot of clearings (since he has been on the calls) from negative entities that he felt were attached to him. His question is why is it that negative entities visited him as a child?


Ra'An/Terry:  Thank you for your question. It is not only this life but there is a past track of this, and the entities become familiar. It goes way back on the track and this lifetime is ‘stellar’, because you are becoming aware of it and as such, you can clear it and keep it from following you into future lifetimes.


Wynn:  Thank you. Chris reported that he just got a job as a personal assistant to a lawyer, so he’s very happy. He’s been really concerned about jobs and money for a long time.


Ra'An/Terry:  We send him Love-Light.


Wynn:  Next question is from Gina. Gina wants to take a trip to the Bahamas and swim with dolphins. Because of the oil spill, she’s concerned that perhaps if she did that she would be exposing herself to something dangerous in the water. Could you give her any counsel on that?


Ra'An/Terry:  There is still a turpentine substance in some of the waters in that area. The areas around the Bahamas have less. Give us a moment.


We see that there is some danger of running into some of the chemicals; however you, yourself, as you are there can judge.  And there are currents where they are clear of chemicals. You are very sensitive, and if you feel that there are chemicals there, then you could decline to go farther and protect yourself. However, there are areas there that are clear. These would be more of the running channels where water’s coming from the east and is bringing a flow of fresh salt water and it is moving it to the sides toward the beaches in the Bahamas. You may do some research and check flow currents if they have that available.


Wynn:  Thank you. Next question; this is from Wanda and she has a healing machine. She calls it a Trincinity-8 and that it transmits into the hands via crystal wands. I’m not sure if the question’s totally related to the machine or just a general question; but she asks, “Can you help me to understand what is happening in the body to make the changes we want, such as weight loss or opening the pineal gland?” Is it first changing our perception of ourselves and then we catch up or calibrate up?


I think what she’s saying there is that when we want a change, or we want something to shift in our body, what’s the first step? Is it perception, is it intention, is it being around a group? It’s probably different for different people, but we appreciate your comments.


Ra'An/Terry:  The machine can work with the body to give it vibrations and send energies and can work directly upon the body for different functions. And it just directly works upon the centers of the body  --and we are looking at this as we speak --to reset and move the body from the parameters where it is, which are desirable to be changed, and can project a different parameter that the body can then use for an example to shift its energy into, and so it can change functions; it is a ‘bypass’ of the other systems. However, if the individual has within him/herself the ideas of the projections that would create the original circumstance of being overweight and eating too much, then there can be some change in this, but unless they change their orientation they will re-create the problem.


Wynn:  Thank you. What would it mean to change their orientation?


Ra'An/Terry:  For instance, if a person was eating obsessively and had a propensity for a lot of saturated fat foods and French fries and they were on the machine, the machine could help them to lose some weight, but their obsession will again build up the weight.


Wynn:  Thank you. Next question is from Tony in Culver City and the question revolves around DNA and the ways you can tell or monitor if a DNA strand is activated. We have 12 strands of DNA and it's my understanding that the first 7 relate to the first 7 chakras. So, I think the answer is going to be complex … maybe I’ll ask this question in steps because it’s a very interesting topic.


The first question is: “If your strand of DNA was activated, would that mean that you would have the experience of feeling completed in the energy center of the chakra which that DNA-strand was affiliated with?”


Ra'An/Terry:  There are other factors besides DNA, which all have to be in alignment for the individual to be completed in that chakra system. For instance, in the foundational chakra they may have belief systems that move their whole orientation and basis for their life into an arena where they do not feel fulfilled. And just completing the DNA in the area… --we search for the words to explain this concept:


The feeling of completion in the area will come when the DNA is activated; however, if the individual has an orientation or belief system that keeps them from fulfillment within their foundational chakra, it will disrupt the DNA so they will not feel completed; in other words, it works together. An individual's orientation and the chakra and the DNA fulfillment work together. So it's not just a matter activating the string. The string is activated when all of the conditions are right for it to be activated and part of the conditions being right is that the belief system of the individual allows the system or resonance of the DNA to be right.


Wynn:  Does DNA activation change rapidly? In other words, if a person has it open and then they do something that screws it up, does it shut down immediately or is it a slow build in opening and a slow build in closing?


Ra'An/Terry:  It reacts instantaneously. However there are layers of cells that can impede the giving of the message to the DNA, which can hinder the time in which the DNA responds. The body is somewhat like a capacitor holding energy, which the whole energy needs to be changed in order for the DNA to resonate correctly if there has been a problem.


Wynn:  There was an interesting comment that came thru in a channeling that had to do with humans being originally genetically engineered to have 2 strands of DNA. I think this came through Daphne: that over a period of many lifetimes of evolution, they tended to start to open their higher chakras (I guess that would be their 3rd and whatever or their 4th) through sexual expression. Could you comment on that, on the connection between sexual expression and DNA activation? I think sexual expression has the potential to be more than just the 2nd chakra.


Ra'An/Terry:  There are other types of interactions which deal with communications, which would have to do with the expression chakra and the interaction which can deal with the 3rd chakra, which would be power and the opening of the heart.


There were latent strands of DNA which were meant to be latent, which build up as the body, from generation to generation, has successive new generations. Because the ones with the deficient numbers of strands do not survive as well, and by not surviving as well, they eliminate themselves out of the mix.


Individuals with more strands of the DNA that are present and activated will be the ones that will survive the best, and the ones that will have the best procreation of generations after them. The other ones will eliminate themselves from the mix.


Wynn:  You are talking about a soul, a being; a life eliminates itself from the mix?


Ra'An/Terry:  I’m talking about a body. We are talking about physical human bodies here.


Wynn:  We are talking about what Darwin said, ‘survival of the fittest’; right, essentially?


Ra'An/Terry:  Yes, the person that does not drive well is likely not to last on the road.


Wynn:  What happens to that person in the future, to their soul energy? Do they come back and get more chances to get it right?


Ra'An/Terry:  There is a difference between the body, the genealogy of the body, and the soul that inhabits the body. So the soul will go on and will hopefully choose a better suited body.


Wynn:  I see. Now another question on this is that we have 12 strands of DNA, and in approximation, the first 7 strands are connected to the first 7 chakras. So I would assume that the 6th strand would be connected to the 3rd eye, and the 7th strand to the crown chakra and the 5th strand to the throat chakra and the 4th to the heart. Is that approximately accurate?


Ra'An/Terry:  Give us a moment. There is an overlap and there are harmonics wherein the foundation chakra can resonate the higher chakras and the higher chakras can bring resonance into the lower chakras. Then there are chakras above which can resonate with the star systems, and can help the person to orient them self to the location, similar to a GPS and it is interaction. There are strands that can resonate with outside areas, even within the 7 chakras, and can then bring information in to the individual about his exterior environment; and this can resonate even at a great distance in other solar systems or other star systems. As the individual allows himself to open up his chakras and to unite the resonance of the DNA with the different chakra areas within the body, of which there are more than 7, as there are chakras in the hands and in the feet and under the arms and there are other areas that all resonate with the DNA.


Wynn:  Now you used the word ‘harmonic’ and ‘harmonics’ are usually used in relationship to frequencies. So would that mean that each chakra or each DNA strand had a frequency connected to it?


Ra'An/Terry:  Yes, and these are overlapping.


Wynn:  So frequencies have harmonics, so if you activate a lower chakra automatically the harmonics would start to affect the higher chakras.


Ra'An/Terry:  That is correct.


Wynn:  Do the frequencies go from low to high, like the first chakra would be a lower frequency and the crown chakra would be a very high frequency?


Ra'An/Terry:  Yes, it would be a higher frequency. In relationship to our frequencies, it would not be so high, but the more strands of DNA that are activated, the more that they can pick up even our frequencies.


Wynn:  Now is there a connection to music in all of this, since music is frequencies? Does music of different styles tend to activate different chakras? Like does a bass drum activate the first chakra, the root chakra?


Ra'An/Terry:  Yes, it can go the other way around too. So that when a chakra is not resonating or spinning correctly or there is an area of the body which is a null point and isn't generated by the individual…- - if, for instance, the note of C is not resonated by the individual, well then if the individual listens to that, he/she can learn to develop a broader creation of frequencies.


Wynn:  So theoretically, one could learn to help open up their bodies by having the right frequencies in one’s environment; like listening to a frequency. If you played a frequency and went into a meditation on that frequency, it could help open up and activate that chakra and that DNA strand.


Ra'An/Terry:  That is good. Sometimes after a channeling, Daphne will hum and 'ohm' and that can help open up the chakra systems.


Wynn:  So ‘ohm’ can help open it up?


Ra’An/Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  I have learned a long time ago, just by looking at the sound 'ohm' in my body, that it’s not so much that it had an esoteric… – maybe it does have an esoteric invocative meaning, but also just the tones, if you go thru the tone of ‘ohm’ and go ‘oooohm’ and it’s down in the solar plexus and you go ‘hhmm’ and it’s up in the crown chakra. So the sound is actually vibrating your body and stimulating the chakra systems.


Ra'An/Terry:  Yes it is, it is opening it up.


Wynn:  So for people that want to stimulate and open up their chakras, one way is to chant ‘ohm.’


Ra’An/Terry:  That is correct. And also, some of the Monks in earlier times would do chants and singing and this would help clear their mind and open up their heart.


Wynn:  I also notice, when you do ‘ohm’ with another person there were ‘overtones’ that were generated, and the overtones seem to be very ethereal, very high. I guess if one listens to two people sing, like the Everly Brothers or John and Paul, there’s a resonance, something connecting in their voices, the overtones.


Which…-- what ‘overtones’ means is where two frequencies come together. By physics, you get the addition of those two frequencies also present, which is an overtone and you also get the difference between the two frequencies. So, for example, if you had a thousand cycles and two thousand cycles simultaneously, you would get three thousand cycles, because that’s the ‘plus’.  And then, you’d get two minus a thousand, so you’d get another thousand as an overtone. Is it possible to understand the significance of overtones?


Ra'An/Terry:  Yes, it is. The significance of overtones is that they will open up or not open up. It depends upon what overtones are sent. They can be very healing. They could help break up clumps of stuck matter or material in a body. This can be a whole science where an individual can correlate the original frequencies to overtones that are given and can create some miracles with this.


Wynn:  A piano has eight keys to it and there’re eight notes in a musical scale; is there a connection between those eight notes and the chakras?


Ra'An/Terry:  Yes, there is definitely a connection between those eight notes and the chakras, as the chakras do resonate at notes that are on that scale, and if you listen to the light body activations, it goes into it.


Wynn:  If you start moving into the DNA activations above the 7th chakra, then I think you said that even the lower chakras expand out to the star systems; so the upper chakras, eight through twelve, do they have a counterpart in the physical universe?


In other words, the 4th chakra, the counterpart is the heart area. The 3rd chakra is the solar plexus and the 7th chakra is the top of your head. What is the counterpart for the eighth chakra, ninth chakra, tenth chakra, eleventh chakra, twelfth chakra?


Ra'An/Terry:  The eighth chakra is above the head and it can vary between individuals. It can be a foot or so above the head and higher. It can be twelve feet above the head and there can be an even higher, thirty-two feet and that can help stabilize the individual. There can be multiples of this above and can be even more than five more. There are null points and there are nodes of brightness, wherein these resonances converge with the overtones overlaying other tones, and can make a bright spot which can be seen; a resonance that can be seen.


Wynn:  When we do our Sunday grid healing (now I didn’t know all this but intuitively) we go through an exercise where we move our energy through our crown chakra, above our head, up to the ceiling. In that exercise, am I, in essence, helping to activate the upper DNA strands?


Ra'An/Terry:  Yes you are. You are also helping for the individuals to connect with each other, and helping them to learn to connect with strangers better, as they are reaching into the space of commonality where other individuals may also share space.


Wynn:  Thank you very much. When we do that, we probably run into energies of all kinds of things that are not even the people on the line -- if there are other energies hanging around in those upper areas.


Ra'An/Terry:  Yes, and particularly the Light Workers and the dolphins and the whales can also join in when you are so connected.


Wynn:  Thank you. Well, thank you Tony for asking that question and triggering that whole interchange. I learned something there. I’d like to go to our next question.


The next question… -- and I’m going to have to say this very quickly because the person wrote me a bit of a book on it. It's a lady ( she put anonymous) with the initial "J" in Boston, Massachusetts. I hope I get this right: she was living in Jordan with her husband and she wanted to return to Jordan, because she and her husband had issues they needed to work out and her husband said these issues had to be addressed.


They discussed it and agreed they needed to change things and listen to each other and spend more time alone together. She explains that it’s a huge change for her, living in Jordan. She didn’t say if she was from Jordan originally or not, but I assume so, and she didn’t say if her husband was originally from Jordan or not. I’m looking here at her name to see if she’s from Jordan; I can’t tell from her name.


So, in any case, she does feel that she and her husband have love, and that they have a strong connection, and they’re willing to make sacrifices to be together. But when she decided to go back to Jordan, which was last week, everything went ‘screwy’. Her computer stopped connecting to the Internet. It showed it was connected and she couldn’t get on. Then later, she decided on a flight, clicked the purchase button, and they were having difficulties getting the flight.


She was just having obstacle after obstacle after obstacle, and she doesn’t like to fly. When she flies she feels sick and gets migraines, and sick to her stomach, dizzy, feeling weak. I think that her question asks whether there is something that’s trying to cause her not to go back to Jordan.  Perhaps her Higher-Self is creating great obstacles because it wouldn’t be in her highest good to go to Jordan? Or is it that she couldn’t go back there because something bad or something wrong will happen? Or, are obstacles being presented which are creating a challenge for her to be strong and overcome the obstacles? I hope I’m getting that all right.


Ra'An/Terry:  Thank you.


We see, just looking at the situation at face value, that there are certain stops upon your trip. It is a huge change to go from Boston, where things are stable, to move to Jordan, which is a whole different country with a whole different society. The moving of yourself to Jordan will create a whole different connection between these physical amenities and yourself. The Internet will be different with different providers, different challenges.


The airline and your reaction to the airline, creates a barrier towards wanting to fly there. There is resistance that you are expressing towards taking a trip which is a disconnecting of things you are used to, and letting them all go, and then a reconnection at the other end to different people, a different system, different language.


It is moving into an area that is unfamiliar, in quite a few ways, to what you are used to in Boston. There is a natural resistance, as if one were going to walk over a mountain range that would require an effort to get oneself moving and to change everything.  Areas in one's life where there is change are a big deal for the individual and it requires mobility of flowing movement to move from one situation to another. Within yourself, there is some resistance to moving and taking on these changes. These are what we note, rather than it being some bad omen or that something bad will happen. There is just a tremendous resistance, which is natural to incur such great changes.


Wynn:  How can one determine how to make a choice in that kind of circumstance where, on one hand she has a relationship and someone she feels she can work things out with, and on the other hand she has a lot of resistance and she’s going to a strange country? What would be the best criteria for her to make a choice as to what to do?


Ra'An/Terry:  She could bite the bullet and make the trip and then see if these things could be worked out and she could adapt. That is one way to handle it.


Wynn:  The other way is to say: “I'm not going to go and just forget it and move on?”


Ra'An/Terry:  That would be another way to handle it; to move in the area of where the flow guides and there isn't the resistance to the forward progress. Another way would be to see if the partner would be willing and able to come to the States, to some area that would be mutually acceptable to both.


Wynn:  One of the things that I learned at a certain point, was it seemed that when one was faced with this kind of a dilemma, it was more important to make a decision and it was not necessarily a right decision. The important thing is to make a decision and go with it, but give yourself the options to back pedal if the decision was wrong or didn’t work out the way you anticipated. Staying in limbo is, for me, far worse than not making any decision at all. Is there some truth to that?


Ra'An/Terry:  Yes, and here one should check in that, what are the mores of the people of Jordan? If she would get there, is it possible that…-- like what are the rules? Would she be required to stay there for a certain period of time, or would she be allowed to travel back and forth freely? And how would her husband react if she decided to back pedal? Within this different country, with different mores, would this make it very difficult for her to back pedal?


Wynn:  Right, so it may not be easy to reverse the decision once it’s made.


Ra'An/Terry:  Yes. 


Wynn:  So that should be part of the consideration of the decision also.


Ra'An/Terry:  That’s correct, and how does money hold out? Like would there be money to back pedal?


Wynn:  Right, or is she going to be trapped and then feel enslaved by the circumstance if it’s not what she wants it to be?


Ra'An/Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  Okay, well thank you. I think that’ll give her something to work on.


I think we’ll bring this call to a close; it’s 7:08 p.m. I thank everyone for being here and I’m un-muting everybody. Okay, everyone’s un-muted and thank everyone who’s volunteering and sending out emails and transcribing, and Terry for being here. We will see you, many of you, on Sunday when we do our grid healing. Now we know what we are doing on the grid healing; we’re activating our eighth through twelfth chakras. We didn’t know that. 


Caller:  I knew that.


Wynn:  You knew that? Who said that, Chris?


Chris:  Yeah, it’s me. I got on here kind of late.


Wynn:  We asked your question tonight, Chris, do you know.


Chris:  I did, I heard it.


Wynn:  Did you?


Chris:  Yes, thank you.


Wynn:  Alright, good night, everyone, and we’ll see you next time.



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