Subject: Transcript-Sunday Grid Healing Call 01-01-2012--Communication Can Dissolve Barriers When One is Heard

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Communication Can Dissolve Barriers
When One is Heard


Sunday Planetary Grid Healing 01.01.2012
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Hosted by: Wynn Free

Channeled by: Terry Brown

Transcribed by: Susan Rush

Edited by: Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes, Susan Rush

Formatted and sent by: Gary Brownlee

Wynn:  Welcome everybody; this is January 1, 2012.  My name is Wynn Free and this is our Sunday conference call.  This call is a rather unusual phenomenon.  Our Sunday call goes beyond interesting information because the focus of this call is to connect with (our Sources) energy and bring it into this realm.  They say they are paying attention to everyone on the line.  They are looking at you energetically.  So if you can imagine that there is this huge group soul at the beginning of creation, which I can’t prove any of that but I can just tell you what they say.  They are at the beginning of creation.  They were here prior to there being a physical universe.  They have the ability, they say, to beam energy, to project energy from where they are into where we are, and they can project energy into this realm in a way that’s possible to feel it and a number of people on this call have said they felt it on this particular call because the emphasis of this call is to connect with the energies and to create positive intentions of transformation for ourselves and for our planet. 


Positive intentions of transformation:  What does that mean?  It means when we have a group energy, all of us on the call, all of us listening to the replays, and our sources, we are kind of creating a team.  There’s a lot of power in a team. So when you point that team in a given direction it can send energy in that direction.  You are invited to keep coming back and listening.  Sometimes you don’t get the energy the first time you’re on the call, sometimes you do.  It becomes practice tuning something.  It’s learning how to tune your consciousness to feel the energies.  


(Individuals put things in the light.  Wynn does a guided meditation.) …


(Gijs calls in the light.)


Gijs: Dear God, The One Infinite Creator, we ask for the presence of the Love Light. We ask for the Christed Love Light to surround, protect and to connect with each person who is here with us, or listens to this, or reads this at a later time. We ask for any negativity to be taken to the highest realms of Light and for it to be transmuted and dissolved for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy which is radiating from the center of the Universe and moves through all the galaxies, through our galaxy, through the solar systems, and through all the planets and radiates into the outer energy fields of our planet. We feel this energy entering our bodies and we feel this flowing through us, then radiating from our feet into the center of our planet. Right now we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present, while we maintain the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite only positive Sources which honor The Law of One and free-will and who operate for the highest good of all concerned. We create a protective space that only the positive-oriented Sources have access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We now ask for these positive-oriented Sources to blend their Loving energies with our energies, as we are All One. And while being surrounded by the creative Christed Love Light, we wait for our Sources to speak to us to through our dear friend Terry Brown.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is January 1, 2012 and we extend our Love Light over all of Mother Gaia and all of planet Earth and from there to the solar system and to the Sun and to the connection between the Sun and the Earth, that it may be a harmonious connection.

As the influence of individuals on the Earth, influence of war, goes through the planetary influence to the Sun and reverberates back and forth, creating the vibrational disruption in the harmony of the connection, it ripples throughout and reverberates throughout not only individuals on the planet, but the animals and also within the higher solar Sources.

We ask, in this year, that harmony flow in, influenced also by the connection with the center of the galaxy, and that positive harmonious connections can influence and help ameliorate conflicting energies within those on planet Earth.

We give it a moment as these harmonious connections thread and permeate Earthly and individual conflicts.

We look at it from the larger sphere and we move into the individual sphere, wherein relationships between individuals can be ameliorated and modified for a more loving harmonious relationship in 2012. And the Christmas Spirit and the New Year Spirit of peace and love can be added to these.

As all the individuals who are experiencing the cheer and the joy can then move into the sphere of others who are suffering and can ease that up for them and they can also experience the love and the joy.

And the larger sphere of layers and layers of spheres, on layers and layers of spheres, growing from larger to smaller, can experience the joy and the Elohim, us, and the Ra, us, can add and magnify this experience of love and joy and ease the suffering on the planet.

This can then move into individual circumstances between Barbara and her daughter, to help bring understanding and connection and communication between them that will help each other to explain the positioning of their thoughts.

Communication can dissolve barriers when one knows they have been heard. This brings us to the various methods of communication: the internet, wherein individuals in different countries can communicate and dispel prejudices that one country may have had for another country.

We send Love Light to Carolyn, who’s been an Ambassador to Africa. We send Love Light to The Sea Shepard who’s an Ambassador for the whales. We send Love Light to Gina and Tina for thinking of and bringing in the voice of the whales and the dolphins and we send Love Light directly to the dolphins and the whales who have the ability, inter-dimensionally and multi-dimensionally, to join with us on this call.

We send Love Light to all the people that are praying, for Gina, and pulling for Suzanne Hayes and Carla Rueckert. And we send Love Light and add and magnify our praying for their health and for Wynn’s sister and for individual, Sandra who had the heart attack.  We are with her. We send Love Light to Chris, that he may move through this stage of blinking and jerking and not rely on his past circumstance for some kind of stability.

We send Love Light to the children and the animals of the world. We give support to the majority who wish peace and wish a good life and that the things that interfere or might interfere with that, such as the laws that do not support Constitutional things and impinge on people’s well-being and freedom can dissolve and the individual’s freedom and their desire for a good life may be supported. We lend our support behind that.

We send Love Light to the work Daphne, Wynn and Terry are doing, that we may all work together and each and every person on this line is a vital part of this work, just in your participation.

We leave you now but we do not leave. We are with you always and available to you.




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