Subject: Transcript-Sunday Grid Healing Call 01-08-2012--Through You, We Send Love Light

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Through You, We Send Love Light


Sunday Planetary Grid Healing 01.08.2012

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Hosted by: Wynn Free

Channeled by: Terry Brown

Transcribed by: Susan Rush

Edited by: Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and Susan Rush

Formatted and sent by: Gary Brownlee


Gijs: Dear God, One Infinite Creator:  We ask for the presence of the Love Light, for the Love Light to surround, protect and to connect with each person who is here with us or who listens to this later or reads this later. We ask for any negativity to be taken to the highest realms of Light and for it to be transmuted and dissolved for the highest good of all concerned. 


We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through all the galaxies, through our galaxy, through the solar systems and through all the planets and into the outer energy fields of our Earth. This flow of energy is going through our bodies, flowing through us and radiating from our feet into the center of Mother Earth.


Right now we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present while we maintain the sovereign integrity of our souls. And we ask for only positive Sources which honor The Law of One, free-will and who operate in the highest good of all concerned. We ask for these Sources to blend with our energies and to create a protective space that only positive-oriented Sources have access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


As we are connected and surrounded by the creative Christed Love Light, we wait for our Sources to speak to us through our dear friend Terry Brown.


Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is January 8, 2012, planet Earth. We look at different time zones, different times, different speeds of time; and we zero-in upon planet Earth time.


We send Love Light and we surround with Love Light each and every person on the line. We make the connection to the higher realms and we add our Love Light to the things that you have put in the Light today. We feel your presence and are honored by your presence. Through you, we send Love Light to each and every thing that you have put in the Light.


We are present with those areas that you have put in to the Love Light. And through you, connecting to the many countries and political systems that you wish to become undistorted and untangled and to truly express service to the people that the politicians work with; that the lobbyists, corporations, chemical manufacturers and drug companies attempting to influence those people, can be put into perspective and that the true highest good for the people concerned may be honored and supported by political leaders.


We thank Gina for putting the whales and the dolphins in the Light and thank Tina; and we look at the whales and the dolphins and we invite them into our call as their embodiment in the third dimension connects also with the higher dimensions and allows them to be a lens and a focus to bring Love Light and balancing into the Earth plane and sphere. They connect with us in our call with joy and some of them give a few extra flips of their body in joy at the connection.


We send, around the Japanese whalers, an expansion of possibility of thoughts, that some of them may consider what they are doing and we trace beyond the sailors on the sea, back to the hardcore money machines that are demanding whale parts and we see money and desire for supply of these things to be a driving engine behind the hunt for the whales.


We send Love Light to the orphans, the homeless and the elderly. We send support to the organic farmers and the green state herbal association and to Diane and her dog, Linen; to the organic farmers everywhere. We send Love Light to individuals that each person has put in the Light, whether they have stated it or not:


To Kate in Austin, Texas for healing from her surgery, to Suzanne for healing, for rapid healing, for Carla for healing at a deep level, for Ken for healing, for JoAnne, for Ann, for Edna and for Jim.


We send Love Light to all the grid-workers who are working to heal the planet in areas that need to be healed, for light-workers all around the world, to pets that are the companions to individuals and make their life more connected and meaningful, to people effected by Chemtrails or by radiation and that these effects will not be long-lasting.


For the developers of free-energy machines, that free energy may flourish and help the lives of people everywhere to be easier, and we send Love Light to the Iran situation that it may be healed. Again, we see the transport of oil as being important in this process; to all the sailors; to all the people of Iran, we surround them in Love Light.


We send Love Light to the plankton that the plankton may be strong and flourish in spite of pollution; we send Love Light to the water everywhere, in whatever form.  And the rain clouds and the icebergs in the oceans that Love Light may be imbued and change the structure and frequency of the water everywhere, even in ones’ bodies.


We send Love Light to Team Shift and we send Love Light to the consensus reality, that it may make inroads into the hearts and minds of the illuminati and the people in the new world order that they will not have to wait until they die, or they’re on their deathbeds, to reconsider some of the things that they wish to put into place.


We send protection for the computers and programs to help protect them against hackers. We send Love Light to each and every person on this line in appreciation and thankfulness for all that you do and the Love Light that you send to help change world situations for the better and to help enable us to ground, to support a better world.


We leave, but we do not leave. We are here for you. Adonai.

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