Subject: Transcript- Monday BBS Call 06-18-2012-- Overcoming Limitations and Obstacles

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Monday –
Overcoming Limitations and Obstacles

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Wynn:   This is Monday, June 18, 2012.  My name is Wynn Free and my co-host: Terry Brown.  Terry, are you there?

Terry:  I’m here.  Hello, everybody.

:  You’re here.  I’m going to try renaming our show and see if it sounds good; this is a temporary rename.  Welcome to Intelligent Infinity which is the name of our website:  People are checking it out.  If you’re listening you could be either over the internet on BBS, or you could be on our conference line.  We have a few people on our conference line today – we have Kim.

Who else; who just showed up?

Nicole:  Nicole.  Hi Wynn.

Wynn:  Hi Nicole – Nicole is in North Carolina, right?

Nicole:  No, Washington State.

Wynn:  Okay, anyone else?

We do three calls a week and I have to say, the conference line people – and there are so many people who have come in every week – they started to understand that they were actually creating with us; they weren’t just an audience.  Some of you out there listening may be under the illusion that you’re an audience but you’re not; you’re creating with us.  You are me; I am you; we are we – and we are all together.  You can say that as words, but on this call usually we move into the truth of that.

There is someone else – would you like to say your name and your city?

Cindy:  Hi Wynn, this is Cindy in Peoria.  How are you?

Wynn:  Hi.  Cindy in Peoria.  Cindy has a daughter and her daughter has the most unusual name of anyone I’ve ever heard – maybe not the most unusual.  Her daughter’s name is 'Brooklyn,' right?

Cindy:  Right – I think there are a few out there floating around; you start to hear it more.

Wynn:  Okay; you should get in touch with me, Cindy, now that you’re out of a job.

Cindy:  I know; let’s chat.

Wynn:  Send me an email, or I’ll call you or something.

Who just came on?  Who would like to say their name and their city?

Suzanne:  This is Suzanne in Columbus.

Wynn:  Hi Suzanne.  Who else is on the line?

Daphne:  Daphne’s here.

Wynn:  Hi Daphne.  Nice to have you.

Daphne:  Thank you.  I just won a Scrabble game.

Wynn:  Congratulations.

The topic of our call tonight is “Overcoming Obstacles and Limitations”.  In the email that I sent out, I said that – as I was writing the emails, two thoughts that came to my mind that were really important.  One was you have to identify your obstacles and your limitations; many people don’t identify them, they walk around and they carry them with them but they don’t know that they’re obstacles; they don’t know it.  First thing is to identify them; and, the second thing is to have some plan of action that can actually help you overcome them.

One of the things – we did get a couple of questions.  One of the things is that it’s not always easy to overcome obstacles.  Imagine you have the same habit pattern for 100,000 years or 500 lifetimes, and every lifetime you’ve been doing exactly the same pattern.   Believe it or not, that’s probably true for many of us; probably true.  I’ve had this unusual opportunity to know of myself and some of the people around me for a couple of lifetimes.  As I studied those people, it was amazing how similar they were to the way they are in this lifetime.  I didn’t know that was true before that.  People carry very similar traits from lifetime to lifetime.  Most lifetimes, I believe, are spent just trying to fulfill various worldly ambitions.  That’s very pervasive here: we want to be comfortable, we want to be well-to-do, want to have a good job, and we want to be respected.  Those are all worldly things, and we keep coming back and every time we probably rate ourselves by our ability to succeed in that.  I think there are very few people who come into the world that say at a young age “My goal is to find spirit, my truth, God.”  Even if that is your goal, you still have to deal with all the other stuff; you still have to earn a living, eat, have some degree of success and be comfortable.   If you don’t, you’re going to be despondent; so, you do have to be worldly.

We have many different levels of obstacles.  I think what we’re going to do is we’re going talk about it as a group and bring in some of our issues and bring in our own wisdom if people have had experience.  Then, we’ll bring in our sources and we’ll ask them for their counsel.

If you’re listening to the call for the first time, you may not be totally aware:  this call is an interactive communication between realms.  As we do what we do on the call,  I won’t say ‘we have’ because we can’t prove it – but, there are voices that speak to us and they say they’re in other dimensions.  They say they have a lot of wisdom of this realm.  They also say they have the ability to connect with us, just as we can feel an energy with each other when we connect with friends and people we love down here, there’s an energy we can feel from them that feels very much akin to feeling loved.  But, we don’t know they’re there.  Part of this call is to help all of us go into the reality that such a thing is possible, such a thing exists, and that we can make a connection.  (This) does not solve all our problems; for some of us, it might be the beginning of all our problems, or a whole new set of problems.  What happens is as you solve one set of problems and there’s usually a more advanced set to come in and take their place because you’re still unfolding.

Who would like to say hello that hasn’t said hello yet?

Greg:  This is Greg in Washington.  Hello everyone.

Wynn:  Hi Greg; and who else?

Jim:  Jim calling from Cape Cod; hello everybody.

Wynn:  Hi Jim.

Mary:  This is Mary in Kentucky.

Wynn:  Hi Mary.  Jim, did you hear the topic tonight?

Jim:  Yes I did.  It’s very close to me.  Very close to my heart.

Wynn:  It is?  Okay, who else?

Ramie:  This is Rahmi in Charleston, South Carolina.  Hey, Wynn.

Wynn:  Rahmi, were you ever a DJ?

Ramie:  In an unofficial sense, yes.

Wynn:  I could feel it in your track, man.

Ramie:  I feel honored.

Wynn:  Who else?

Connie:  Connie in Missouri.

Wynn:  Hi, Connie. By the way, all of you who are listening:  we should give Connie a round of applause because she is the person who has been so diligent in doing transcripts for both Monday and Wednesday.  Send Connie some love; those of you who are getting (these)on our list – Connie is a trooper.

Who else?

Callers:  Thank you, Connie.

Gijs:  Thank you Wynn, Terry and Daphne.

Connie:  Let’s have a round.  Thank you everybody.

(Cat begins to meow.)

Wynn:  Do you have a cat in the background?

Michael:  Yes.  He wants to know what line he is supposed to call in on.

Wynn:  There’s Michael Adler in San Diego with Sam.  (Sam the cat.)

Michael:  And Sam – say 'hello' Sam.  Thank you, Sam.

Wynn:  Does he talk that much when you’re not on the phone?

Michael:  Yes; it’s almost constant.  He has started speaking English.  He actually said 'hello.'  Can you say 'hello,' Sam?  This would be a good time to do it, Sam.  Can you say 'hello?'  No.  Alright.

Wynn:  I’m so glad because your financial problems are over if he’s speaking English.

Michael:  So are his, yes.  I’ve been wondering what he’s been doing with the allowance I’ve given him all these years.  Now would be a good time, yes.

Wynn:  You don’t have to worry about being an actor anymore.

Michael:  I tried to borrow $20 from him and he just looked at me.

Wynn:  You’ll have to have him learn a little Shakespeare. 

Michael:  Yeah, sure.  Okay, Sam.

Wynn:  Okay Michael; you’ve had your moment of glory.

Michael:  I’m just going to let Sam do the talking; he seems to be the intelligent one between us.

Wynn:  I’m glad you said it, not me.

Michael:  That was pre-empted, Wynn.  I said it before you did.

Wynn:  Who else is on our line?

Tracy:  Tracy in West Virginia, Wynn.

Wynn:  Hi Tracy.  How are you today?

Tracy:  I’m doing better, thank you.

Wynn:  Your reputation is spreading all over the place, you know.  We heard about you.

Tracy:  What have you heard about me?  Don’t bad-mouth me.

Wynn:  I won’t say anything bad about you.

Wynn:  I never thought I'd hear Michael say his cat was smarter than him.

Michael:  He taught me everything I know and it only took him a minute.

Wynn:  Michael has quite a good opinion of himself in general.

Michael:  I called in tonight about help with self esteem.

Wynn:  Who else is on the line that hasn’t said anything?

Terri:  This is Terri from West Virginia.  Hi.

Wynn:  Hi Terri.

Obstacles and limitations:  there are two kinds of obstacles and limitations.  One that you’re very aware of and one that is beneath the surface which you can still be aware of, and one that is beneath the surface and you’re not aware of.  I’ll give you an example, one you’re aware of:  you can have an obstacle that says – I believe certain kinds of people are inferior.  That’s a very easy one to fix, because all you have to do is change your belief system.  That’s easy, because all you have to say is “No, I don’t think they’re inferior; I think I’m convinced that they’re not.”  That’s a mental kind of a limitation; it’s a prejudice, so to speak.  We all have prejudices and some of them are a little unconscious, but we can become aware of them.

Then you have obstacles that are beneath the surface, sometimes from past lifetimes; usually they have a very long time-track, and we can have attitudes that are obstacles like lack of self-esteem, lack of self-worth.  We can have traumas that every time somebody says something it triggers our trauma.  Then, we have obstacles underneath the surface that we’re not aware of.  One obstacle that sometimes people have is – this is a subtle one – being enslaved or enslaving other people.  Maybe I shouldn’t use the word slave, I should use the word dominating; controlling – needing to control people – anyone know anyone like that?  Somebody that whenever you’re around them, you’re totally controlled and feel like if you don’t do it they’ll get mad at you; and they will get mad at you?

Maybe you’re that way at times ; you’re totally controlling.  What do you call that?  Entitlement:  when people just automatically assume people are going to treat them a certain way.  Sometimes an interesting obstacle that people have – and most people that have this are not aware they have it; this is my take on it – if you had a past lifetime where you were aristocratic, where you were royal, where you were very wealthy and everybody kind of paid homage to you because of either your money or your title.  When you come into this lifetime, people tend – there’s this feeling that people are going to treat you that way.  But, you don’t have the same recognition that you did that other lifetime, so you can’t understand why people are not treating you in an exalted way:  “Don’t they know who I am?”

A lot of times people who have that don’t know they have it, and they’re very frustrated because they’re never getting what they would call the respect that they deserve.  That’s a big obstacle because they’re totally stuck; they’re looking around for their entire life for someone who is going to give them the respect that they deserve, and their life becomes a throw-away.

Who just came in on the line?

Marsha:  Me; Marsha.

Wynn:  Hi Marsha – so you’re fashionably late, right?

Marsha:  I was trying to fix my phone.

Wynn:  Don’t get mad at me now.

Marsha:  I’m not mad.  I’m having a rough time lately, that’s all.  You always hit the nail on the head and push my buttons, so it’s a gift, right?

Wynn:  Right.  Luckily I do it; I don’t know that I’m doing it.

Marsha:  I know you don’t; we’re just a grand design.

Wynn:  Right.  I’m like programmed; I realized something about myself.  I kind of read all the subconscious energies and I’m always trying to bring energy into a situation, so sometimes I don’t censor myself.  I’m bringing what’s on the unconscious with somebody around me (by saying something), and it immediately brings it to the surface.  Usually, people like it; occasionally they can get mad at me (and tell me):  “You didn’t have to say that.”

One of the things about these calls – here we are all talking about ourselves.  Most people are always trying to look good; we’re going to do our best to look bad during this call so that everyone sees our obstacles and so that we can get a hook (on it.)

Does anyone have a really good obstacle they want to mention that they’re aware of?  Marsha?  Marsha, I wasn’t going to call on you.  Anyone besides Marsha?

Marsha:  Don’t call on me; that’s okay.  I'm too vulnerable anyway.

Jim:  Jim has an obstacle.

Wynn:  What’s your obstacle, Jim?

Jim:  Life.

Wynn:  In other words:  What am I doing here?  Why do I get up everyday?  What’s it all about Alfie?  No one cares, right?  Is that it?

Jim:  Something like that.

Wynn:  Jim, you’re an entertainer – don’t you love entertaining and when you cheer people up and they look back at you?

Jim:  Very much.

Wynn:  At least you have something – right?  Anyone else have an obstacle they want to talk about?

Tracy:  I have a temper.

Wynn:  Who is that?

Tracy:  It’s Tracy.

Wynn:  You have a temper, Tracy?

Tracy:  I do have a temper; it takes a lot to ire me.  I really am sorry and very ashamed at how sometimes I get completely out of control with it.

Wynn:  Could you give us a demonstration of your temper right now?

Tracy:  You don’t want to see it, no.  I use mostly words, but I will cut people down to nothing with my words.

Wynn:  You will?  Is that really an obstacle, or a personality distortion?

Tracy:  I think it’s an obstacle.  I've moved past breaking things, but it's sad.

Wynn:  You take your temper out on other people, right?

Tracy:  No – only the people that did it; not on everybody.

Wynn:  Not everybody; so, people do things to you and you feel crossed and then you get mad at them.  Do you think that anger is always in you, waiting to come out or do you think it’s just coming forth because that person has harassed you.

Tracy:  I think that anger is always in me.

Wynn:  It’s always in you; so, you’re carrying anger.  People who have anger; something I’ve learned about anger – anger is not bad; anger has it’s place – I have noticed people who have leadership abilities (I noticed this a long time ago), they may not be expressing anger all the time but the really good leaders, they have the threat of anger. You know if you crossed them you would get it, okay?  The threat of anger has a value to it; even the expression of anger has a value to it, because when all else fails, it can cause someone else to (shape up)– anger creates pain for another person, and it’s kind of a safe way of inflicting pain without getting into a fist fight.  If someone is encroaching on your space, encroaching on your space, violating you, violating you, and all you’re doing is saying “la da da la da da”...

I had this experience; I was living in a house with this guy and he was always yelling and he would yell to get his way.  He used his yelling to intimidate people; he did it for weeks and weeks.  One day, I let it out at him; I did it on a very conscious level.  It’s not like I had to do it or wanted to get back at him;  I raised my voice to him, and I was so intense he thought I was going to kill him.  Underneath, I was giggling at the whole thing.  Do you know what?  He stopped yelling at me after that!

Tracy:  Wynn – could I do that to you?

Jim:  Wynn – Jim here.  Don’t forget that anger and danger are only one letter apart.

Wynn:  Thank you Jim.  A comment like that could only come from somebody who makes crossword puzzles.  Jim is another notorious guy on our line who makes crossword puzzles for the New York Times.  So 'anger' and 'danger' are one letter apart.  There we go.

Who else?  Daphne, do you have any obstacles?  (Silence)  Did you go back to playing Scrabble?

Daphne:  I’m here.

Wynn:  Do you have any obstacles?

Daphne:  Probably different levels of obstacles, yes.  One of them right now is learning how to maneuver in this body right now, because the energy fields are strangely contorted, or maybe they’re contorting; I’m learning how to navigate them.  The other thing is learning how to operate with very few physical resources in the world – especially when I always have been able to manifest plenty of physical resources in the world.  For some reason, I don’t seem to be able to do that right now.

It was interesting how you started the call, because you somehow made the supposition – I’m not sure if I quite agree with you on that – so, I’ll throw it out.

Wynn:  That’s why you’re here:  you’re here to be the person who doesn’t agree.

Daphne:  I’m not trying to play devil’s advocate, but you started the call simply juxtaposing spirituality and earthly concerns.  I don’t necessarily think that they’re antithetical.

For example, I knew plenty of kids when I was in college; I knew someone who went to Israel and went and joined a kibbutz.  She had deeply felt social and spiritual kind of feelings, and at the same time she was pragmatic; she knew she had to make a living.  She worked on a farm.  I knew people who went and joined the Peace Corps, I knew people who became journalists, I knew people who started their own businesses.

I have a nephew, Max Berger, who is one of the – you’ve heard of the 'occupy Wall Street' movement?  Max was just on CNBC; he’s one of the lead voices.  He’s 26 years old.  He comes from an affluent family; I don’t think having resources and having a social conscious, and having spirituality, they’re not necessarily opposed to each other.  There is nothing wrong with having resources along with being successful in the world.

Wynn:  It’s just a matter of how you relate to it; if you’re coming from a spiritual place you would say, “I am a spirit; I have all these tools to use.  I happen to be affluent; how can I use them to contribute to the planet, to life?”  Or, you can have resources and say, “I’m going to get more women; I’m going to go on vacation; I’m going to go on TV and sit on top on my Rolls Royce with these two bikini ladies sitting on the hood with me and telling everybody, ‘Don’t you want to be like me?’”

Daphne:  Wynn – I think the reason that you address that – here’s where I’m going to throw the ringer at you.  I think you address that because that’s been a temptation that you've had.  The reason you knock success is because you know that you would be tempted to use it unlaudably; that’s what I’m going to throw out to you.

Wynn:  No, I think that would have been perhaps in the past, because I’m like everyone else.  I didn’t know I was a spirit; I just am in a body, and people that have lots of money seem to have more fun.

Daphne:  You said last week? You said that you were the Howard Stern of the Elohim, right?

Wynn:  You said that!  I just quoted it back to you.  Daphne, it’s good to have you on the line.  Daphne’s going to keep me in my place.

Daphne: Don’t complain.

Wynn:  I’m not complaining.

Daphne:  I rest my case.

Wynn:  You rest your case, okay.  Maybe I should promote myself that way:  “Howard Stern of the Elohim – at your service.”

Tracy:  I gave Daphne a pillow to rest her case on.

Wynn:  I got a great Chinese fortune cookie about a week ago.  It said ,“Don’t mistake temptation for opportunity.”

Anyone else want to discuss their obstacle?  Anyone have like a really deep-seated obstacle?

Marsha:  I do; I’d like to express it.

Wynn:  Marsha, you can’t talk.

Marsha:  Please.  The obstacle that I wish that I could address is the fear of losing loved ones – animals, humans – loved ones.

Wynn:  The fear of being abandoned.

Marsha:  I don't know, it’s just fear of them dying; of separation.

Wynn:  Loved ones are going into other places, and some of them are going to go probably into a better place than this life here.  I think the fear (comes from):  we anchor our energies with people we love.  It helps anchor us in the world.  We have invisible ties with all those people that helps keep us sane.  So when they leave, either through dying or walking out on our lives, it’s a little similar, because you lose that tie and you feel abandoned.

Marsha:  When you have a stroke or something, you have to build new pathways in your brain, in your nervous system.

Wynn:   Daphne has had that; she used to tell me that everybody that she knew would drop her, she had this belief that people would all drop her.  She remembers this time when she was young – I don’t know if I remember the story correctly – actually people were holding her up in some kind of exercise and they dropped her.  Is that true, Daphne?

Daphne:  I’m sorry; say that once more.

Wynn:  When people were holding you up, and they dropped you.

Daphne:  Oh, this is an interesting story.  I was convinced by my father to go to Phillips Andover, because he’d gotten in Philips Exeter and didn’t go; so I, a good student, got into Phillips Andover and ended up going.  So it’s the oldest prep school in the United States.

We had to do some orientation exercise where we climbed up on this really high rock – it was called ‘trust’.  I was about 14 years old; you had to fall back into this group of people – there were about 16 people.  I was the smallest person, and I was the last person to go; I got up there and they go “This is going to be really easy; this little runt is one hundred and five pounds or something.”  I get up there and I fell back; they caught me – no problem.  They didn’t bother to wait until I'd gotten my my legs back on the ground, and they dropped me from a height of about three feet, flat onto my back onto a rocky ground.  The wind went completely out of my lungs; it was a very scary experience but I think the saddest part for me is that no one apologized; no one said, “Hey, we’re sorry we dropped you.”  This exercise was called 'trust,' and to symbolically look at that.  Here I am at this nasty, snobby, blue-blood, elite prep school, and the first thing that I do is I’m dropped by my classmates.  That’s what happened.

Marsha:  It’s because they were on auto-pilot and they didn’t do it with integrity; they didn’t do it consciously.  They just did it because it was an exercise.

Daphne:  Exactly; no one was present.  Everyone was just kind of shunning responsibility; no one was like ...

Marsha:  Nobody knew to open their hearts; nobody knew to care.  They were just auto-piloters.

Daphne:  Right.

Michael:  Why does it matter, as much as where you go from here with that neuropathway program(s) – what do you do?  How do you get rid of them?  How do you disable them?  How do you cut the trigger wire?

Wynn:  Right.

Michael:  I just want to move this along a little bit.

Wynn:  Thank you, Michael.

I wanted to get everything on the table.  When people talk and they talk about themselves…  you can’t talk about an obstacle in a place where you’re in the obstacle.  I learned at one point – I know this is true – observation; observation is a key thing; when you can start observing yourself.

Terry are you on?

Terry:   Yes; I’m here. 

Wynn:  Should I skip you or do you want to talk about your obstacles, or any obstacle?

Terry:  I somehow got a programming that if somebody gets really angry with me or yells at me or has a certain tone of voice – it just triggers me into my last life where somebody got angry with me and did me in.  It’s like I can sit here and listen to them, but my back starts to twitch; it’s like I’m just having to run that out, bit by bit.  Just let it pass and observe it.

Wynn:  One of the things you’re doing with that particular obstacle is you’re observing it really carefully.

Terry:  Yes, I am.

Wynn:  There was a period of your life where the pattern of that was on top of you, but you did not know what it was.

Terry:  Right, I had no idea.

Wynn:  At a certain point, you realized what it was and you started to observe it.

Terry:  Gradually.

Wynn:  Observation is an extremely powerful tool in overcoming any obstacle, because once you can identify it and look at it, the part of you that’s looking at it while it’s going on has got to be above the obstacle.  So, you’re separating yourself from the obstacle and looking at it.  Over a period of time, that obstacle will go way.

Terry:  Yes.

Wynn:  For example, for myself – I grew up with a father who was constantly rejecting me.  I felt it was so unfair; I wanted him to like me and no matter what I did; no matter what I accomplished it was like I was never good enough.  When I was younger I walked around thinking that everybody was rejecting me.  You carry the energy, and you project it out like part of your hologram, and everyone picks up the thought-form.  In most cases, people will respond to the thought-form.  If you’re feeling you’re being rejected people will reject you.  If you feel unworthy people won’t give you what you deserve; they’ll always look at you in a kind of judgmental way in terms of being unworthy.

The world, then if you’re following this on a negative way, you’ll start thinking the world is a terrible place; everybody hates me.  You don’t really know you’re putting that out; all you know is that seems to be the law that follows you.  This is how it works in this realm; unless you come across somebody who is spiritual – I hate to use the word spiritual – because what I mean by ‘spiritual’ is somebody who can see things above the level of how they present themselves; that’s what I would call the beginnings of spirituality.  Maybe that’s not a universal definition, because even a negative person could have that potential and use that ability to manipulate other people.

Somebody who can see you above where you’re at and is willing to hold the space for who you really are, even when you keep projecting out something lesser than that; that person is going to be a person that you should hang around; be around them, because they’re going to help you get over that particular thing in yourself.  Someone who can see it and see above it, and doesn’t get trapped by it and doesn’t get hooked by it because you’re putting out a psychic field that causes people to get hooked into your stuff, and respond to it.

Even that happens with me with certain people who I think that I can be supportive of them.  I know they need support; I know they’re really alienated.  There have been a couple of times when I’ve answered the phone, talked to the person and talked – eventually guess what?  They got mad at me, because they started seeing me and kept thinking I was doing things that I wasn’t doing.  It was very tricky to have the wisdom, the discernment, the wherewithal – to know exactly how you can actually help someone; when you’re able to see above them, through them, through their obstacles and through their weaknesses, and through their limitations and always focus on the part of them which is beyond that.

Sometimes it means that you have to limit your contact with that person, because if you don’t limit it, you will get drawn into their projection; you can’t help it.  It would be – I’ve done this, some of you have done this in a love relationship – where you love somebody and you see them in a beautiful way, but as you try to connect and make a relationship, you find that you have to play their next karmic card.  You have to be a person that they can be comfortable with.  In order to do that, you have to be something lesser than you were before, if you get involved with that person, and make a commitment in an ongoing relationship with them.  Before you know it, you’ll say, “Where did I go?  Where am I?  I’m not present here – I’m here and we have a connection, but who I really am is not present.”  Then, you either are going to spend the rest of your life that way, or you’re going to figure a way how to get out of it.  That doesn’t mean you have to leave the person, but it might mean that you have to find other people to be your friends and to be your associates who see the part of you that your partner can’t see.  It’s on a subtle, psychic level; it’s not even on a conscious, acknowledgement level.  When people have that with each other – when you really do have that – the energy sustains in the connection.  You spend a lot of time, but the energy does not go away.  Observation – first thing is knowing what your obstacles are.

One way to figure out what your obstacles are is to reverse engineer and say ,“Why does this keep happening to me in my life?  Why do I keep attracting this same kind of situation; the  same kind of relationship, the same kind of hostility from people?  When you keep attracting something over and over again, go look at what you’re attracting and ask yourself, “What am I putting out that’s attracting this?”  Keep asking yourself that question until you get it.

These are very important processes, because some people who come into our group and hear that we’re talking to the Elohim and they think “Well, I’ll just show up and everything will get better” and it doesn’t work that way; at least not that I’ve seen it – not with this group.  The way it works is – here is the key for working in this group and with these energies – when you create an intention and your intention is positive, you get a lot of energy interdimensionally helping you carry out that intention.  That includes the intention to overcome an obstacle.  That is a huge blessing that those of you who’re paying attention to our work have access to.  That can greatly speed up this process; this is what I’ve learned in observing myself; even observing Terry and Daphne and observing those of you who keep coming to the calls and that are working through things.  Some people come into our calls and don’t come back, and then they either come back a little later – one of the reasons they don’t come back is because their level of pride doesn’t want themselves to be seen in a group.  They don’t want their weaknesses to be seen.  When you can overcome that and you’re willing to say ,“I’m just going to show up show up show up” and your weaknesses become visible, you now have a really fast track at working through your obstacles and your limitations.  You start building a support system of people who hold you in the highest possible view, vision – loving; and, they don’t judge you for your obstacles.  That is an environment that allows you to grow.

That’s why those of you who are partaking of Team Shift have learned that; that coming into a call every day, calling in the light, putting yourself in the light – that’s exactly what you’re applying.  You’re applying taking your limitations, putting your high intent out, getting assistance interdimensionally.  When I say assistance – it’s so subtle because they are us, and you’re reaching to the point where we are one with them, and allowing that access of the higher part of yourself to come into the lower part of yourself and it’s most definitely not something that’s taking over power for you.

I have just recently overcome an obstacle – I have put up a website and I’m telling everybody to look at it – please, please look at; please make comments.  There’s a place where there are comments; make comments.  That will encourage other people to look at it.  Make them sincere comments.  I had a huge trouble/obstacle trying to figure out how to make a website.  I made websites before.  When my book came out, I made a website for the book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.  That was kind of easy.  Then I started messageaday, and that was a little bit of a jump; I was inviting people to join my email list and tell them what they’d get.  I’ve not been willing, courageous or not even known how to make a website that communicates what we’re really doing, to the public.  I feel like I did it; it’s been something that’s been in my mind:  What do I call it?  How do I introduce it?  What do I say that doesn’t get people mad at me?  What do I say that doesn’t sound like I’m exalted?  That gives the right portal for people.  Part of the reason I knew how to do it is because I learned by paying attention to you how this has influenced you.  It’s given me incredible confidence in what I’m doing and that I know how to handle things when people ask them, or they’re hostile – it doesn’t scare me to have people being hostile about this.  In fact, it’s fine with me; they’re going to do what they do.  Go to the website and take a look; you’ll see what I’ve done:

I remember I had a dream reading some years ago – I got all these little messages in my dreams.  I think it’s the Ra group working with me, looking at what I’m doing and they’re giving me – they never tell me what to do – but, they give me these little wise statements.  If you read the creatorgoodbook; it started happening when I was first with Daphne in 2002.  I asked them, “I know I exist in other dimension; I’ve had all these synchronicities.  How do I connect with the parts of me that are in other dimensions?”  They said, “Write your dreams down.”  That night I put a pad by my bed; I’d wake up and I’d start writing my dreams down.  In the morning I was expecting to read dreams, and instead there were verbal messages there.  They were these little wise things.  At the time this was happening, just to give you my frame of mind:  I was writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce,  David and I were always cantankerous about that.  He was scared to have it out, but he knew the value of it and he liked my content.  I didn’t know I’d ever get a publisher for it; I worked three years for something, and I didn’t know I could write a book and anyone would ever read it.

I didn’t have much money.  I ended up with Daphne.  I said, “How am I going to do this?”  It was a totally wild kind of impulsive thing on both of our parts.  Now, I’m with Daphne and now this voice comes through her and starts talking to me; she’s freaking out all the time and having panic attacks.  I didn’t even understand it.  I’m giving you the scenario; then, I asked them, “How am I supposed connect with the parts of me that live in other dimensions?” and they said “Write your dreams down.”  That night I put a pen and a pad by my bed.  In the morning when I looked at the pad I had sentences like, “It’s the insanity of passion that makes things happen in the real world”, “Through your dedication to love, serve and care the negativity goes away”, “Communication from another dimension, just like Cayce.  He slept to connect with this dimension.”  That’s been happening on and off ever since, where if I put a pad (by my bed) I get those messages.

I’ve told other people to do this, and someday I should do a little workshop on it.  I believe that can be available to lots of you.  It’s not easy to do it, because there were times when I went to bed with a pad next to the bed and a pen in my hand and I left the light on all night.  The way the message comes in, it’s not like there’s this big, thunderous voice that says, “Here’s the message”.  Its kind of like you’re in this twilight zone and you don’t want to bother.  It’s like I had to force myself to write things down.

Then I would get into a zone where I could just keep it coming, keep it coming, keep it coming; then, if I don’t do it for a while I have to get into the zone again.  Sometimes still; I’ll go to bed with a pad and a pen in my hand and leave the light on all night because I know I’ll miss it. 

The one that relates to what I’m talking about on the website was the message that said, “Don’t be less than you are, and don’t be more than you are.”  That one was really a good one for me because I was trying to present myself less than I was.  I’m an author; I’m not an author – I do that, but I’m not an author but it’s an easy way of expressing yourself into the world that people give you a kind of respect.  I think you can get what I mean.

That’s another way to helping yourself with your obstacles; tap into your high self and if you’re on these lines you’ve tapped into the energies.  If you’ve tapped into the energy, there’s a good chance you can get the messages.  Don’t go for a big ego trip and say, “Wow, wow, I’m getting messages; Ra is talking to me.”  Get messages that have wisdom that help you trigger yourself to move through obstacles, then you’ll do something great for yourself.  It’s not the novelty of getting messages, it’s the access to the wisdom that can look at you from a higher level and give you the keys to get over your obstacles.

It’s 6:57; we can run over tonight.  We had a couple of emails come in; I’m going to read them.  I think we’ll turn it over to Terry and see how our sources address this whole issue.  Thank you all so much for coming to the plate and talking about it and putting your frequencies in here. 

We have Daniel Davis who says:

How does one over come the block of defeating oneself by thinking, “I know this won’t work; it works for everyone else but me.”  I can relate to that one; I had that one for a long time – how does one overcome the block of defeating themselves?  Dan, that’s a good question – thank you.

Terry:  Could you read it again; you’re a little blurry.

Wynn:  How does one overcome the block of defeating oneself by thinking, “I know this won’t work; it works for everyone but me.”  Did you get it?  Terry?  Did you get it?

Terry:  Yes.

Wynn:  This is from Michael Adler, who finally told us his cat was smarter than him.  He sent in an email; another good question:

How do we change habits that exist in a portion of ourselves we aren’t conscious of or have ready access to?  I’ve been told that many addictions – food, drugs, and sex – have the trigger point in our complimentary gender energy.  For example, an addiction might be in a man’s female side, or for a woman on her male side which isn’t readily accessible.

This is not going to be like a Sunday call, where we just take all these questions and answer them linearly.  Everyone has talked a little bit about some of their issues, and these are some of the issues that people sent me emails about, which I invited them to do.

On that note – we’re going to bring in the light and we are going to let our sources address us on this topic of obstacles and limitations and make their comments on all the things we’ve been talking about.

Terry:  I want to make sure that I have their questions.  Michael could you

Wynn:  Do you want me to read Michael’s question again?  Michael’s question was:

How do we change habits that exist in a portion of ourselves that we aren’t conscious of, or have ready access to?  It’s kind of what I was saying, that we have patterns in our subconscious, unconscious, in our track, in our – whatever – and how do we work with those when we don’t have conscious access to those levels?

Terry:  And what was the other one?

Wynn:  The other one was from Daniel Davis:

How does one overcome the block of defeating oneself by thinking, “I know this won’t work; it works for everyone but me?”

I wanted to make one of my comments to that, something that I learned – there was a book that came out years ago by a guy by the name of Robert Ringer – let me see if I can remember this:

The creation of a positive outcome by the formulation of a negative postulate.  I bet you didn’t understand that – I’ll say it again:  The creation of a positive outcome by the formulation of a negative postulate.  What’s a negative postulate?

Thinking “I know this won’t work” – that’s a negative postulate.  How do you use that to have a positive outcome? This guy had a brilliant view of that particular thing and what he said was, “It’s true; most things don’t work.  So, don’t approach anything as if it’s going to work.  Realize if you do enough things, one of them will work and you’ll succeed.”  How would you turn that into practical action?  You’re thinking you want a life partner and you meet somebody; somebody comes into your field that you like.  Immediately, you put all that pressure out:  “This is gotta to work.”  It doesn’t work and then you go home and lick your wounds and say, “Rejected again.” 

By using this guy’s little saying, you’d say “Okay, I’m going to go out on dates for the next two weeks every other night.  I don’t care whether it’s going to work or not; in fact, most of them probably won’t.  But, if I go out every two weeks, there’s a good chance one of them might work.  Particularly salespeople, it’s a very good adage for salespeople, realizing that if you’re going to sell something, in most cases, you have to go through a few people before somebody wants to buy what you have.  When you put out the thought that I know this will work; there’s this idea of having a positive attitude and positive affirmations.

This is like another way of looking at it; why don’t I just do things with neutrality and not care whether they’re going to work or not but just know that if I do enough of them the chances are something will work and I’ll get what I want.  I thought that’s a very brilliant thing, because I certainly have done that.  I go into something and I have all this positive, I try to pump myself up – and, it doesn’t work, then I say, “Okay, it’s not going to work.”  Well, most things don’t work; but, if you understand the way the world works, you know that if you do ten things, or twenty things, or a hundred things, one of them will work.  The one that works will change your life.  Why don’t you want to do that?  [Because] you don’t want to get rejected 100 times.

Now, instead of worrying about getting rejected, you realize that every 'no' is a step to a 'yes.'  You need to get fifty 'no’s' – there was a sales technique that said “Every time I get 50 'no’s' I’m going to go have an ice cream sundae.”  You can try it like that; you can kind of play with your own consciousness and give yourself a reward for things not working but so that you’re putting yourself out there.  One thing that I have learned is that when you get the thing that works, it’s always a total, bloody surprise; it’s like I used to think it had to do with my charisma of the moment.  I used to try to find little – how would I say it – superstitious ways of figuring it out and it never happened that way.  It was always a total surprise; it was like even from someone that I  thought would say 'no' and then suddenly they’re saying 'yes.'  It’s working.  The key is to keep getting 'no’s' until it works and make the 'no’s' a positive so that every 'no' is a step towards your ice cream sundae.  Are you ready, Terry?

Terry:  I’m here.

Wynn:  We’re running over; it’s 7:05.

Do you guys want to stay around a little longer and hear what our sources say?  Just making sure. 

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light – that’s Daphne’s correction – and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls, and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

We invite our sources speaking through Terry to address this topic of overcoming obstacles and limitations.  Thank you.

Ra’an:  We reach out and are available to touch each and every person there on the line.  This is Ra’an; this is a division of the Elohim and a division of Ra that is ready, on stand-by and waiting to make connection and non-linearly we are there with each and every one of you.  We are your biggest champions; we are rooting for you, so if you have something that you are trying to put into light, you have something that you are trying to accomplish that is on your path and is for the highest good as you feel it, as you have set it out for yourself – then, we are there championing your cause.  We add our own intention; we are there for even big, huge things.  For instance, if there is an earthquake in the offing, we are there for the asking to help to moderate it, to work with all forces and elements; to recombine them and to set them forth that it will come out into a different outcome.

Therefore, when we see there is something that you are working towards and you feel that you absolutely cannot do it or that it won’t happen for you, if you keep putting it in the light then there will be a huge big divergence between what you’re putting there that you (feel) you can do and what you feel you can’t do.  All things start like that; in a way they start with a lie; they start with a lie that there is the creative that can bring that dream in manifestation, into the manifest realm, into the third density, into your life and you can change.  You can modify to the point where bit by bit you will be able to do it.  If you take it in gradients so that you work with just a little bit of a corner of something concerning it that you think you might be able to do: to print a flier and to pass it out, even though you think that people won’t read it; people won’t answer you – to put a note on the board at the local health food store:  Handy man available – knows how to set up a fence.  You start to put it into the manifest reality.  Musicians: will be able to play for you at different events.  So you might not think anyone will answer; somebody will read it.  Eventually, little building block by building block, you start to put together a track that maybe you can do it; maybe if you could do that one part of it, and you could do this other part of it.  You build a fence, or you can play a piece for the church; church needs a pianist.  Little things that you might be able to contribute; to talk to people, go to groups; get into conversations, into blogs – see what people are saying and expand your base of people that you know and what they need.  Take a look at what people will need in the area of what you think you can’t do, but think you want to do, and see what people are actually doing that.  Talk to them and then say, “How did you ever get so that you could do that?  What did you go through in order to be able to have that job?  How did you connect with your employer?  How did you meet that great gal that is your wife?”  Find out more; get familiar with something because as you get familiar with something you lay down a track, an energy track that begins to connect you with that thing that you think that you can’t do.  When you get the energy track all laid down, it’s like a railroad track; then you can drive the train on it.

The other question is about the – give us a moment.  When you have a portion of yourself that is unconscious to the habits that you have formed and you don’t know about it – how can you know about it, or even know that you’re running into a problem that you don’t even know that you have?  We would hazard a guess that if you find out more about yourself, then it will reveal open doors to other aspects of yourself that you didn’t even know about, or you didn’t know why.  Like most of you do not remember what happened before you born; some of you do.  There were a whole lot of things that happened before you were born.  Many of these things have been relegated Into the subconscious, and you all got programmed and you are working out things concerning that.  You may not even know all the parameters of what you were working through.  How do you find out about this?

One of the things is, you can actually observe other people; really critically and with discernment.  Like:  Do they really think that you’re like in, say, Terry’s case – do they really think that she’s a mess-up like her parents seemed to think?  Do people really think that?  Look at them, and as you look at them you see them interacting.  They don’t even know you’re across the table; they don’t even know you’re across the room.  It hasn’t even registered with them yet.  If you compare things that you’re thinking to the reality that you see and observe around you,  you can begin to sense discrepancies.

Discrepancy is the key, when you see in your life some kind of a discrepancy between what you’re thinking (about others) and what you can (determine from careful observation of others) you begin to check out your own sense of ideas, your own analysis of things – check it out with what is (actually) going on around you, and what other people have going on, and see if you can notice discrepancies.

Sometimes if you get a reading, you can begin to have things shown to you that point out patterns that you might not have been aware of that you can – once you become aware of something – you can begin to work on it and can begin to have something to dig into there, in reality, that you can then begin to work with.

Those are our thoughts in that area.

Wynn:  Thank you so much.  Thank you for coming forth and sharing your wisdom.

It’s 7:18; we’re going to bring this call to a close.  I just want to say once more:  take a look at our website and pass it around.  I think I finally put up a website that you can show it to somebody, and they may connect with our work. Whether they do or they don’t, its okay.  It’s another one of those things: some people don’t want to be rejected.  That’s why the work is reaching them and they’re afraid maybe other people will judge them for it.  On the other hand, if you send the website to five people and one of those people ends up changing their life path because they connect with our work which I know people are doing, don’t worry about the other four people – it’s not for them.

This is good way to do it.  It starts out with a video – watch the video – and think how your friends might respond to it.  It will tell you – it’s a very simple act to send that out.  If somebody gets involved and they start changing their path, and you meet them on these calls you’re going to get so many blessings of gratitude from doing that it will change you.  I think Neil Donald Walsh said in one of his books that you can’t change anyone without it changing yourself.  You can’t do it; that’s part of the Law of One.  If you make somebody laugh it makes you happy.  If you change somebody’s life because you sent an email out you’ve changed your life as well. 

 The website is  I thank you all for being here; again, thanks to all our volunteers, Daphne, Terry and we’ll see you Wednesday when we answer your questions.

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