Subject: Transcript-Sun Grid Healing 10/06/2013--Professionalism and Structure vs. Free Flowing Spirit

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Personal and Planetary Healing Session
Professionalism and Structure vs. Free Flowing Spirit
and/or Unscrewing the Lid of Our Jar and/or Up Against the Wall

Sunday Call 10/06/2013
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Hosted by: Wynn Free with Carla Rueckert
neled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
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Aharon ben Or

Wynn: We just started recording. This is October 6, 2013, 10:00 a.m., Wynn, Terry and Daphne and we thank Duane for greeting people this morning. This is our Sunday morning session and I want to thank you all for putting up with us and letting us be as unprofessional as we are. There is a kind of professionalism that runs underneath it but if we were strict professionals we would start at 10:00 a.m. exactly. We would have everything perfect.

Carla: We wouldn’t be us.

Wynn: We wouldn’t be us. So we’re quasi-professionals and I think that allows us to be more of ourselves, more authentic because professionalism is a structure and the tighter the structure is - this is not always true - but often times when a structure gets really tight and refined there’s a great energy drop. Because then spirit has to confine itself to the structure, and spirit, in its highest level is not confined. It’s free.

It wants to do what it wants to do, when it wants to do it, how it wants to do it, but that doesn’t violate the free will of others in doing all of that. So you can see how structure can become an impediment to spirit flowing and many of you I’m sure have experienced that in your life. When you thought you wanted certain things and then it got structured to have those things, the very things you wanted and the structure became a prison.

So, we’re going to talk about that. We’re going to talk about structure versus freedom and there’s all these thoughts going through my mind before we started and I didn’t make any notes. But I was just thinking about awareness and awareness is such a key thing ... awareness, awareness - knowing you exist. Do you know everything starts with awareness? Because at one point - let’s take a look at what we call The One Infinite Creator - the point at the center, start of everything.

And we talk about the first awareness. At one point there was no awareness, nothing existed. There was nothing knowing itself, there was no awareness. Zilch, there was chaos. But we couldn’t even call it chaos because there was no awareness and even chaos is an aware-look at something unaware. So, somehow chaos became aware or part of chaos became aware and so something knew it existed. And, do you know if something knows that it existed, there had to be time.

Because there has to be a memory of how you were before and what you’re becoming, because if there’s no memory there’s no time. You are just in the moment and there’s no awareness. So we see The One Infinite Creator - became aware and there was time and let’s just say, that’s all it knew and it said, what do I do with this awareness? What do I do with it? It didn’t think of itself as God, it didn’t even think of itself as The One Infinite Creator.

Now this is me just conjecturing here, I may be full of it but this is how - if I go and recreate it and sit in there - how it would feel to be that way. So, over a period of time, this awareness, I would imagine felt lonely. It had nothing to bounce off of. And so it learned that it could subdivide its awareness so there would be more than one “awareness.” Now, how did it do that? I don’t know. Maybe Carla knows, I’ll ask her later. Somehow [Laughter] we’re dealing in an area where I don’t think anyone can know … just giving ideas.

So now there were two “awareness’s,” now there were three “awareness’s” and the new awareness’s all knew they were just energy and they could flow separately. You know, think about energy flowing, like a river. A river that flows doesn’t have discreet edges. A river flows within the boundary of its path, but if the boundary changes, the river changes. It seems to me, that’s how energy flows in the higher dimensions. That it flows like a river, like liquid, like it doesn’t have boundaries. But it has to obtain boundaries and two streams can flow into each other and they can become one stream and then they can separate, and then they become one stream.

What if on our Sunday calls, what we’re doing right here, we are all streams (we are streams) - at least a higher aspect of ourselves - not our bodies, our bodies are not streams. Our bodies are rigid, but we’re connected to these energies and these streams and that when we come on these calls we flow together and we have the experience of being with each other and being aware of each other and of feeling each other and when the call is over, we flow back into our own little brook as opposed to a big river.

Imagine this is really how it’s working. Right now, we are combining, by our free will choice of flow, joining our flows together. Well, we go back to our original creation and there was no rigidity at all. There was no form. There were just streams and The One Infinite Creator could project a stream and that stream would be individuated from The One Infinite Creator and there would be other streams, and other streams, and other streams and these streams could flow together, flow apart and flow together and flow apart.

They could all be aware that they’re all the same water, the same energy, but they had ‘awareness’ and they also had intention. The quality of intention that they could make choices of: do I want to flow here, do I want to flow there, do I want to flow somewhere else? And so there was activity … hmm, I’m going to flow in with this stream today. I’m going to flow with this stream tomorrow. Of course there was no today or tomorrow, [Laughter] there was no such thing as that.

But nonetheless, there was activity and there was learning and each of them was having their own unique, individual experience and they were growing of how to flow with each other and with another and by themselves and with The One Infinite Creator. And maybe there were group flows. Maybe The One Infinite Creator said let’s all flow together now and it would all be interesting. The awareness became more interesting because there was activity.

And now we have a million streams up there flowing around and having all this interaction and if we have it right - those original streams - who were they? They were the Elohim. There was activity, there was fun, there was adventure, there was companionship - there were streams that could flow with each other. It’s hard to imagine it because it wasn’t physical-ized. So, it was all energy and so how does energy become aware? It doesn’t have eyes, it doesn’t have a nose. There’s no smell, there’s no speech. Well, we’re just going to have to leave that in the realm of conjecture because I don’t know.

But I have a strong feeling that there’s something about how I’m describing this - is the way that it works. And so we have all these streams and we have creation going on but there’s no persistence, nothing lasts. Everything is just the day-to-day choice of where shall my stream flow today? Oh, there’s another stream, let’s flow together. Oh, let’s go with stream number three, and this is a learning experience, learning how different activities of the streams all work.

And so there’s this idea that develops of maybe something can exist, aside from all this in-the-moment stream flowing. Maybe something can exist that has permanence to it, that no matter where we flow, we can come back to it and it’ll be there, because maybe there was nothing there. So, maybe it’s like when you create a home and then you go out into the world. You know you’re stream is flowing but you have this stable place that you call home that’s always there.

So the streams all agreed to say, let’s pick a piece of each of our streams and flow it to this space so that there’s something always flowing there that stays - that starts to exist. Now they actually have explained that it had to do with projection of frequencies and holograms. If you read our materials and listened to our past talks, the Elohim have actually talked about this and I asked a lot of questions. But I’m using the stream idea because you don’t have to be scientific - you can kind of grasp it.

It would be, perhaps from a human level, let’s just say that you wanted to grow a tree, and the tree needed to be watered but you didn’t really like the idea of having to water it twice a day or once a day, and so a group of people all said I’ll water it Monday, you water it Tuesday … or this is not exactly like this, I think they’re all watering it together and they just take a slight piece of their stream and they put it into one place as a frequency and it starts to exist. It starts to exist independently so they can flow around it and come back to it and it is still there.

So this was the beginning of the Universe and it doesn’t have a lot of pretense to it. It doesn’t have a lot of God, you know bossing everything around and saying let there be light, etc. Now it might have been that way, I might have it all wrong. But to me, this is a greater intuitive grasp and so we have the beginning of these streams creating a structure that persists and it goes on and on and then there’re sub-streams. It’s like that idea of light going through a prism and coming out all these different colors, and there’re sub-streams and sub-streams and sub-streams.

It’s all streams flowing through nothingness and that (you and I) here we are at the end of all those streams. Each of us has a stream and then at one point it solidified into a body. It’s true, it’s very complex, but you know what? It’s not important to understand this scientifically, it’s grasping it intuitively so that you can work with the concept and then elevate yourself. Because the problem with the body is … We’re all at the end of the stream - you can call that stream your track, your karma, your soul, your energy field - but the stream, when it got into the body and got into this realm, it started to get cut off from the ability to flow with other streams.

It started to get contained. It was like taking the water that was flowing and putting it in a jar and it got trapped in the jar and then, how do you get out of the jar? How do you get back to that place where you’re flowing and you’re free and nothing can contain you while you’re still in a body? Your stream has flowed into this body and I don’t know necessarily, it was the intent of The One Infinite Creator to trap these streams, in fact, I’m pretty sure it was not.

It became the intent of other streams that got trapped because when you’re trapped you feel separated from everything and you want to grasp at things and then you want to pull other things into your jar and before you know it you’ve two streams that are trapped and they’re trying to pull things by control and manipulation into their little contracted space and the ability to flow and the original freedom of hey, let’s flow together, let’s flow separately, let’s flow together.

And you know Carla often uses the terminology that The One Infinite Creator was bringing information back to The One Infinite Creator. And that it’s not a one way street though because The One Infinite Creator flows through everything else. It’s all in truth, the highest truth, one giant stream flowing through this myriad of prisms and split up devices which the Ra material calls the logos, the logi, the sub logi, etc., etc. and it’s all awareness and it’s how awareness co-creates. It’s the adventure of awareness co-creating with itself, with each other. And you know I suspect that at one point, since everything was so aware of itself and everything else - there was the idea that developed - well, what if we didn’t have this awareness?

Then it would be an adventure, be more of an adventure because we wouldn’t know everything. Think how boring everything would be if you knew everything. In other words, if I say something and I knew … or if I say this, Carla’s going to say that and if Carla says this, Wynn is going to say that and if I ask the Elohim this, I know what their answer is going to be. So it gets boring, you know everything, why even ask? There’s nothing to know, you already know it. You say hey, I just think it and the answer pops into my head.

Or what happens if I don’t know anything? What kind of game would that be? So, at the end of some of these streams, there was the cut-off of energy so we would feel isolated. We wouldn’t know we were connected to a stream. We would start to believe we were these body suits that we took on, that we inhabited, that our streams flowed into and got crystallized. And things got tough and things got contracted and there’s a lot of pain in the contraction, and then there’s the higher streams, the original streams – let’s say the Elohim stream - is still free. They’re not trapped.

They’re just every day, of course I can’t use the term everyday because there is no ‘every day’ where they are but from moment to moment to moment they are free to flow. They can flow with each other, they can flow - they can make groups, they can have … however they do it. And they’re going to talk to us later so if I’m not saying it exactly right well, I invite them to correct me. But in their freedom to flow and to flow with whatever they would choose and have an adventure, they are free to flow with your stream. How neat, to go - this little contracted stream that got stuck in a body - that got stuck in a jar - that suddenly the original Source or the secondary Source, the Elohim, and there’s lots of them - that can flow with you.

Then suddenly you have the experience of a way bigger flow and suddenly you start to un-trap yourself. All of your past things start coming up. All of the things that put you in the box start coming up and you’re learning how to have freedom inside yourself. And when you really get good at it, you will then be able to flow with the things around you and transmit your freedom and with their help, help the things around you free themselves so that the trapped-ness, the stuckness, the hurt and the pain of this realm can start to unravel and maybe we can’t change the planet but we can change each other and if you establish yourself in these streams, in these higher level streams, guess what?

When you leave this realm you won’t be trapped and have to come back in it again unless you want to. Many of you have already done that. You’ve untrapped yourself from this realm - it’s what Ra calls a Wanderer - and you came back. You came back because if no one ever came back, it would be like putting everybody in the jar and giving the negative the key and people would be trapped for, God knows how long. I don’t want to say eternity because something will always happen and somebody’s going to come into the realm to try to fix it.

But nonetheless, people get trapped in this realm for very long periods of time and unless beings come in from higher realms that nothing changes and so it’s all free will choice. Beings in the higher realms said we’d better go take some incarnations on Earth and of course, the problem with it is once you’re here you don’t remember you did that and there’s a very high chance that you’re going to stick yourself in the jar again and lose the ability to flow and so, one of the …

Carla: You know there’re all these voices - there are many voices that speak to you, if one doesn’t, another one will. If I don’t, Wynn will. If Wynn doesn’t then somebody else will. One of the channels, one of the other people on this line - anybody that can speak up can be a voice that says just the right thing at just the right time and engages you and when something resonates with you, then you have to believe it and if you can believe in yourself and let it resonate - throw the other stuff away, just let that resonate and see where that takes you.

Wynn: Carla, does my explanation sound resonant with you?

Carla: It does, it sounds perfect to me and you just go right ahead. I wanted to add that Wynn isn’t saying “listen to me, listen to me, listen to me,” he’s saying listen to someone that’s out of the box - listen to a voice, read a voice, hear a voice, find a voice on the web. There are so many ways these days for people to communicate – there might be something on You Tube, who knows? I’m always surprised at the variety of ways that people have become awakened to our material. So you know, discounting everything but what resonates. Just try to stay open enough to listen.

Wynn: And you know, don’t just listen with your ears. Listen with your intuition feel ... try to grasp a feeling of when streams start to flow together and that goes beyond the mind - that penetrates your being and learn that quality. Sometimes when streams flow together and they do something, the one term for that, at least in my way of looking at it, is co-creation. Co-creation is when two streams flow together and don’t trap each other. It’s like each of us is connected to these streams, each of us is a stream.

We are a stream that starts with The One Infinite Creator that goes through all … whatever it’s gone through - all our track, all our history, all our past lives and it arrives in your body. You have a connection and every one of our Sunday calls, in some aspect or another, we go through different shifts that, in my way of evaluating it, we are joining our streams in a totally free will situation. And when we join our streams there is this beautiful experience that is hard to put into words, except since you guys have been doing this, you know what I mean, that this great power of ‘joining streams’ has.

So sometimes I say we are creating a - I think it would be as if we’re creating a group soul in a smaller way and connected to our bodies. It’s allowing us to leave our bodies and flow together for a period of time every Sunday but there’s no strings attached. When the call’s over you flow right back into your life and that you’re learning how to create these flows. We are creating them by our intention and you are learning that you have the ability to do this in your own way at your own speed. And it’s not something you can learn by sitting in a lecture hall and - do this technique, do that technique.

Quite frankly, I don’t trust techniques. Techniques get corrupted very easily. Then people use them to make money, to create … because techniques are form. You know, if you follow, techniques are form and as soon as you have form you have the potential for corruption. Now that doesn’t mean a technique or a ritual has to get corrupted, but it has to do with the precise manner in which you approach it and use it. It would be like when I used to perform songs. A song is a structure, it is a form and at its best you can repeat it and every time you repeat it, you will bring in the same energy.

But I found out that was not true for me. I could not repeat it just because it was a structure and bring in the same energy. I had to build the energy up so that that song would hold frequency. Like for example, I’ll give you an example, it’s like if I’m playing in front of an audience and there’s a song that has a lyric in it and there’s one of those songs that has lyrics: “the reason I am here is to love you.” And that was a really hard song for me to just click in and sing that song. Because if I didn’t have that experience of that and I couldn’t say those words authentically and I was just singing the song, the song would be dead.

The energy would be dead. It would be, maybe somebody would play it back and hear nice melodic tones, but the lyric would fall flat. I had to be able to say that lyric so that it was alive and I was living it, “the reason I am here is to love you.” And I know that when I wrote that song, which was years ago, I was tapping into a very deep potential of my soul that in my conscious mind, my conscious life, I had no idea how I’d live up to except to sing that song. So, like for example if you have a prayer and the same idea, you can’t just … This is how ritualistic things can be weak.

You can’t just say that prayer and say because I said the prayer God’s going to hear. Every time you say it you have to fill it with intention, with energy and connection and then it will help focus those things. But if you just say the prayer and it doesn’t have those things, you’re wasting your time. You have to learn, what does it take to bring that into it? Reverence, it takes intention, it takes a belief - a certain amount of belief - that it’ll work. So what we’re doing is trying to get out of our jars and get into these flows. And get into the flow, the highest flows we possibly can and every time we get into a flow we are moving our space, expanding our space to the frequency of that flow.

Because now you have the Universe having quadrillions of flows of energy in it, from all different places, right from the very Source through the Elohim through everything else to get to us, and then we combine our flow with something else. Carla and I combine our flows, I mean sometimes I talk and talk and Carla says a couple words and then I talk and talk. But I tell Carla that when she’s on the line I do better because she holds the frequency of the flow, even if she doesn’t say anything. She flows with me, I can feel her flowing with me - I can feel Terry flowing with me, they can feel me flowing with them and then that’s what starts to free the jar up so that we all start flowing outside of our jars and experience spirit, experience interdimensional realities. And then we have all these cognitions and things pop into our head and synchronicities and we start to realize that it’s really true.

We are part of each other, we are part of All That Is, we have come through millenniums and we have occupied our bodies, these bodies that are talking and listening and [have] the phone on their ear, in this moment of time and probably because we came here to share our flow with other people and to help other people learn this principle and to expand themselves out of their jars. Terry, are you there? Let me see if you’re coming in.

Terry: I’m here.

Wynn: I’m sure you have some comments on all of this.

Terry: Well, what I was looking at - I was half connected with the channeling Source, with the Elohim, and I’m in a half in-between state, half with them and half here.

Wynn: Right.

Terry: And they thought the idea of people being in jars was very funny. It was a funny image and they were laughing at the image of everyone being stuck in their jar. And what they were saying was that each person is focusing – they have their bodies, their society, their place, their position - as a focusing mechanism to focus consciousness and life.

So they are interacting and that they are creating in the position that they are in and they’re holding their own self there by their belief systems and the belief systems of society around them, and their connection with their family and their group and their church. They are holding themselves there and the other factors are also helping channel their energy into their focus. So that’s what they/us/we were thinking. [Laughter]

Wynn: That’s what they were thinking, right?

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: Now that was actually them talking, wasn’t it?

Terry: Ah, yes.

Wynn: They [Laughter] were making pretend it was you but it was them, right? [Laughter] … You see when you start working on flows like we’re talking about then it happens that fast because there’s no separation … was that Terry or was that the Elohim? Well, it was the flow of Elohim combining with Terry. And, it was a group conversation that part of Terry was formulating and part of them were formulating. You see, this is (like a little bit) how channeling works at the higher levels because it’s not about a “them” and a “you” or them and the channel.

It’s about two flows coming together, two streams coming together. A higher stream and a lower stream, but when they’re streaming it is all one stream and suddenly somebody makes up the word “channeling” and when there’s channeling it sounds like there’s a “them” and an “us.” But in truth there’s only an “us” or a “we.” Carla calls it “tuning.” She calls it getting the frequencies and then what happens is, with Carla, her criteria in the past when she was doing the Ra material was having three people hold the energies.

So essentially, in this way that I’ve been describing it today, the three people are all holding or joining their streams - Carla, Jim and Don. And in holding those streams, now what we call the Ra Group stream comes in and joins with those streams and Carla had the training to bring the words through and suddenly we have the Ra material.

Carla: Well, it’s almost a gift of incarnation because I think I came into this incarnation still wired for sixth density [6D]. I think that’s why I’ve had all my troubles physically, because sixth density and third density wiring don’t work very well and I tried very hard to become accommodated to it but it’s hard. But the sixth density wiring made it possible for me to do channeling; it helps to hold it. The rest of it, I tuned in, in third density which I’m good at, really good at, you know, I do well in this life. But I think that I wanted to add that one little part because I have a feeling that were my tuning not to include that sixth-density-ability, it would have been difficult for them to hook up with me. You see that?

Wynn: Yeah;

Terry: I see that.

Carla: That’s just a little P.S. - you know “P.S. I love you.” [Singing; Laughter]

Wynn: Using the terminology of “sixth density,” combining that with my idea of “streams,” what we’re talking about is this original Source, this One Infinite Creator flowing through things and that it kept - some people call it fractaling or dividing and separating - and then energies coming together and sacred geometries and all kinds of complex interactive things that developed bit by bit by bit to make it all work.

Carla, I never asked myself this question but I would suspect when we talk about densities that the higher densities existed first and then the lower densities became manifest as a creation of the higher density. You think that’s true?

Carla: Yes I do. I think that it’s a step-down, step-down situation where we started out with first density Earth and sixth density and higher energies from the angels and from the Confederation, or as you would call it, “the Confederation and the Ra.” And so, as they allowed to develop the first density rocks and air and fire and water and all the directions, all those elements - to develop, they began to combine. Just like atoms combine to become molecules. They combined into molecules of densities and began to be able to be second density.

Second density that can move, second density that can seek the Light, and the animals grew and they grew more and more intelligent. You know how you have much more intelligence say, in a dog than you do in a fish and you have much more intelligence in some animals than you do in others. So I think that each species as it grew, as it developed, as it evolved naturally - nothing was done to diddle with this, this was natural - that there was this constant urge, this constant seeking for the Light, that wonderful sixth density unified Light. And we strove and strove and strove and finally with the higher apes we were beginning to develop third density characteristics …

If you look at studies of the great apes, if you look at studies of the whales, some of the fish, ah, they have … well, look at swans. They have mates for life. Penguins have mates for life. I mean there are those second density animals that are more and more and more intelligent, more and more desirous of understanding what it is to have a spirit and gradually evolution came – personally, I think, to the great apes. And it was at the point of the great apes that the diddling began. I think the great apes would have developed into third density beings. I think it would have taken oceans of time and I don’t think that the entities that wanted to use these physical vehicles of the apes, where patient. I think they were impatient - I think they wanted to do it now.

So they began to create physical vehicles that were capable of holding souls. And so the human species began earlier than it would otherwise have begun. I don’t know what it would have been like if left to itself but as it is, here we are.

Wynn: That’s right, here we are and you know what we’ve learned is that the first step of creation of physical beings that could be aware - was the DNA and the DNA were the antenna to link up to higher realms. So the more the DNA could evolve itself in this realm, the more [that] higher beings could come and inhabit bodies and have the experience.

Carla: And this isn’t just in the standpoint of “a body.” This is cellular. Every cell in our body has got antenna. It reaches out, it knows what is good for it - it knows what is bad for it. It repels what is bad for it. It accepts what is nutritious for it and you really can’t move it more than just a little bit, but you can urge it along. You can offer it I suppose the incentives of goodness that, shall we say fool or persuade the cells of the body to begin to accept changes in DNA because DNA comes from the cells upward.

Wynn: And you know, as Carla speaks, so many people think of her as a channel but she has her own abilities to bring in these higher flows and be totally conscious and as Terry speaks - the same thing. It’s like we are all fluid. We have the potential to be fluid and I use [Laughter] the analogy, that we just have to take the lid off of our jar and I hope that we create …

Carla: ‘take the lid off.

Wynn: Yeah.

Carla: Remember Sylvia Plath when she wrote The Bell Jar? That beautiful …

Wynn: No.

Carla: A bell jar is something that is used often in experiments. There is a glass plate and a bell is placed over it. It is not locked, it is not fastened, it has its own weight and it keeps what’s in it there by weight. So that which is inside has to explode the bell jar. It has to explode that glass and desire does it.

Wynn: Desire.

Carla: Intention, desire, firmness and perseverance. You decide to move out of the jar to get out of the box, as it were, and finally develop the ability to say “No” and that bell jar explodes. When you have no jar, you have no limits and you have power, the freedom to decide exactly what you want to do and where you want to go. It’s the action of a heartfelt minute, of a beautiful heartbeat of desire. And when you are ready, it happens.

Wynn: You know we were talking about what you call sixth density and I was talking about all these original flows that started out of chaos that became individuated awareness’ that then created sub-awareness’ and sub-awareness.’ And, I would imagine that initially, as this was all occurring, there became awareness’ on different densities and creation on different densities way before there was physicality and I think sixth density is one of those locations. According the Ra material, there’s eight densities and some people say thirteen densities or twelve densities …

Carla: And let that be - it doesn’t matter.

Wynn: Yeah, but if you have an awareness on the sixth density, how would that awareness feel for a sixth density awareness? Could you describe it, Carla?

Carla: Well, in sixth density there is other freedom and your light. You choose how you want your light to be. Where, how, what, what your center is, what your energy is and you combine with others of your same vibration. It’s so much easier when there’s no physical body in the way. I mean there’s a physical body in a way but the physical body is made of Light. And the conforming of one body to another is a body to body - complete … and this is even true in fourth density. If you have ever shaken somebody’s hand and felt like you just had an orgasm, you have just had a fourth density meeting. Because when fourth density meets or any density above our own, where we do not have the heavy chemical body that’s holding us back, and we understand how things are - we can meet body to body, mind to mind, emotion to emotion and soul to soul.

And when we are compatible with each other, we don’t have to do anything but shake hands for it to be a complete greeting in Love and Light in the name of the Creator. The Creator is all important - it becomes so much more obvious in fourth density. Fifth density, sixth density - as you gradually lose even the remnants of physical. That, the Creator is everything and that you are part of the Creator and that you want to do everything that you can to serve the Creator because there’s nothing else. There’s no other object, there’s no … it’s hard to express.

There is only that wonderful freedom to meet together as parts of the Creator … agree that you are on the same frequency, that you want the same thing, and then you are bonded. Now, what changes is the goal that you decide to have together for service. Say you want to be of service but working with a physical planet. Say you want to do something to clean up the mess that has been left behind. You don’t work with the streams or with the mountains or with anything that you can touch. You work with the spirits. Every plant has a diva, a spirit.

Some people have seen them as fairies and people discount that but it’s true. I’ve talked to people who’ve seen them as a matter of course. Usually what happens is people see these things when they’re very small and they take them for granted because they’re too small to know that they’re not supposed to be. So, they meet with the spirits, the fairies - the fairies take them to show them “Oh look, there’s a Jack-in-the-pulpit, let’s go see it,” and they go see the Jack-in-the-pulpit. Well, what happened to the one that I talked about that had this happen until she was seven?

Was that she told her teacher, where the teacher said, “I can’t find a Jack-in-the-pulpit for anything and I’m trying to find one for my collection.” She made the mistake of saying, “Well, I know where one is,” - and the teacher went out and found it and she said, “How did you know this?” And she said, “Well, you know, the fairies.” “What do you mean the fairies? There aren’t any fairies.” Well after that of course, could she see fairies? Not on your life. Ninnie on your tintype. No more fairies for her.

Same thing happened to me. I spent time with Jesus, with the trees [that] talked to me, with the flowers that talked to me, with the babbling brooks that were full of color; that were living and flowing and talking to me about how wonderful, how glorious it was and I made the mistake of telling my parents when I was supposed to be taking my nap. I don’t do that - well I never could - but I could never nap in the daytime. But I discovered if I put my glasses on a certain slat of the venetian blinds, I could focus on a point of light and zing, I would be out, and I would be in the magic kingdom and that’s the way I thought of it: the magic kingdom.

And the only entity that was there, that was human, was Jesus. He would never say a word. Well, of course he wouldn’t say a word, words are for third density. He would look at me and his eyes were full of a Love that is indescribable. It was so eloquent, so telling - so complete. I knew what Love was; I knew all of what Love was and I’ve kept that, thank God, for all my life. And my beloved Jesus is with me - I did not disbelieve because my parents said you can’t do it - I just couldn’t get there. Unfortunately, we are very, very much overpowered by the authority of those whom we depend upon.

Now most of the people that I’ve talked to that have seen the fairies, have seen gnomes and seen, you know the animals and the creatures that dwell in the various parts of the Earth - the caves, the streams, the forests and so forth - are seen by very young kids and then when they get old enough they’re told that’s impossible. Now in parts of Ireland for instance, there’s a deep belief in them and so people grow up seeing them and have no trouble seeing them, and can show them to people. Of course, people can’t see them but they say, “Well, of course you can’t see them. Nobody but me can see them, I know that, but they’re there.” But if you have your parents against you you’re a goner. [Does] that help?

Wynn: Yep. Why don’t we move into our meditation and planetary healing? And what we’re going to do - many of you have been feeling energies and frequencies - now we’re just going to consciously focus on unscrewing the lid of our jar. Whatever level of form we have, we’re going to release it and realize that our body exists in a physical world that’s very finite and contained. It’s enclosed, it’s in a room, it’s got a floor and simultaneously we have an energy that is free, that does not have to be contained by any of this form and we can, right now, start accessing the frequencies around us.

And of course we have a stipulation - we are only going to access frequencies which are of service, of honoring The Law of One, and that are totally supportive of our own growth and expansion. One of the things as you start to access a multidimensional reality, which we are all in the middle of, we need to be very highly intended to keep our intentions clean and strong because there are negative things that have higher frequencies and they will welcome joining you and screwing you up if you let them in.

If one of them should get in, then you need the discernment to look at it - look at the impact of it - and immediately push it out again. You know, that’s actually part of getting strong, getting your strength - learning that you can do that. You are sovereign in your own stream. You make the decisions about what you let in and what you don’t let in and what you push out that doesn’t work. And as you push out that’s strong, that is part of developing spiritual muscle and spiritual strength and I think everyone who’s gone through growth and expansion in a multidimensional Universe has had to experience this.

So, if it does get in there, take it as an experience of building muscle, not of fear. Because you are sovereign and nothing can impact you that you don’t allow. And some of you feel trapped because you’ve allowed things to impact you and the very things that trap you are the things that develop your spiritual muscle. It’s the very things that as you push through them you master it and you master your discernment so it won’t come in a second time. So don’t be afraid of anything. Take it all as experience. Take it all as opportunities to become stronger. People who are very sensitive can easily pick up frequencies. Even walking through a supermarket they pickup frequencies and they feel it all. But those are all exercises in learning how to hold your space large enough so that other frequencies can’t penetrate it and screw you up and you can do it, it just takes practice.

So we sit in the center of our being and we can see our center of our being as this energy system that occupies our body. That goes through our head, through our throat, through our chakras (it’s called chakras), they’re little anchor points of energy in our body. According to the Indian system, there’re seven chakras and it starts at our genitals and goes up to the top of our head. And, that there’s a line of energy that can flow through your body from your genitals to the top of your head and if you have that flow completely established then you have a lot of mastery in your body. So let’s just see - take that point at the top of your head and that point at your genitals and let’s just … in fact let’s just try this.

Put your hand on your groin (I hope I don’t get in trouble for this one) and put your other hand at the top of your head and just imagine energy flowing between your two hands through that system. If the energy feels blocked just keep connecting the energy between your two hands. You can imagine it flowing down your spine and a lot of you are feeling a stuck place in your heart area, in your chest. Just gently look at that stuckness and gently surround it with Love. Accept everything, part of everything is acceptance and see that flow establish.

Now we can expand that flow into places outside of your body. We see it move down through your legs, it can move down and it can move up. Now we have our hands still on that space between our groin and the top of our head. Let’s take our hands and move them so your palms are facing downward towards the Earth. The Earth is a-frequency that’s radiating upwards through the ground, through the floor and let’s take those energies from the Earth and receive them in our hands. You know we usually receive them in our feet and let’s try our hands today. Just imagine that our flow, we’re talking about “flow” so I’ll keep that terminology.

Our flow is now combining with the flow from the Earth. Can you feel that tingling in your hands? Say I love you Earth. Let the flow of energy from the Earth move through your hands, through your arms and add to your frequencies of your body. Imagine that image I did earlier of all these flows that could come together, separate, come together. So let’s say we are doing that right now. We are tapping into our flow of energy and we’re coming together around the Earth to come together with us. We’re going to use our hands as our antenna today. So let’s turn our hands slowly upside down so they’re no longer facing the Earth.

We’ve brought the Earth’s energy into our body’s system and it’s there flowing with us and our hands now are radiating energy. They are faced upwards and just see this energy from your hands moving through your entire room and just move your hands very slowly but keep them pointed upwards. Our hands are both receiving and giving, in and out, and see that energy move up through the ceiling, up into the sky. I want to connect this energy with the top of our head, the crown chakra. So let’s have the energy from our hands combine with the energy that’s flowing through our crown chakra, through the top of our heads. So we see the energy leaving the top of our head and leaving our hands and moving up through time space. We’re all doing this together.

We’re moving through the sky, we’re moving through the clouds, we’re moving through this block around our planet. You know the Earth was put into quarantine and there’s an-energy block surrounding our planet and loving energy can move through it. We are sending our loving energy through this block, through this veil as it’s sometimes called, through the top of our head and through our hands. We’re moving through dimensions, we’re moving through timelines.

If we can imagine that all this energy that we’re radiating from our hands is all converging so the energy of all our hands, all our palms pointed upward, is connecting with all the other energy of everyone on this line, everyone on the re-play line, everyone on the Internet and we feel this energy. We are not in our jar. We are in time-space. We are in our spirit and we have joined our flows free willingly and we invite those Sources to join with us. We invite those positive Sources. How do you know it’s a positive Source?

You have a very strong intention right now and we want Sources that are operating from the highest good of all concerned, that honor free will and we welcome their entry into our flow. We are creating this huge, huge river from our little streams and connect back with those Sources that talk to us that have identified themselves as the Elohim, the Ra, The One Infinite Creator. We are all part of that flow and it’s coming down from the top original Source of creation through our heads, through our hands.

I’m trying to see now, it’s like we could imagine this - that the energy’s coming through our heads and (outside of) into our hands and now our hands become repeating stations for the energy. Imagine that for a moment. You know what, however you think about it and create it, it becomes. You are the creator of this. So we are tapped into this energy and it’s flowing down and we use our hands as transmitters. Did you ever hear of healing through your hands, [the] laying on of hands? It’s exactly what it is. Take your hands now and instead of pointing the palms upward - point them outwards horizontally to the plane of the Earth.

Put them in front of you and send the energy into the physical realm around you. So imagine you’re a repeater station. The energy is coming in through the top of your head from the most positive Sources. You’re joining energies and frequencies and now your hands are radiating that energy and put the hands so your thumbs are touching, horizontal to the Earth. No, your arms are - your hands are perpendicular to the Earth (your hands are perpendicular). Slowly separate them so your thumbs don’t touch and move them very slowly in a circle around your body, creating a frequency field of positive energy radiating to the space around you. Go back and go out again …

And now I want you to take your hands that are filled with energy, radiating outwards and I want you to take them and put them on top of your heart. Take that flow of energy and put it into your own heart. Let it break up any stuck energy in there. Now of course you have to exercise forgiveness, understanding that holding judgment for other people, even when they’ve been horrible, even when they’ve done terrible things to you, letting it go and let your hands radiate the energy into your heart where you have stuck feelings, stuck energy.

Breathe into your hands, there, aimed into your heart. Breathe, take a deep breath. Exhale … ahhh, ahhh. Now you be the guide, you take a free will choice and pick a place where energy is stuck in your body or where you have a disease, or you have a health problem, or you have pain and take your two hands and move them and put them on top of that place. Let that energy come in and heal that area, free the energy up in that area. I just put my hands around my third eye and my temple and I’m letting the energy flow into that area. You realize this is something you can do anytime to help heal yourself, as well as heal someone else.

Right now let’s look at all those things that we want the Universe to shift, all those healings. We are the representatives of All That Is in a physical body. We have power to co-create with the Universe. When we start having our frequencies combine with the higher frequencies, our intentions become part of the flow of the Universe. We are going to do this in a moment for our planet - we are going to use our intentions to heal our planet and we just used them to heal ourselves. And, let’s in this moment, think of what we need to shift and change.

Think: what we need to combine with, what we want to bring into our life, what we want to bring into the lives of those around us, always honoring their free will. We can send this energy out into the space of other people and they may or may not receive it but it gives them an opportunity that they may not have had. So I want you to think of those people that you love, that you care about and I want you to think of yourself and I want you to think where you’re blocked, where you’re creating blocks, where you’re in your own jar and let this energy, lovingly and gently surround those areas and free them up. We have our people that have sent requests, healing requests for themselves and right now, we’re going to direct our energy into the energies of those people and ask to help free their situations, their blocks. And we have …

Marsha in Panorama City … and we send the energy to her house, to her situation with her neighbors. We just surround her house with the Light of God, with the Light of the Universe. And to her friend Jim Cole who has had huge oppressions and obstacles with his health business; and then we have …

Debby in South Blooming Grove, New York … she sends the Light to her son Dioji and her daughter Possum who are feeling better each day. Thank you; and then we have …

Lys in Rimrock, Arizona … It is okay to keep asking every week, by the way. We’re dealing with patterns that may have been millions of years in creation and they take a lot to release. You get a moment of release and then they come back and it is okay, it’s the way it works. It’s okay that they come back. Every week you can put it in the Light and we’ll work with it again. Lys asks for perfect and complete healing for her skin and mucous membranes - good sleep and happy dreams; and then we have …

Debby in South Blooming Grove, New York again … sending Light and energy to the whales, dolphins and other beings in the ocean and all the beings on the planet who are being affected by wildfires, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes that are taking place on the planet at this time. Then we have …

Pat in Birmingham, Alabama … Love Light (and wait a second) - please keep Emily in the Light and Elohim Grace. Please continue to pour your golden Light over her and keep my mom and her back pain in the Light. Thank you. And then we have …

Brenda asking to put the situation with my brother, his wife and mother-in-law (who has Alzheimer’s) in the Light. Send me an email if you hear this because I know something that works really well for Alzheimer’s and I’ll pass it on to you, okay? ‘synchronicities coming in to balance things. And then we have …

Bridgett in Wisconsinhealing of arthritis in her husband’s neck which was just discovered last week. And then we have …

Dean in Oklahoma City, OklahomaUS Congress is gridlocked and the government’s shutdown which has left many people temporarily unemployed. Can our Sources work with any stuck geometries in that situation to help release the stuckness and the stalemate? Now we have …

Laurie in Tombstone, ArizonaI would like to have more positivity to influence our planet and surround everyone. Protect our planet from destruction. Love and Light to our president and help us have enough food and water and this work furlough to end, and it’s okay if I win the lottery. [Laughter] Yes, that’s true for all of us - we can all win the lottery, okay? Please protect our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Thank you, Laurie.

Rick in Iowa City, Iowa work in Iowa City, personal healing for my daughter and her husband and family. Thank you, for the highest good of all concerned. Let’s just all focus the divine energy of the Universe right to Rick and his daughter and her family. And we have …

Elly in Los Angeles, California … Elly, I think I know you, Elly. You’re Elly the actress. Hi, Elly. She puts her personal issues and job - in the Light. Then we have …

S (and I won’t say his last name) in Kelowna, British Columbia, CanadaI would like to have more sales and to make profits in my business and to meet and date compatible women and to be open to the abundance of the Universe that is rightly mine. And we have …

Michael in Camino, California … who wants to put his cat in the Light who’s become ill - ask for good health and healing for her in the highest good of all concerned. And we have

Darryl in Naigaon, India … is asking for planetary healing, for good education, good health, good finances, good memory, concentration and wisdom. Bless you for putting those things in the Light from India and we send our energy to India for the vibration of upliftment of India.

And, on that note, we’re just going to call in the Light, which we already have present and you know before I just finish this, some of you might try doing that thing with your hands every day and see if you can’t radiate energy into your environment and clear the energetic space around you and create a protected field around you. If you do that, let me know how it works, okay? I’d like to see if that’s a way that helps visualize expanding your space and you can radiate energy all through your city.

Don’t do it when people are watching, they’ll think you’re a nut. Do it by yourself [Laughter] and put yourself and see if you can bring healing energy into your body through your hands, after you bring the Light in. Let me know how that works. Thank you.

Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity to be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through our planetary field, through our heads, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.

Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now and I turn it over to our Sources as they communicate to us through Terry. Thank you.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We take a moment and express our profound thanks for the ability to connect, the opportunity to connect with each and every one of you who wishes to be connected with and we see the things that you have put into the Light. We are available to each of you and if you have the desire to connect and the intention which can (be) just naturally come forth. Do not try to push the connection. Just as you are available, as you desire it, we are there for you and we take a look at the things that you have put in the Light. And each of you is different - each of you has your own thing that you wish to develop. We see that in some of you, although not all of you, there is a component of wishing to hold on in a subconscious way to the things that have become a problem for you.

That, in some cases, is so large, so solid, so grounding that it has become an identity, something you can push against, a wall that you can push against and try to get through. However, there are both sides of the wall and the wall pushes back and you push the wall and you get a grounding feeling from pushing against that wall and, in some cases, it can become so grounding that it unconsciously is kept there. You keep putting it there and striving and striving to overcome it and as you strive to overcome it, there is a sense of something solid, something grounding.

So take a moment, those of you that are up against something very big, and imagine that the wall was not there. The wall is dissolving and in the dissolving of the wall, there is a radiant energy that comes in to you and replenishes you and nourishes you and it is not totally, absolutely large like a wall up against you with grounding. But it is a flow. It is being with each thing in your own life that comes to you. It’s just being with it, as it is, and allowing it to flow through you and on and not get all wrapped up in this big problem.

So imagine that this problem disintegrated and there, on the other side of it, were the rewards that you were striving for all along that could enrich your life and bring you blessings - the blessings of Love, the blessings of abundance, the blessings of connection that you have always in your heart desired. We thank you and we leave you with that thought. We leave but we do not leave as we are there for you - with you on the other side of the wall.

Wynn: Thank you. Right now, we move into that place where our flows - those of you who would free willingly choose to do this - we move into that place where our flows flow together. We flow together with ourselves, each other and those positive Sources in the Universe who will flow with us and we take this huge flow of energy - we can look at it as a river of Light, of positive energy - and we flow it around our planet, our entire planet. And we let those on our planet join with our flow, who are reaching upwards, who have high intentions, who are honoring The Law of One whether they know it or not. We join our flows with them, those Wanderers, those Star Seeds, those people that are praying and we add their energy to ours and we surround everything on our planet that has negative intents; all of those plans we surround them with this loving energy.

We ask that, for the highest good of all concerned that those people with those intents can tap into their compassion. We surround all of those cities - Washington, London, Moscow, the capital of China - with these energies that those cities can grow with positivity and potential. We ask for awareness. We ask for truth. We ask for compassion. We surround the media and we ask for the same things - discernment … We ask for courage for those people that could stand up and are afraid to. We ask for all of those fires to be surrounded with this Love that they might go out. We ask for all those places that need rain, to have rain.

We quickly take this huge flow of energy and we flow it around the Pacific Ocean to the Ring of Fire and all those areas that have potentials around the Pacific Ocean for devastating earthquakes and we ask that they be worked with. That the Earth might release in gradual and gentle ways, away from population centers. We ask that nuclear weapons not be allowed to go off, be disabled. And we ask that many more people can join in this flow of positive energy to our planet and that they find us or someone who can hold this space and not feel alone and alienated in a world that has so much anxiety in it right now.

We send this to our government for the breakup of this financial thing with the government shutdown, for the highest good of all concerned. We act as a team, a team voting for these shifts from the higher realms and for these higher flows and we come back to ourselves very quickly, to our own space, our own home. We anchor these energies in our physical location. We anchor these flows in our own physical bodies in the space around us and the people we care about, understanding that each person is on their own path.

That they’re making their own decisions and their own awareness’s will come at their own speed but you can help the speed by being a reference point of these energies. I thank everyone - keep in mind that we’re supporting this … well, not really supporting it but partially supporting it by your donations. We have to pay for our calls on BBS [radio], there’s a donation button on the bottom of the email we sent today and even small things given with a big heart help us feel appreciated and acknowledged for taking our time and spending our money so that we can be here with you today. And I thank Carla and I thank Terry and I thank Daphne and all the people who have volunteered and we got to get off because it’s now noon (in this time) and BBS has to go to their next show. So thank you and we’ll see you all next time - some of you tomorrow.

Everyone: Love Light for everyone, all is well; thank you everyone, have a great one; thank you Wynn, thank you Terry, thank you Carla; marvelous, Love and Light to everyone; blessing everyone …

Wynn: Thank you Duane, for greeting everybody today.

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