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How the Universe was Created

(Our ongoing dialogues with the Elohim)

Monday Call 01/06/2014
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Host: Wynn Free
Producer: Gijs Minderhoud
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Michael Snider
Edited by Terry L. Brown
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Aharon ben Or

Wynn: This is Wynn Free.  This is Monday January 6th, 2014 and people are saying: "This is the year of big changes!"  Get ready to fasten your seat belts! 

This is our Monday Night Intelligent-Infinity Call and I decided that we would do a show tonight continuing our ongoing dialogues with the Elohim on: "How The Universe Was Created."  I think that it is these kind of questions and answers that they give that for me, seemed to validate way back when that: "Jeez...they must be who they say they are! How could they possibly answer that question?" 

These are always exciting Calls, because I don't know what I am going to ask!  I don't know what they are going to answer!  Simultaneously, there is stuff that is brought through that has never been in this realm before, as far as I know, at least not in the recorded history of Humans.

So thank you all for being here and helping to” Hold the Energy”, helping to “Ground the Energy.”  Everybody, on the Internet right now, we welcome all of you!  

I will be checking my emails during the Call. This is not a "Question the Elohim” Call. But if you have a question that directly relates to a topic that we explore, then feel free to send it in (  or just reply to the email that we sent out to announce the Call and I will consider asking it. Usually I like to stay in my own line of questioning because it is kind of like; I approach it like a Detective.  When they answer one thing; it leads to another question; which then leads to another question and that's how it gets really creative! We haven't done one of these calls for quite some time. 

Sometimes people have asked me, more in the past than in the present, but sometimes people have asked me: "How come we just don't do all Elohim Calls and just question them on every Call we do?"  [Well the answer is] the purpose of this Call and it has got more than one purpose; one purpose is that it is important for “US" to express ourselves.  It is important for "You" to express yourselves.  We do Calls for "Open Mics"; when we do Calls of different natures, because you know what?  "In this realm a flow is necessary."  For whatever reason--when one kind of does the same thing over and over and over again--the edge gets lost. So, it is like “keeping things fresh”; keeping things “creative”; keeping the “Energy moving!”  That is what makes it interesting and keeping [for] everyone a chance themselves, to express in the context of what we are doing.

You know, I just encourage people, that when we have a Wednesday Call where you guys submit questions. If you have never submitted a question, no matter how dumb [you think it might be], as long as it is sincere, no matter how dumb it might be, you should ask it! You should ask it because (I think I have said this before but I will say it again) it is one of those-“important things!”  When Terry first started channeling and the voice came through that said: they were the "Elohim"...I was skeptical!  One of the things that I did, which I don't believe I did this with Daphne...was to ask a couple people I know for a question that I could ask on their behalf, or if I had a question, to ask them for permission. I probably had five or six or seven different people like that, in the first couple of months that Terry was channeling. 

The first thing, was that, I was amazed at how they could tune into the person and they could see "Patterns" that I knew were there.  There were deep "Patterns" but I knew the "Pattern" was there and they hit it right on the head I believe, almost every time.  Then I asked them a question.  I said: "Aside from the verbal answer to the question was there any benefit for a person asking a question to them?"  Their answer was: "When somebody asks a question they [the Elohim] have to move into the Space of the person's-Energy field-to look at them, to answer the question and that when they do that... once they retreated... they left a trail."  They left an-Energy track-and that if a person chose to look for it, they could follow that trail energetically and have more of a connection with the Higher Realms.  So this is a rare opportunity!

Some of you know this: that you can't really place a value on some of the things that happen on these Calls and on some of the interactions where one short session, one question, changes your life forever!  So it is worth asking a question on a Wednesday.  Take advantage of that!  I give priority to people that never asked a question before.  So if you are listening and have never asked a question?  Ask a question!  Even if you think it is a dumb question. The best questions are questions about your own life and your own obstacles, because sometimes they [the Sources] will give a “Key” that will switch that obstacle or take it out. There have been times when amazing things have happened because people have asked a question!  So take advantage!

We're going to go into this right now. This [Conference Call] is probably [one of] a series of about six "Different Mondays" we have done over the past couple of years and if you like the style of it; if you like the information that comes through; you can go to The Spirit Channel which is our Archive Site  (  [On that site] you can do a Search for: "How The Elohim Created The Universe" and if everything is working correctly you should get that series of Calls coming up on the Search.  

[Now] giving you the "Two Minute-bringing things up to date”: [Our Sources have said previously that] originally there was nothing. Nothing became aware of itself. That First Awareness learned that it could subdivide its energy (kind of like an Amoeba) and it was lonely.  So it wanted others.  It kept subdividing it [self] and the first of the subdivisions were the Elohim.  Now their population grew to the point where there were probably millions of them and there were just Energies and there was no Universe.  It was a giant experiment! They learned how to create Energies and Frequencies together that will create Points in Time/Space. That was—The Beginning Of The Universe 

For the Universe to exist there had to be both Time and Space!  Time and Space are not part of "Nothingness."  So it is about creating Time and creating Space and we have had lots of conversations.  One of them was about creating DNA and creating Life.  

You know, we have jumped around.  This has not exactly been totally linear, and there are places where I have holes that I never asked. "How do we get from there to there?"  Like for example: they explained to us the Amoeba was the first "Life Form" they developed and then there was a "jump start" to Humans. The Elohim Souls that came into this Realm and occupied bodies and then because "Free Will" was given, then there came the development of what we call the "Negative", because the "Negatives" had learned to take Energy from other beings, underneath it or around it.  So, there are lots of holes and areas to explore.  Sometimes they don't want to answer a question, and that's ok. They have their we will just work around that.

Father, Mother, God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Terry and myself [and any person present] and any negativity be taken to the Highest Realms of Light and transmuted for the Highest Good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of Energy radiating from the Center of The Universe; through the Galaxies; through The Milky Way; through the Solar System; through the Outer Energy Fields of Planet Earth; through our bodies and into the center of the Earth and right now we invoke a Group Energy Connection, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our Souls and we invite those Sources that are Positive-Service To Others-Honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now!”  And…do we have our Sources present?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator! This is the 6th of January 2014 and we are Multi-Dimensional. We are with each and every one of you at the same time who wishes to have us with you. We are able to do more than one thing at one time and it is our joy to be with you and to be able to connect and as we look at each and every one of you we see that there is a great variance of temperature in the different areas where you are and we connect with each one of you and are available to answer questions.  Do you have questions?

Wynn: Are you aware of our topic tonight?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  Give us a moment.  Yes we are.  It is concerning the  Creation Of The Universe.

Wynn: Yes.

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) There is a question of what happened between the creation of the Amoeba and the creation of Mankind?  As it is a very big jump, that has gone from one to another. Keep in mind that the first creation was not of the Manifest, the hard Manifest, the 3rd Dimension Manifest. It was the Manifest within the mind within the creation of the mind of what visually; auditory; all of the senses; what could be created; what could be brought together that could be a housing-focusing mechanism for Mankind and it started with a thin not a solid projection.  A projection of Energy and the Energy then was able to capture the Essence within itself, within the projection and to make it into a Uniform Energy that could then begin to Sense; could begin to have Smells; could begin to Hear the auditory vibrations.  Mind you, you do not need ears to Hear.  You do not need eyes to See.  As when you are out of your body you still have these Senses.  The body merely magnifies them and focuses them for the whole unit of the body to act as a whole in connection with.  Does this help?

Wynn: Yes. I would assume that the Elohim when they were pure Energy Forms, were also in a state of creating themselves and each other, for quite some time, before there was even anything physical.  Am I correct in that and can you explain anything of that part of evolution?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  There is some Physicality to the Manifest outside of this 3rd Dimension.  The Light Body is a precursor to the Physical Body and the Light Body has all of the Senses. This has developed over time and this modifies as someone experiences life in the 3rd Density.  

Wynn: When a Galaxy was first remember it was referred to as a "spinning out of energy".  We think of Galaxies as being huge!  When a Galaxy got all created, and I believe it started as One Creation that fanned out, did it seem huge to you?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  At the First Creation Of The Galaxy it did not seem huge.  Size is relative so it was as if it were a toy; as if it was a top, and we were bigger than that and so size is relative.

Wynn: Does a Galaxy get bigger or are the proportions still where you are much bigger than a Galaxy?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  We were much bigger than the Galaxy. 

Wynn: And you still are?

Terry: (channeling Ran'an)  We and you have the ability and everyone on the line, everyone has the ability to get Big and to get Small!  This is one of your abilities.  You have the ability to expand Greater than the Galaxy or Smaller than a molecule.  It is a projection that you have the ability to make.

Wynn: Do we do this when we are on our Sunday Calls?

Terry: (channeling Ra-an)  Some of you do this when you are on the Sunday Calls.  You do this; Terry does this on the Sunday Calls, so that some of the areas of Earth that are looked at on the Calls, are looked at from a vantage point of being very much larger than the area one is looking at.  However, if one looked at it from the other perspective of being very small then these things would seem immense that you look at.

Wynn: So if I have noticed a progression in the Sunday's Calls...when we first started, let’s say when we do the Ring Of Fire, it felt like going across through the map was a huge thing to do.  We do it and we still do it sometimes like, piece by piece, going up the coast and going up the coast of Mexico.  Going up California etc, etc, and going around and trying to address each little piece of the coast line. It seems like when we do it now our group is expanding. I just want to get a confirmation of this, our group has and ourselves have learned how to hold a "Wider Energy Field" and we can do the whole thing more simultaneously. 

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  Yes, there is an ability to look at the whole of the area at one time and to "Hold the Energy" of the whole Ring of Fire and to project Calmness over it; to project the Love and to have strengthened the Grids.  It is able to be done in one look, or to look at each particular area as one narrows their focus much like a camera lens. 

Wynn: Do you have to keep flowing into the Universe for the Universe to keep working?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  No!  

Wynn: So the Universe will continue to work whether you are flowing into it or paying attention to it or not?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  That is correct!

Wynn: Although, it probably won't work as well?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) Well, we attempt to harmonize and to bring Love Light into areas of disharmony when it is open to it. 

Wynn: It seems to me that there is only one Energy Field and ultimately you are the same Energy as us but we are just way more contracted, in general.  But when we touch Energy know there was in one of our early conversations about: "How the Universe Was Created".  I remember you talking about what a "joy" it was to have two Elohim creating Spiningness, and where the Spiningness intersected it created a new Point in Space-Time.  That was an Anchor Point for the part of the Universe that was developing. If I have that correct that is the way I remember it.  Is that somewhat in the ball park?  

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  When we look at Toroid Energy of which we are all made then there are nuances; variations; missing frequencies; added frequencies that create all of the differentiations.  So, at heart We Are All One!  However, as we integrate into a particular Location and Spiningness then that focuses us into that area.   

Wynn: But, to create a Point in Space-Time could one Elohim create a Point in Space-Time by itself or does it take multiple Elohim to create a Point in Space-Time?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  When we are One we would need to multiply our focus into various Points at the same time to create this which then begins to create Othernesses.  As the Othernesses develop and (we search for the words) the Othernesses develop and create their Anchor Points in Space-Time, then there begins to be Creation of New Space-time and localized focusing of Consciousness.  

Wynn: So were the initial Points in Space-Time alive?  Did they have Awareness and Consciousness?  Could they immediately create from where they were or was that something that was added as things developed?

Terry: (channeling Ra-an)  As things developed, different developments Manifested.  There were not Uniform Awarenesses.  There tended to be Consciousness focused and not Aware of itself but simply conscious of the surroundings.  Consciousness to be Aware needs to divide.  In that, to be Aware you need to have something to be Aware of; Self alone, without looking without, and without seeing Itself.  When you have two you can get the reflection of yourself within the other. 

Wynn: So there is an inherent built in quality in Creation for everything to want to create around itself so it gets a Reflection and it's downloaded into this Realm when parents want to have children or [when] people want to have relationships and lovers?  It’s defining yourself and being aware of yourself, by the reflection that is created around you?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  That is correct.

Wynn: But then people start thinking they are the Reflection. They think...they don't realize...they lose the idea that there is more to who they are than just the Reflected Light and it becomes a Wall of Mirrors.  How does one reconcile that?  

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) When one looks around them they see Othernesses and they get confirmation of their own existence by the Othernesses around them. There is something within all, of All That Is.  A plasma field is within All That Is, and as the person vibrates, the vibrations reflect in the plasma field, and they can begin to create within their sphere.

Wynn: When a Human contemplates and creates, is he generating frequencies? 

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  Yes, and by the frequencies he generates it will determine what he creates; what he brings into himself; the materials he creates with the frequencies that he creates with and what he gets as a final result.

Wynn: There is something called the "Schumann Resonance" which people call the frequency of the Earth. Is that the frequency of Earth's Creation?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  That is the frequency that the Earth vibrates at and is beneficial for Earth, for Life in the Earth plane, and the building and connection of the individual with the surroundings.  They are connected as they are brought within the same resonance where people are which keeps, helps keep, the people in sync to help them create society. 

Wynn: Does each Human have a unique frequency, or do they vary?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  Each Human has as unique set of frequencies which make up his Light Body and which his Physical Body operates at.

Wynn: Are those frequencies connected to the DNA?

Terry: (channeling Ra-an)  Yes, the DNA is one of generators of these frequencies.

Wynn: And when you have latent unopened Strands of DNA does that unopened Strand have a frequency that if it was exposed to would help open it up?   

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  Yes, in the interactions in the Life of an individual, depending upon how open he or she is, [DNA] Strands can begin to vibrate and open up New Gifts!

Wynn: Now, do the frequencies have to come from another person?  Can they come from the Higher Realms? Do they come from the Earth?  How does [it work]? The people are interested because we have told them that they have to open up their Fourth Strand of DNA to graduate this Realm?  I have said many times my own hypothesis but I have never asked it.  These are frequencies that have to come in and vibrate. So can they come in from another person; from the Higher Realms; from amorphous light energy?  How do the frequencies get into the DNA so they can open it up? 

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) They can come in from all of those sources.  They can come in from the Star Body. They can come in from the Surroundings. They can come in from the configuration of the individual with his Astrological Chart.  These can all help resonate that individual in accordance with the lessons that he is beginning to open to, to learn or to simply vibrate over and over with a repeating pattern, Life after Life, and attempt to move through that, those frequencies, to break through.  So, the individual is able to take advantage of more frequencies, so that he is able to get fulfillment from the fruits of his own Life. 

Wynn: Since we are talking about frequencies; frequencies have very specific values.  You could say the frequency of "AC" [Alternating Current] house current is 60 Cycles per Second.  The frequency of Light is "such and such" and every Color has a frequency.  People might be thinking, I am thinking...we talk about the frequencies from another person, from The Higher Realms.  Can you artificially produce frequencies and assign a value to different areas of your body that would open the body up?  Say, the Heart was 6,232 Cycles?  Is that possible?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  Robotically ,to create a frequency may help to put that frequency within the Body Sphere so that the Body can begin to recognize and help resonate at that frequency.  For instance, if someone is lacking a strong Foundation Chakra they may be lacking the note of C in their Matrix.  They may not resonate with the note of C.  They may dislike the note of C.  Getting a Tuning Fork or a Singing Bowl and putting the tone of C into their space may help them to some degree to establish that frequency.  However, the reasons why they have not established a strong grounding frequency can help them more as they explore what it means to have a strong grounding frequency.  What it means to have a strong foundation.  What it means to have the ability to sexually express themselves with another person and to receive Love and to Give Love.  This is a fuller spectrum of what they need to get the Chakra working, rather than merely to have them listen to the note of C or E or the missing note, the weak note, in their Matrix.

Wynn: Now we are talking about Audio Frequencies right now?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  That is correct. That is correct.

Wynn: There is also the--Rife Machine Frequencies.  There are people who do Color Therapy where they have Color Frequencies.  How does that fit in to this line of questioning? 

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) These things will all help, however to explore the reason that they are missing the frequencies and the colors within their own Matrix, to bring the fullness of Life with the expression of those Chakras into one’s life will then establish the strong connections that are needed.  The supporting connections of the Foundation Chakra; the Sexual Chakra; the Power Chakra; all support the Heart Chakra, so that when one is supported fully then one finds it easier to open ones Heart.  

Wynn: So in other words if one does not feel Secure; that's the Root Chakra-Security, then that would impact the Heart Chakra?  Or else if one is denying them self Sexual Expression; that could affect the Heart Chakra? And if one is disempowered and doesn't know how to express Power; that can affect the Heart Chakra, yes?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  That is correct. 

Wynn: So when one thinks about "Opening Their Heart" they also have to think about opening the other three lower Chakras because that's the Foundation?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  This will help them greatly in the Opening of Their Heart as then they will be accepting the support from their Full Matrix

Wynn: To graduate [from] this Realm does one need all of their Chakras open, plus the Heart, or can a person kind of be “In the Heart”, and still Graduate?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) One can be “In the Heart” and still Graduate.  

Wynn: But it is not easy to be “In the Heart.”  It is not easy to be “In the Heart” without some support from the other three Chakras?  Can we say that?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  In the Third Density, that is correct.

Wynn: In the Third Density.  In the Higher Densities, that may not be true, correct?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  In the Higher Densities it is easier to be “In the Heart” as the heaviness is not there.  There is more Light in the Higher Realms and that is supporting.  

Wynn: When you say there is more Light could we interpret that to mean that people, beings, just see each other more clearly? They don't seem separated from each other? They automatically tune in ... 

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  No!  They are physically expressing more Light in their Matrix.  Their Matrix's are resonating with Light.  

Wynn: And the last question...we are running out of time.  We have about two and half to three minutes.  As you guys can see this is a very...I went off topic...but it was very interesting stuff! In the: Creation Of The Universe ,you know, there is a multiplicity of Dimensions, and the Dimensions are all interlocked by something that people call "Sacred Geometry".  Can you give a little explanation of how that works in two minutes (Wynn chuckles)?

Terry: (channeling Ra-an)  Each Density as you get into the Higher Densities carries more Light.  As you get into the Higher Densities there at the Top everything is simply ONE.  Then as you move down into the 11th Dimension the beings are Energy Beings and are working together, and we the Elohim  are in the 10th Dimension, and there is Pure Love  in that Dimension.  As you move down the Dimensions there are different functions within the Dimension.  Models are made for Life in some of the Dimensions.  As you move down there is more structure. There in the 5th Dimension, are Beautiful Cities! There are beautiful relationships, and things shine like light!  In the 4th Dimension there is the Heavenly-Realm where there is more Light and there are rivers and streams.  There are Houses and there is much help for individuals who moved from the 3rd Dimension to the 4th Dimension to debrief them from their Life.  That is a little bit of an explanation.

Wynn: Thank you so much!  Well we have about 70 seconds.  Would you like to say anything in closing?  Thank you so much for being with us and answering all of that! 

Terry: (channeling Ra'an)  We are delighted to be with each and every one of you and we Hold Frequencies of Love For You and we are There with You, as you have undertaken a difficult task to--Move Through The 3rd Density.  Thank you!

Wynn: Thank you!  And on that note we will open up my computer, which went dead...and here we go...let’s see here... [unmuting all of the Listeners]...

Gijs: I will unmute everyone.

Listeners: Goodbye Wynn!...Love to all!...

Wynn: I am just curious, did you guys find that interesting?

Listeners: Very interesting!...Thanks Wynn Free!...Great!...Love you all!...Thanks!...Good night! …etc.

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