Subject: Transcript-Monday Call 04-23-2012--A Chat with Wynn and Terry, Carla and Jim

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A Chat with Wynn and Terry, Carla and Jim



Monday  4-23-2012

Wynn Carla Terry
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  Hello everybody. This is Wynn Free, Terry Brown and Carla Rueckert. This is our Monday night conference call. For anyone listening for the first time, the theme of our calls is related to what I call ‘inter-dimensional communication’; intelligence, beings, consciousness, in other realms that are positive, service-to -others and have become available to the people on this line, Carla, Terry and myself, that have proven their veracity.


‘Veracity’ means truthfulness and their ‘validity’. Validity means effectiveness, giving you, the listener, the opportunity to be exposed to this and explore the significance and the value that it can make for you to make these kinds of connections.


The connections are two ways. One way is to hear their messages, to hear what they say about who they are and how they interface with us. The other way is to feel their energy; there is the ability for these Sources to flow energy from where they are, this is my experience, into the physical Universe. Many times people on these calls feel that energy. Once somebody starts feeling that, you don’t even have to invoke them to bring the energy in; it starts to become a frequency that gets added to you and it’s a wonderful experience to know that’s possible.


Terry Brown is on the line tonight; she is of course, my regular co-host. On many of our calls we actually have conversations with these Sources. Carla Rueckert’s on the line tonight and she has been a huge influence to me when I was writing the book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? There was a lot of reference from David Wilcock to Carla Rueckert. A series of channelings, communications with a Source which ended up being four books called Ra The Law of One and communications from a Source that identified itself as a group soul, or a social memory complex, that was made up of graduates of this realm who had graduated maybe millions of years ago. Is that right, Carla, Millions of years?


Carla:  I’m not the scholar.  Jim is that right?


Jim:  That’s right.


Carla:  Jim is on the line.


Wynn:  Jim, is that correct, millions of years?


Jim:  Yes.


Wynn:  They graduated millions of years ago. What does ‘graduation’ mean? It means they had a series of lifetimes in this realm. Carla and Jim and Don Elkins were having an experience in 1981, where Carla was already channeling and she was channeling some discarnate entities, some high individual souls and one day her partner, Don Elkins, asked a very sophisticated question. Don Elkins was a Ph.D.—was it physics? I don’t remember; but he was really smart and he was really deep and he asked a very sophisticated question.


Suddenly, I’m paraphrasing this, a voice came through Carla that said, “I am Ra; the sophistication of your question has called on us to answer the question.” Carla immediately went into a trance, did not remember anything she said.


There were a number of communications with this being or entity. It wasn’t really an entity; it was a group soul, but from the human side it sounds like it’s one voice; this consciousness that answered some of the most profound questions about how the Universe works.


Her work has influenced tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people. Sometimes it’s called the ultimate in channeling. It’s not the usually “Woo woo, oh, children of Love-Light”; it’s very sophisticated, it’s very deep. In fact, most people, when they start reading it, have to keep re-reading it to get it to sink in. It’s one of those things that you could read one paragraph twenty times until it finally says “Wow!”


Carla was very influential. Her work with David Wilcock, I studied it and it became very influential to myself. Somewhere along the line, in 2002, I had the experience in a very unexpected way, of having conversations with another group soul that said they were the Elohim. And the Elohim said that they were not graduates of this realm; they existed outside of time and they created this realm.


Throughout the history of humankind, in many cases, both of these two group souls have done many interventions, whispered in people’s ears and they were oftentimes thought of as God. They weren’t God in the traditional sense; they were group souls. There is one aspect to them, which was: in order to get their help you had to ask them.


They did not come in and do things without being asked, because from their point of view they could be violating free will if they did that. Because people thought they were some mysterious force that could cause miracles, the idea of asking them became the idea of prayer. How some of the traditional religions got established was the more simple idea of God.


Now, this is Wynn Free talking; I’m talking about how I learned this. Carla may have another point of view and Terry may have another point of view. From that perspective, it’s very powerful to have all three of us on the line, since we all have made connections and influenced people based on these incredible group soul energies, how they operate and how they interface.


When I talk about them I don’t mean to exalt them, even though they could be considered exalted. One of the principles in all of this is what the Ra group calls The Law of One. The Law of One means we’re all the same energy; we’re all part of each other. Except: in the physical body we have disconnected ourselves by being in this realm. It’s not your fault; it’s a product of being born on Earth. We get amnesia and we feel we’re separate; we’re not part of each other; we’re separate and life is a grind and it’s a dog-eat-dog world.


When you start making connections with the energies of these group souls, you’re making connection, in the highest truth, with part of yourself that you’ve long separated from. They are like an ascended part of you and we’re a descended part of them. To get even a little bit more sophisticated, many people who resonate with this material, who are attracted to it used to be them and volunteered to come into this planet to help lift the vibration here. According to Carla Rueckert’s work, there are millions upon millions of what the Ra group calls ‘Wanderers’, who were members of the Ra group, who graduated, who got off the Wheel of Reincarnation and they took bodies again. According to Carla’s work, when those Wanderers come back in and take bodies, 90% of them get lost again. They must know this on the other side. They must know that when they’re volunteering to come in they’re taking a huge risk.


By getting lost, that means they get stuck in reincarnation and they get stuck in the reality systems down here, and they can go for many, many, many more lifetimes before they get a chance to graduate again. 10% of them don’t get lost. Not getting lost may not mean that they know all of this. They may not walk around saying, “I’m a member the Ra group that volunteered to come here”. It means that they have found a way to be of service and they’re living their lives in passionate service and that is more important than understanding that you’re a Wanderer from the Ra group.


Some people when they hear “Oh, I’m a Ra Wanderer” then they go on an ego trip. The reason these souls come back here is because if they didn’t, if no one from the higher realms took incarnations on Earth, then this realm would be lost to the negative. So even though they have only a 10% chance of finding their mission on this planet, they do it anyway.


On that note, I’m going to turn it over to Carla and she can correct me, because she’s the ‘horse’s mouth’. Those are the things I’ve learned about all of this and Jim is on the line, too. Is that right, Jim?


Jim:  Yes, it is.


Wynn:  Terry, are you on the line?


Terry:  I’m on the line, also.


Wynn:  I’m going to let each of you make your comments on the way I preambled this, because I’ve shared it the way I’ve learned it. Maybe you have another point of view or something to add or subtract. Go ahead, Carla.


Carla:  What I would say more than anything else is, if, by chance, you’re new to this material, it’s going to sound like there are some people on the radio who got a hold of some pop culture thing and they’re doing something strange and it even almost sounds like a cult and they’ve got strange names for things like mind-body-spirit complex, instead of ‘person’.


The big problem, I think, with introducing this to a normal populace is the location of where it’s supposedly sent. If I offered this and said, “I found this; I gave it some pseudo-scientific right to be there”, some kind of entitling background, then people could simply read the philosophy and say, “Wow!  That really is internally consistent; that makes a lot of sense; that explains a lot. Let’s look at this some more.”


That’s pretty much the way that I would hope people would look at the Law of One material because it’s a dandy resource, I think, for the work that you want to do personally in creating your own spiritual life.


I don’t think that it creates a format for you so that you do everything in a certain way; I think you’re left blessedly free of any kind of real dogma. You don’t have to believe whatever is offered in the main channeling sessions. You’re simply asked “Does this help? Is this a good resource?”


Jim, what would you say to that?


Jim:  I would agree with that completely. I would also mention that the concept of Wanderers is a concept that applies to entities who have mastered, shall we say, this particular reality or illusion that we experience on Earth and who have answered a call from entities such as our population on Earth, that may be having difficulty with certain concepts of universal love, or acceptance, or feeling the oneness of all creation.


 Many planets do not have that type of a problem and they’re able to evolve, shall we say, on their own without any outside influences. However, planet Earth is somewhat different from many other planets in that our population comes from a number of other third density planets that have had their graduation and have not been able to make the graduation, that had to repeat third density; we have a lot of repeaters here who have had difficulty previously. There’s also a great call coming out from this population here on Earth to those that are known as Wanderers, for assistance. That’s why we have had so much of an influx of this Wanderers phenomenon on earth, to help us with our evolution. That’s where those of Ra and other entities such as the Elohim come in, to be of assistance in aiding the evolution of planet Earth’s population.


Wynn:  Thank you. You’re sounding good, Jim. We hear you well.


Terry, anything you’d like to comment on this?


Terry:  Yes. One thing: if a person needs assistance, they can pray for assistance and when a person prays, it’s like a generation of a light. The light is noticeable by people that are sensitive or by the Ra group and the Elohim group and they can come in. They hear those prayers and they can, in accordance with the highest good for all, provide assistance.


The Elohim and the Ra group are groups that can really assist people when they are moving through difficulties in the third density.


Wynn:  A good question, if you guys want to go along with it. We don’t have an agenda tonight; usually we pick a topic, but we’re hitting the ground running. A good question might be: All of you have had experience with communications with Sources who have identified themselves a certain way, spoke about themselves a certain way.


On some level, I include myself too, you have to go through a period of evaluation that is: Are they really who they say they are? Can you trust them? Who is speaking to me? What’s the value of this? Carla, maybe you could share how that evaluation went for you; what you had to go through to say, “I think they’re real and I think they’re trustworthy.”


Carla:  Surely. When I first joined Louisville group, as we called it, in 1962, when Don Elkins started the silent meditation group to follow clients, that he had created from material from the Detroit group with, that explained how to start contact with UFOs, I found the silent meditations very enjoyable and I found the energy, what Wynn talked about, is that feeling that you get while you’re sitting. It’s not just that relaxation and enjoyment of sitting in meditation together; there is a definite, positive, palpable sense and I enjoyed that tremendously.


This is what I heard from those who were learning to channel all around me. I didn’t want to learn; I didn’t learn until Don asked me personally. I just wasn’t interested in it. I enjoyed the ‘all is one’ basic message; I thought it was beautiful but I really liked the meditation more than any other one aspect of the system.


It wasn’t until later on, when I began working with Don personally, as opposed to just part of his group, that I took a closer interest in that. When Don asked me to learn to channel, it was already twelve years into our relationship. We’d been working together and enjoying each other since 1962. In 1968, ‘69’ and ‘70 we wrote a book together which is The Crucifixion of Esmeralda Sweetwater, which you can buy from us


Wynn:  ‘Esmeralda Sweetwater’, right?


Carla:  ‘Esmeralda Sweetwater’; The Crucifixion of Esmeralda Sweetwater, it’s an interesting title. It’s a parable about what happens when positive, absolutely positive male and female entities come into the earth plane.  As you can see from the title of the book, it’s not good news.


Don and I worked together and he told me about the experiment more and more as it was grinding to a halt, because all of his people that he taught in the early ‘70s had gone on. So I learned at that time and once I got into it I realized it was a whole lot more than met the eye.


It sounds like a gimmick, it sounds like a Ponzi scheme, it sounds like some sort of thing where you all sort of wink and nod and say, “Oh, yeah, I’ll pretend this is real because there is money to be made here,” something like that.


But actually, it’s real; there’s not much money, as far as I know, to be made from it, but it’s an authentic way of developing information that may be of use to spiritual seekers. I am, at this point in my life, devoted to it. It has been able to make me more useful than I think any other outer work that I’ve done. More, people would agree, with the writing or the teaching.


Jim was telling me what I didn’t tell yet. Oh, how do I know the information is positive?


I think the only way I know the information is positive is the only way that we all know and that is subjective judgment. We have to give ourselves credit for having good judgment. If something makes you feel expansive and peaceful and strong and uplifted, it is most likely positive. If something is causing you to worry and fret and be concerned about your future, then most likely there has been some mixed polarity in that channeling.


It’s either fear or love that’s the message. You want a channeling whose every energy is love; you don’t want a channeling whose message is, “I love you; I love you; I love you—you’re doomed. I love you; I love you; I love you—go buy a place in the country.” You have to judge for yourself what’s positive and what’s negative. If every time you make a decision like that, I think the way ahead becomes a little more clear for you, because you’re working with your own perceptions of that which is spiritually helpful and mature.


It’s really an exploration of yourself, by means of the hollow mirrors that exist whenever you take the Ra materials discussion of us in account. In other words, everybody that we run into, according to the Ra material, is a mirror image of us. Whatever we like in that other person it’s likely we like that about ourselves. Whatever we don’t like in that other person, it’s likely we’re responding because we don’t like that in ourselves.


So everybody teaches us about ourselves; not just about them. It’s wonderful to be able to bounce and bubble and tuggle our way through the meetings of life, interacting with everybody and rubbing up against goodness wherever you go, almost. That’s the way I feel it is as I’m out and about and talking to the cleaners and the grocery guy and all that. It’s a very good world out there, underneath the radar.



Wynn:  One thing you didn’t address and I’ll ask you this question. That is: When you put this material out in the world, it kind of has to pass a certain test. Jesus made a very good test for stuff; He said, “By your fruits ye shall be known.” That means, to me, what is the impact of this material, any material, any teaching; what is the impact on other people? There was another thing Jesus said, I’m not a good Bible quoter, so I’ll probably get this wrong. I believe somebody said “How do we know you are who you say you are?” He said, “You’ll know by the way they love each other, not by the way they love me.” If something is a teaching which has Christed, what you could call Christed, energy in it, it causes people to love each other, not to just be glommed on to the source of the teaching as a guru figure.


Can you share your experiences with that in terms of the people who have been paying attention to your material?


Carla:  I really just am there for people as a person of support. I have no axe to grind; I don’t need for them to take the material this way or that way or the other way. I see my position as one of guarding the material. We guarded the conditions under which that material came through with extreme care; special everything, special recording systems, special everything. Everything for those meditations was carefully thought out and lovingly done.


I think that I am perfectly content to offer it to the world without trying to tell people what it means. I think people have all kinds of intelligence and ability to work with the material itself. I do think that one of the very best ways possible to work with the material, is to talk about it with other people who are also reading it.


On our forums, on, we have all kinds of conversations going on in which people are posing questions about the material to each other. We also have a place where people can go called ‘The Tree House’ where people can go when they’re not trying to be serious and just say, “I had meatloaf for dinner and now I’m going to watch NCIS.” A bit of everything, but it’s a home for people to be in when they’re wanting to relate to people and they feel so lonely.


I trust people. To me, it’s not my place to explain the material. I wrote a book that was nothing but, “this is what I think the gist of the material teaches.” That was 101-The Choice. I’m real pleased with how that came and I think people will enjoy reading it and will be able to get a lot out of it, if they want to know more about how the Ra material works. I think I have penetrated a few of the discontinuities of the question and answer being back and forth, and back and forth and not being steady; but as far as saying, “You have to think this way and not that way about it”, I’m more just, “Well, let’s work on it; let’s think about it; what does this say?; what do you think it says?”—and just let people cut their wisdom teeth on it, literally.


Wynn:  Terry, how about you? Anything you want to say on this?


Terry:  Yes. When I first channeled the Elohim I was really shy about it and it took me about two years to trust what they were saying and just to get acquainted with their frequencies. We went back and forth for a while. They would use words that I didn’t understand, or they would use mathematical formulas that I wasn’t sure what they were trying to get across. They had to get acquainted with me and I had to get acquainted with them.


Then, we fell into a groove where I recognize their soul frequency and if I’m troubled about something beforehand, like before a channeling or something, they send me down just a loving, calming frequency. Then I can let go of whatever I’m thinking about that I’m stuck in, paying a bill or something. Eventually it got where they are like friends. It’s really a good experience, because after the channeling I come out of it and I feel really good; sometimes a little dyslexic when I come out of it because I need to get refocused into this realm. It’s really good experience and they’re like friends, brothers and sisters, only they don’t have a gender in the Higher Realm.


Wynn:  They can make friends with people whether they channel or not, right?


Terry:  Right, they can.


Wynn:  That’s what I’m experiencing, that you can learn to feel these energies. These guys have energetic signatures or frequencies and you can learn to tune in to their frequency. In fact, you don’t even have to talk to them; you can send them love and the love comes back. You can experiment with that to see how that works, because my sense is that they feel those things and the love comes back and you realize you’re not just sending the love into nowhere. It’s going really, into a consciousness that’s very, very pure.


I was going to ask a question here: Did you ever have any questions or information about crop circles, Carla?


Carla:  We’ve gotten information from time to time, that they’re a method of communication designed to bring about a heightened awareness of a mystery. There have been a few talking about sacred geometry. I think the best thing on the subject to come out so far that I’ve seen is Suzanne Taylor’s What in the World is Happening? I think is the name of her movie. It just came out this last year, it’s just a really good documentary on crop circles, If you want to know without bias of any kind just exactly what the data is, check that movie out. You can buy it on our store,


Wynn:  I know Suzanne Taylor. When I was first with Daphne, Daphne and I went to her home. What was she doing? She was doing experiments; she had a guy there who was checking out psychic awareness and he had a random ability to pick numbers on a computer. Did you know Suzanne Taylor is also a relationship to the guy from North Atlantic?


Carla:  What about the guy from North Atlantic?


Wynn:  Suzanne is his cousin.


Carla:  Suzanne is the aunt of the fellow who published my book that I did with Barbara Brodsky, The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, small world.


Wynn:  The same guy published The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?.


Carla:  Right, exactly. We share a publisher.


Wynn:  Richard Grossinger.


Carla:  That’s it. Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne?


Wynn:  I have, yes.


Carla:  You really need to take the energy to do so because she is so special.


Wynn:  She is sweet.


One of the reasons I’m bringing up crop circles is we had a session last week. When we asked about crop circles, they said it was the Ra group who was creating crop circles. It was an amazing session. I asked them, “How do you do that?” and they explained it. I can’t remember, but the answer was really authentic and scientific. 


Did you ever get anything correlative like that?


Carla:  No. But then, I was never looking for it. The method of my questioning steers away from specific stuff like that anyway.


Wynn:  It was very interesting.


It’s 6:40; let me open the lines up and see if anyone has a question they want to address to you or to Terry about anything under the sun. Do you guys have any questions? Do you guys have anything you’d like to share?


Gary:  This is Gary, Wynn. I’d like to ask a question, hi Carla; hi Terry. Thank you for sharing this Elohim information and the Ra. I’m a newcomer; I was introduced to it through Wynn. Recently I have been in to meditating and just opening my heart and going into the higher realms of Elohim and Ra and I feel an immediate connection. Is that a true response of the intention of that Love?


Carla:  I believe so.


Gary:  Good; great, because I feel it. Thank you.


Carla:  Excellent.  The Love is ever and always there; I’m glad you feel it.


Wynn:  Gary is a very distinguished person in our group. He is an L.A. studio musician who has played on all these famous people’s albums. Can I tell them Gary? Is it okay?


Gary:  Sure, go ahead.


Wynn:   Michael Jackson.  I don’t remember them all.

Tell some of the people you’ve played on, Gary.


Gary:  I started off with Elvis Presley, when I was a young man; I did “Aloha from Hawaii” with him. You name it: Barbara Streisand, Frank Sinatra. I’ve played on sixteen Earth Wind and Fire records. I did a lot of funk; I did a lot of R & B. I played the main title solo on The Bodyguard movie; I’ve played on a lot of movies. I’ve recorded with Whitney Houston, a lot of wonderful artists in my career.


When I think of my life I think about how blessed I am and how I’ve followed my dream of playing music. However, there are things that I can’t do personally in the music world that I want to have opened up, so I can ascend, as it is, ascend more and be a musician, because I’ve been thinking about what I want to do in my dreams.


My dreams are to take the earth roots of the earth music, which I think that, because of the masters that we’ve had on the planet and the music that’s evolved on our planet—and I know all the planets in our Universe have their culture and their music; but I think it’s very strong here—I would like to take it to another level of expression, of human expression. I think that’s going to be my calling and I hope I can achieve that.


Carla:  I hope so, too. Good luck with it.


Gary:  Thank you.


Wynn:  I should also mention that Carla at one time in her life was a singer and I think she was writing songs. You had a musical act, right?


Carla:  I did.  Yes, I was Carla of ‘Jim and Carla’, not the same Jim and I was a folksinger. I was a good one, actually. I would have been good. It didn’t work out.


Wynn:  Carla was also a movie actress.


Carla:  We won’t say anything about how good I was at that. I stank, but actually in the context of the movie, that was a good thing. It made it funnier.


Wynn:  She did a cult classic movie. What was the movie called?


Carla:  We titled it The Hidan of Maukbeiangjow because one of the people who was a magician in the movie, I took all of his lines out of Oahspe. Oahspe is a great big old book of channeled material is that very high flown language, very euphuistic and I always thought it was great language to use. I thought “I’m going to have this magician speak in this high flown language.”


He was talking about going up to the Hidan of Mount Beiangjow, which just like in the Bible, the Hidan or the Dan is the ‘High Place.’ When it was let out upon the world and the drive-ins of the southeast, it was called The Girl Snatchers. It had descended from The Hidan to The Girl Snatchers. I played the topless zombie named Ruthie. It was my finest cinematic moment.


Wynn:  The topless zombie named Ruthie, right?


Carla:  At the time, we were trying to get The Crucifixion of Esmeralda Sweetwater made into a movie. Don was never one to think small, that if he learned how to make a movie that we could just do it ourselves. He found a producer who was willing to pay for us to make any script that was original and had sex and violence in it because at that time, the drive-ins of the South were thriving and anything that had sex and violence in it and was cheap, would sell.


We got our money and we got our equipment and the gal came in who had been hired to play the topless zombie Ruthie. She read the script and she quit; she flat quit. She said “I am a star; I am not a comedienne,” and she stalked off the set and went back to Atlanta and took up her stardom again. That left us with the cameras rolling tomorrow on a sexy zombie who was no longer in town.


Don put his sunglasses on; his big aviator sunglasses that pilots wear and went out and got me a blond wig and some white boots and dressed me up as Ruthie. The funny thing about it of course was that I have a ‘racklette’, not a big old rack. When I was smaller and younger, I was built small. There’s a lot of beauty in that; I’m not talking myself down. It’s just that it’s kind of funny to see somebody who is topless who hasn’t got much of a top if you’re looking for quantity.


It made it funnier, you see. Everything was funnier because it was so off; a stupid cheap blond wig and the shoes didn’t fit. Really, it comes out to be a half-way funny movie because of that fact it’s so bad, but it’s so consistently bad all the way through. You have to remember how proud I am of the fact that it went out; it got into the can, it went out into the theatres. Well over half of all of the cameras that are ever run, the film that’s ever shot, never gets out of the can. Its shot, then it just languishes somewhere and dies. So we did get it out.


I was never able to get The Crucifixion of Esmeralda Sweetwater. I wrote three different scripts for it, but none of them ever passed muster. We went onto other things. After the Ra material in ‘80 we dropped all of those efforts of the ‘70s and just moved forward from there working on the Ra/Law of One material.


Wynn:  You were channeling at the time you made the movie, yes?


Carla:  Yes.


Wynn:  But not channeling Ra, channeling other Sources.


Carla:  Right. That was in the ‘70s. I didn’t channel the Ra group until 1981.


Wynn:  Is that movie still available on Netflix?


Carla:  I think that you can still buy it. It’s not in print, but there are still some copies around.


Wynn:  It’s called The Girl Snatchers.


Carla:  Yes. It’s put out by Lebad Cinema.


Wynn:  Anyone who wants to look Carla up on the internet…


Carla:  I keep it as a threat to the people who work here more closely with me as volunteers, because if they start putting me up on a pedestal, I make them watch that movie. You can never look up to somebody that you’ve been looking at their boobs; it just doesn’t work. It came in handy that way.


Wynn:  I should have put as the subject line for this call “Carla Rueckert Topless”.


Gary:  There would have been 10,000 people on here, for gosh sakes;


Wynn:  Lots of people listening in.


When I first met Carla, and when we were beginning to get to know each other, I found that movie on the internet. I took little pictures from it and I put my own captions on it. There was this picture of Carla in a bed talking on the phone and I think my caption was, “Here’s Carla talking to Ra” Do you remember that, Carla?


Carla:  I missed that one. There’s more sadness to me; I’m sorry I missed such wit.


Wynn:  That was probably one of the emails you never opened.


Carla:  Right. There are times when that happens.


Wynn:  Nonetheless, it was very funny. Anyone else on the line want to say something, or does anyone want to call in on BBS? We’re here….


Okay. We have a bunch of silent listeners. Thank you, Gary, for coming forth.


Carla, I want to ask you, maybe you don’t want to go there, but I’ll bring it up. How’s your health doing? Carla has been for the past year now, she had a spinal operation and a fusion, I think it’s called. It’s a hard time healing and we have a few minutes left on this call. If it’s okay with you, maybe we can bring the energy in and focus healing in your direction.


Carla:  That sounds lovely.


Wynn:  Is there anything you want to share about how it’s happening right now?


Carla:  It’s happening the way you’d expect it to if you just see a person; I had an operation on April 15th, a little over a year ago. This is April the 20-something. That I’m still trying to recover from; I still have an open wound from that operation because it’s never been able to heal. I’ve run into repeated difficulties with it.


On top of everything else, this last couple of weeks I caught a case of something called ‘shingles’ which I was unaware of until I got them. Believe me; you don’t want to know a thing about shingles. It’s a very difficult condition. It’s a skin rash, but it hurts so much, it messes up your tummy and it messes up your head. You’d really like to go to sleep and wake up and have it be all over. This has not been the easiest time for me, but I would like to say that it’s because of the incredible beauty and energy that I receive constantly, in people who are sending me absent healings, people that are praying for me, people that are sending me a loving thought.


Wynn must think a good thought my way quite often. I feel people tuning in and I feel that strength, moving to support. I’m sure that I am doing as well as I am because of all the help.


I really appreciate the energy, not just for me, because I think we all suffer; it’s more obvious that I’m suffering because it’s physical. What about you out there who have lost a daughter? What about you out there who has lost a son? Or, any number of hundreds of things that are emotionally bankrupting and so difficult.


Yet, there are no scars. What do you tell people? “I’m just fine; feeling so good.” No, you’re suffering. I think we all suffer and I think we all learn, in so far as we can leave the bitterness out of it and go right to thanksgiving for the love people have for us and the love we have for people, for all the blessings in our lives. Stay tuned to thanksgiving and by the time you finish counting your blessings, you’ll probably feel better.


Wynn:  Terry, I think you look up shingles recently for somebody? Was lysine good for shingles?


Terry:  Shingles is caused by something that is similar to herpes virus. When people have herpes and they take lysine they can prevent outbreaks. If they take arginine it seems to bring an outbreak on, but lysine tends to prevent the herpes virus from becoming active.


Wynn:  Did you read something about shingles and lysine. Did you cross that?


Terry:  I actually did. There was one website that sold a preparation for the treatment of shingles. They included a bottle of lysine with what they shipped.


Wynn:  You might check that out, Carla. It’s just an amino acid and it is very easily available. It’s inexpensive. See if it works on reducing it.


Carla:  It’s interesting to know that like a lot of things, doctors have no idea how to fix it. All they know is that if you’ve had chicken pox as a child you can get it from nowhere if you’re under stress for a long period of time.


Wynn:  Doctors are obviously tied to the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmaceutical industry is only recommending products that they can patent and control. Oftentimes, there are natural remedies for things that never get into--I mean there are alternative doctors that are willing to do it--but it never gets into the hands of regular doctors. If somebody is a regular doctor, a M.D., practicing M.D., and they recommend an alternative remedy and anything goes wrong, they’re going to get a malpractice suit, or they stand a chance of it. Even if they believe something is good for something they won’t recommend it, because they take too much risk.


There is a lot of stuff on the web and if you just look through the web and put “alternative remedies, alternative this” you’ll invariably find something. You have to read about it very carefully to decide is this a quack thing or is somebody just trying to sell something? Are they sincere; do they really have something that works?


The web has really increased the odds for finding alternative remedies for everything.


Carla:  That’s so true.


We’re starting to really seriously run out of time, Wynn. I just want to thank you for the thought of brining all those healing thoughts together. I like to turn right around and send them back out to everybody with great thanks. Thank you so much for the energy.


Wynn:  Before we hang up, I’d like to take a moment of silence and ask all of our positive Sources in other realms, all of you listening here, Terry, myself… and in that silence, I want to ask that any help that can be extended through your body, in your body, in any way to make life better, make you healthier, work on any of your conditions, I’d like to ask that it be extended right now. Let’s just take a moment of silence and hold that thought…


…If we’re on the air now, thank you all for being here. Thank you all for listening. We’ll see some of you on Wednesday when we do our question and answer call. If you don’t know how to get into that, just send an email and we’ll make sure we let you know.


Over and out for Monday. Thank you.








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