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You are Creating Your Soul as You Go



Monday  4-02-2012
Audio Link - Channeled by Terry Brown
Edited by Valerie Hawes and Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee




Wynn:  Hi everybody, this is Wynn Free. This is the Monday night 4/2/2012 conference call-simulcast between the internet and a conference call. For those of you who are listening for the first time, our calls are very unusual; I think they’re unusual. I haven’t found anyone like us yet, but they may be out there. We have conversations live on these calls with Sources that say they’re from other dimensions. I always tell people, “Don’t believe anything.” They can say what they want and I can say what ‘they’ want, but on some level, you have to prove it to yourself.


It’s kind of like being detectives; we supply a bunch of evidence and you have to be the detective and say, “I think their evidence leads to that conclusion.” Even if I know they are who they say they are, that is not good enough for you to believe it, because how do you know I’m telling the truth? People don’t always tell the truth, so you have to check me out; you have to check them out. On some level, you have to have a shift in your own experience; something has to shift inside you in a positive way, to validate that this is real.


We are operating under a paradigm called ‘The Law of One’, which you all have the opportunity to experience. That’s a paradigm; it’s not a law that’s passed on the books; it’s not a law that God made; it’s an inherent truth in the building blocks of the Universe. The Universe was built from the start with one energy, one cement tying everything together and everything in the Universe is part of that energy. Except, according to my information, many of us on Earth have separated ourselves from that experience. These calls, at their highest purpose, are hopefully presented to you so that you might move into that experience of the Law of One.


What does it mean to move into the experience of the Law of One? It means to move into the experience of compassion, the ability to have compassion. You can’t have compassion without being in the experience of the Law of One, at least to some extent, because to have true compassion means seeing someone else as part of yourself.


The question is: How do we move from where we are to the experience of the Law of One, to be able to experience compassion? Sometimes people have to go through suffering before they get to compassion, because when you go through suffering, you then can see other people when they’re suffering and you can say, “I know that experience.” I think there were periods in my life when I was younger, when I didn’t understand suffering and I felt superior to other people.


When they were suffering, I didn’t feel compassion; I felt superior. Did you ever feel that way because you come into these calls, because you have all this inside information, because this is so special? If you’re not learning how to feel compassion and express compassion and care, if you feel on some level you’ve discovered something that makes you feel better than other people, you’re missing the point, because it’s all about compassion.


You’re not compassionate to be nice to other people; it’s not a matter of being good. In a sense, there is a service-to-self aspect to compassion. When we talk about service-to-self and service-to-others, those are two sides of a duality that merge in the highest of levels.


Compassion is very close to an aspect of service-to-self. Why is that? It’s because compassion allows you to graduate from this realm. Alternatively, according to our information, our Sources, this is a critical lifetime for all of us. We are either going to graduate this realm or we’re going to be cycle-repeaters. Our topic tonight has to do with the shift.


For some of you this is a new idea; so I say, “Don’t believe it, but consider it”, because many people are saying that this is the culmination of prophecies, this period of timeline; this is the end of a 75,000 year cycle. Everything from Hindu Kali Yuga to the Hopis, to the Christians are saying something is happening now. The Christians would say there’s a war going on in heaven between good and evil, and in certain ways, that’s true. Those of you who have studied our material know that we don’t usually use the word devil or demonic, or Lucifer or Satan; we don’t use those words.


Within the context of our materials and you have to study this to get it, there are beings in other dimensions that are both positive and negative, service-to-self and service-to-others. The service-to-self beings want to control everything and they’re very powerful. You have no idea the extent of their control mechanisms on this planet, no idea. When I started this work I had no idea; I had to learn about it.


A lot of the stuff I know, in fact most of it, when it comes down to specifics, doesn’t come because I’m talking to Sources that say, “Wynn, this is what’s going on, that’s what’s going on.” It comes from my own research and my own internet research on links that people send me. Then after I’ve kind of got it nailed, I might ask a question and they’ll confirm it; that I’ve got it right. I’m in the same boat as you guys; I want to graduate; I’m on this planet.


We go through our changes and what is this shift doing to us? Well we know that it’s a high energy; sometimes people call it ‘the field’, the field energy that we always talk about. Let’s take a look at that idea. Those of you who have listened to us call in the Light know that we talk about the energy that starts at the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the planets and into Earth; what does that mean? It means that there’s an energy that we all are made of, the same energy at different concentrations. When it hits the physical realm, when it hits planet Earth, it becomes very dense. One time I made an analogy with water, with ice water and steam: at the beginning of everything, at the center of the Universe it’s like steam, and it starts to solidify as it turns into matter. We’re made of that energy and that energy has a pathway; it’s going through the galaxies, it’s going through the Milky Way, it’s going through the planets. As it goes through this pathway, it’s constantly being modified; it’s constantly changing.


In fact, the whole science of astrology is based on the idea of the way that this energy changes as a result of it’s going through the planetary fields; it modifies itself, so that by the time it gets to Earth it’s different than before. Another thing is that the energy changes amplitude: it gets stronger and it gets weaker. One of the things that makes it get stronger is the configuration. It’s coming from the center of the Universe; you know, it’s way at the beginning; to get here it has to pass through the galaxies, the Milky Way and the planets.


All of those physical objects are in motion; they’re not static. In the way that they’re in motion they’re constantly modifying this energy. It causes the energy to become stronger, weaker or different, by the time it gets to our planet.


When the Mayans talked about 2012, they were aware of this phenomenon, of this shift in energy. How were they aware? I don’t know; maybe they were channeling, maybe there were talking to some of our Sources. Regardless of how they were aware, they were. They designed their calendar to indicate 2012 being a special moment. The Hindus were also aware; they have something called Kali Yuga and many Hindus are saying, “This is the era of Kali Yuga.” The Christians were also aware; they had their prophecies that many people think we’re now in the middle of.


We’re here to look at what’s really happening and how we can be sure that we take advantage of this period to make the best of our own human evolution. There are two aspects to this. On the one hand, we have the opportunity to make an evolutionary leap. What does it mean to make an evolutionary leap? For some of you, this may be a new idea: that you don’t die; you continue, but you don’t continue in your body, you continue in other energy forms.


The other energy forms which you could call your spirit, your soul, your hologram, whatever it is; those other energy forms exist, they are part of growth. People come back and they take a new body and they come back and they take a new body, etc. They’re in this illusion of time and time makes the whole thing work; but it’s only an illusion; it’s not an absolute, because there are all these different timelines.


What does the evolution mean? As I’ve learned it, evolution has to do with the shift in DNA; the opening of DNA strands, so that there’s a direct connection between DNA and the greater field. In fact, DNA might be viewed as a microcosm of the entire Universe; the blueprint of the Universe that is carried in us, in our DNA. In order to access that blueprint, you have to open up your strands of DNA because each DNA strand is like an antenna, that as it opens, it accesses a greater space.


If you’re going to be compassionate, if you’re going to connect with the Law of One, then you have to open up your fourth strand of DNA, which is related to the heart. The way you open up the fourth strand of DNA, is being in the field of energy of the heart, the ‘hearted energy’. I believe that on these calls that we have that energy present and it becomes a reference point but it’s not enough to be passive; you need to be active. Sometimes you have to be passive for a period of time before you integrate it.


What happens is that you can be on a call and you feel that energy, then you go back to your old patterns. You’re on the call again and you feel the energy again and again you go back to your old patterns. There are other places where you can be where you can feel that energy, many places. Every time you feel that energy, you’re learning; you’re training yourself to have a reference point. Over a period of time you integrate it and it starts to become second nature, and now you’re suddenly having an open heart.


An open heart does not mean being a sucker, it does not mean being a doormat, it does not mean wearing your heart on your sleeve. An open heart means that you have learned to radiate energy into your space from your heart. You don’t even do it by effort; it happens automatically. Wherever you go, that energy is in front of you and it is shifting the space that you walk on.


You can’t do this by willpower; you can’t say “open heart.’ Wearing your heart on your sleeve is not doing it; you’re just just being emotional. Being super-nice and being charitable are really good things to be, if you manage not to get taken advantage of, but it’s not the same thing.


When you open your heart, you become a radio transmitter from your heart. In fact, you’re a radio transmitter right now. I don’t know if ‘radio’ is the right word, but you’ll get the analogy. You’re a radio transmitter, because you are transmitting your signal to everything around you. Wherever your energy is open, that’s the signal you’ll be transmitting.


How do we change our transmission? If I could tell you that and you could go out and do it, the world would change. Everyone has a different path and a different way of doing it. The key is that you have to look for your way; you have to observe yourself very carefully; learn your patterns. Don’t judge yourself; accept all this stuff that comes up and keep moving, because the key to this is inside you. It’s not inside my words; it’s not inside the Elohim; it’s inside you; you have to untangle yourself.


You have to be brutally honest with yourself, brutally honest. Don’t think that you’re somewhere when you’re not. Be honest about your patterns; be honest about the feelings that come up, like jealousy, like envy, like unworthiness. Those are the human feelings that keep us contracted and it’s pretty likely that you have them somewhere. If you do have them, notice them; don’t bury them.


The best way to handle them is to say “Okay, there’s my unworthiness; I’m not really unworthy, but something is telling me I’m unworthy. I’m going to notice that I’m saying that inside myself. But then, I’m going to override that with saying, “It’s just my pattern; that’s not really me”. Or for example, if you feel jealous, handle it the same way; say, “There’s my jealousy and I can’t control it. It’s coming up, it’s an old pattern. I’m just going to put the Light around it and move on”. If you keep applying that kind of self-observation to yourself, you will gradually take away the strength of these patterns that keep you in the gutter, so to speak.


The worst thing you can do is judge yourself. “I’m supposed to be spiritual. I’m not supposed to be feeling jealous. I’m not supposed to be feeling horny. I’m not supposed to be feeling unworthy. And I’m going to pretend that I’m not feeling any of that and I’m going to put my best foot out to the public, my best image.” If you do that, you might fool some people, but a lot of people you won’t fool and you’re going to stick yourself because you’re not going to grow.


Right now, because of this shift, because of this high energy that’s coming into our planet, right now it’s happening. It is stimulating everything to come to the surface. Not only is it stimulating your own hang-ups or your own distortions to come to the surface, it’s also stimulating the whole planet’s distortions to come to the surface.


Some of you know this, this planet has been under the influence of huge negative forces that have programmed things down here. They’ve programmed things deliberately to keep you contracted. If you read the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, remember a chapter that said don’t watch television, don’t watch TV, because it’s full of programming that is going to keep you hypnotized. There’s kind of a hypnosis going on that is designed, by intent, to keep you contracted, to keep you from opening your fourth chakra, to keep you from being all that you can be. You have to start noticing the way you’ve been hypnotized because, once again, it’s through the noticing and observing of it that you start to make shifts and also start to notice when you’re being hypnotized, instead of just being hypnotized.


You have no idea the things in the media. I have another emailing called The Wynn Channel. It’s got a lot of different things that we email you, but every so often it comes up with one of these things about how you’re hypnotized, about the way you’ve read the news and about how history didn’t happen the way you think it happened. There’s a lot of evidence that this is so.


Here’s one you can go look up and check out: There are a lot of indications that the United States never landed on the moon in the 60’s; that was done in a TV studio by Stanley Kubrick. Many of the pictures that came back from the moon couldn’t possibly have been from the moon. For example: there were shadows going in two different directions, which couldn’t happen unless there was artificial lighting.


There was not enough space in the lunar module to carry all the things that they showed on TV when you saw those guys on the moon. There were no stars in the sky, and on the moon stars should be very visible. Go look it up on the internet: ‘fake lunar landing’ and see what you come up with.


That’s how big the illusion down here can be; that’s how big the programming can be. If you’re allowing yourself to watch the news to see what’s coming up, you are immersing yourself in hypnotic programming; that is not going to do you well, if you want to graduate this realm. What do I mean by graduate this realm?


This is one of those things that you can’t prove to yourself. You have to study these materials, other people’s materials, and see if it makes sense. There’s this idea that you go on for many lifetimes, maybe thousands of lifetimes and that every time you come into this realm you forget everything. You learn; your soul changes as a result of your experiences in this lifetime and your DNA changes as a result of your experiences. DNA changes and soul changes don’t always mean that it’s positive; it can go negative, it depends upon what you do.


If you think you can be down here and do anything you want without consequences, it’s not true. It’s not that there’s a God punishing you, but that you are creating your soul as you go; you’re re-creating your soul. When you do things that are contrary to The Law of One, your soul energy gets contracted and your DNA regresses. Your DNA doesn’t always have to keep growing; it can regress as well as grow.


According to our Sources, because we’re in this 75,000 year shift, the Earth is moving into the fourth density, the density of the heart chakra. We exist in the field of energy of the Earth so we are participating, co-creating, in our energy fields whether we know it or not. Because the Earth is going into fourth density right now and because many of us have not gone into our heart chakra deep enough, we’re still in the third chakra which is power and individuality.


If this is the case, when you die you won’t fit into the Earth’s new paradigm, this new fourth density Earth. So your energy field doesn’t allow you to come back here. This is not a punishment, it’s not like there is some source that’s saying, “You’re bad,” it’s just that you don’t fit; it’s like getting a square peg in a round hole.


According to our Sources, you will continue to have to repeat, to be a cycle-repeater. Your soul energy gets moved to other places, to other planets in other star systems where you can continue with your third chakra, your third strand of DNA evolution. Wherever you’re going to go, the people with open hearts won’t be there. I’ve said this before; this is the esoteric explanation of the prophecies of Jesus: “One will be taken and one will be left behind.” I say it’s very important, but you know what?


Maybe it’s not important, because here we are, we have gone through many lifetimes with third chakra evolution on Earth and every time we come here we don’t remember anything. We die; we continue; we come back and we don’t remember anything. It’s happened for a thousand or even thousands of lifetimes for many of us; so it’s just more of the same.


But there is this option now to make this evolutionary leap. Because of this high energy field that we’re in, there is the chance to make an evolution. Your intentions are more powerful now than they have been in any other lifetime. You have to make an intention strong enough to shift; in which case you are going to have more support from the Universe for that shift than ever before; not just in this lifetime, but in all your lifetimes. The point is: if you don’t make that intention, then you’ll be a cycle-repeater. If you do make that intention, you’re going to shift.


If I have it right, we’re dealing with the Sources on the other side that are managing that shift. They say they move the souls from one planet to another for the cycle-repeaters. They have been involved in all those epochs of history, where this kind of information and spiritual understanding and loving energy have been brought forth into the physical realm, to help humans grow. At the same time, there are all these obstacle-energies; obstacles that have been impediments to this.


The obstacles are the ones that create the programming; the hypnotic stuff, the taking buzz-words to discredit the truth. It’s huge; they operate out of think-tanks. They’re working non-stop on how to program you, to keep you from evolving.


Why do they want to keep you from evolving? Because you’re their slaves and you don’t know it! The people of low income, of medium income, become slaves to the elite and they don’t know it! It’s been so many lifetimes they’ve been in that posturing; if you go back to England you have the serfs that the programming has just continued.


As I said at the beginning, you shouldn’t believe any of this; study my materials. If you’re listening and you haven’t read my free book at, go sign up and read it and see if it resonates with you. And of course, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?—read that:


There are two group souls that are responsible, at least according to my information, for this whole shift we’re in the midst of. We’re allegedly talking to both of them. Right now on Earth, everyone knows something’s up. Things are shifting; things are changing. On the physical level, people are wondering if life is going to continue on our planet. On a personal level, many of you are feeling crazy symptoms; going through blues and anxieties and panic attacks and whatever. All of this stuff is your chance, every negative thing that comes down upon you, is your chance to strengthen your muscles.


Believe me; I’ve had to do that myself. If I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t be here now. There were many times when I thought, “I’ll never get through this” and “I can’t do this”. I’ve known Terry for a long time and she’s seen it; same thing with her. She thought, “I can’t do this, it’s impossible”, but I kept dragging us through and here we are.


I hope that we’re establishing a reference point above all of this stuff. The evidence is that so many people come into our calls who shift as a result of being on the calls; things change for them. If you’re on the calls and things suddenly shift and things change for you, don’t stop coming into the calls! Anchor the energy; don’t be attached to what is happening in the outer world.


Of course we’d all like to have nice lives and that’s okay, but what people do is: they’re suffering, suffering, suffering and then they get to the place where something shifts and they forget what helped them get there. The reason to remember is to make sure you stay on track, even for me to stay on track.


There are all these ways that I could be self-aggrandizing; I could be a big shot, but I have no interest in doing that. I have no interest in the rewards of recognition, other than we can pay the bills and do a better job at what we’re doing. If things shift and things get better, that’s the time to really keep tuning into what we’re doing, because that’s the time when you can be most tempted into a fall; you suddenly have something and then everyone’s interested in you where they weren’t before.


If they’re interested because you have money and you establish a rapport with them, you’ve now made, in my opinion, a very bad choice, because it’s not a spiritual connection; it’s a connection based on what you have.


On that note, I’m going to call in the Light and we’re going to talk to our Sources about this shift.


Our Source, when Terry communicates, says it’s a combination of these two group souls. Because we’ve connected to the frequencies of both of them, they both have made a partnership on the other side: a cooperative, so to speak. They come in and we have the resources of both of them to answer our questions.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect Terry and myself, everyone on this line, everyone on the replays and that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and  be transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the planetary fields, through the outer energy fields of Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection of all of us present on the line while maintaining the sovereignty of our individual souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us as we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We turn it over for an introduction from our Sources and any comments they have relating to the materials that I was just talking about.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. This is April 2, 2012; Planet Earth and it is going through a shift, based upon the higher energy that is cascading to Earth from the alignment with the center of the galaxy. With it, every individual has access to a higher energy that is pervading the atmosphere and is moving through their bodies and into the Earth.


This higher energy is creating a well-spring of energy that is shaking loose any weakness that the individual may have and bringing it to the surface. It is bringing up things in society, pressures in society that are brought to bear upon individuals within that society. And it is shaking loose the suppression of those pressures, so that individuals then shout out, or bring up, or it comes to their consciousness, what it is that has been pressuring them, and bothering them, and keeping them from having a lifetime of peaceful harmony.


This is one reason that certain individuals recently have, on the airlines, have had problems with some of the people that worked for them; it has been in the news. But it is not only those people. It is the people everywhere that are having conflicting pressures brought to bear and come to the surface. Wynn has stated very masterfully the situation.


Do you have further questions?


Wynn: The question is: How is the balance of power doing between negative and positive on our planet? We know there are many light workers who are reaching for energy shifts and there are many dark forces. What can you share with us as to the planetary future based on how things are right now?


Ra’An:  Thank you for your question.


It does matter what the balance of power is, but in the long run it doesn’t matter, as individuals, within their own hearts and souls, are moving through their own paths and cutting their own way through the chaff and through the difficulties and are working out their own salvation. Even though the powers that be are working in conflicting ways, are providing conflicting leadership, and are working on a path that is detrimental to individuals within their jurisdiction in many cases. It is not those individuals that are totally responsible for this; it is other individuals, as you have mentioned, that are plotting and planning the future, and are doing it in subtle ways.


Individuals then are subjected to more difficulties, but there is a shake-down going on. Even the individuals in power that are plotting and planning the future are affected by the shifts that are going on the planet at this time and are affected within their own frameworks and are seeing that many of the things that they are plotting and veering the planet toward are not for the best of even themselves. It is giving them conflicts within their own framework.


Do you have further questions?


Wynn: Yes. We talk about how important intent is right now and when I say that, I know people are thinking, “How do I improve my intent? How do I increase my intent?” We talk about intent being such an important human attitude that allows us to take advantage of these higher frequencies coming in. When a person hears this, they’re going to ask themselves, “How do I increase my intent? What does it take to increase my intent so that I take advantage of this?” That’s the question.


Ra’An:  Thank you. One can use their own center as a guide, and their own sense of what is right and what is just and what is ethical. They can know that life in the third density is temporary and all move past that into another state, another transition. And that there is opportunity, there is opportunity for movement, for growth, for learning to express one’s own self, one’s own heart, one’s own viewpoint and to not be railroaded over by another viewpoint, but still respect another’s viewpoint.


One can shift, having the knowledge that one is immortal. One can shift from the viewpoint of the third density--that survival in the third density is everything--and one can look at connection with others to heart-felt connection, wherein one expresses genuinely what is going on with them. If, when one is experiencing such difficulty, they do not feel they could even express it, they could find ways to write about it, to talk about it to the wall, to learn more by viewing what has happened to them that has brought them to such distraughtness or such feeling of injustice.


So to summarize: To keep one’s own center, to keep one’s own connection with the Higher Realms or to connect with the Higher Realms so one has the sense that it is not all over if it doesn’t go right in the third density.


Wynn:  Thank you. We asked this question once before and I think the answer was very profound. I’d like to ask it again.


Since we’re all going to die sooner or later, how do we orient ourselves to that moment when we leave this realm? What can we learn right now that gives us the best orientation to graduate this realm, to arrive at a place of higher dimensions after we’re out of the physical body?


Ra’An:  One can realize that even if there have been holdbacks and blockages and the desire to express things that haven’t been able to be expressed, that when one moves through transition, there are opportunities on the other side to express those things to be worked with and to let those things go. There are even such things on the other side as a cloud chamber that can monitor and work with and calm the soul and angels that work with individuals, to help them do a life review that they can express the affect others have had them and the affect they have had on others. There is a whole army of individuals and technology on the other side to help one get through one’s difficulties. One can realize that and then instead of doggedly holding on to the limb of the tree of the third dimension as the wind buffets and tries to carry one away, one can move with the transition and can move through the Tunnel of Light, which transports one to the higher realms and opens one to a whole new vestige of growth and of opening for connection.


Wynn:  Thank you. 


(Terry becomes inaudible.) 


We’re just going to close this session.




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