Subject: Transcript-Mon BBS 01/27/2014--How the Elohim Created the Universe (Continued)

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How the Elohim Created the Universe-Continued

Monday Call 01/27/2014
Host: Wynn Free
Producer: Gijs Minderhoud
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Michael Snider
Edited by Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by:
Aharon ben Or

Wynn: This is January 27, 2014, Monday and thank you all for being here! Thank you all the new people who are here! Thank you all the old people who have been--Holding the Energy--for these Calls to occur! 

If you are new and are listening in you will notice that there is a group of people that have an "Uplifted" kind of "Happy energy".  Probably many of them would say that it is because of these Calls!  Because we have generated a community feeling and it is not exclusive. It is not a Click.  All you have to do is keep showing up! Particularly the people on the Internet don't get this benefit.  [The] people who are listening on the Internet. The people on the phone line when they check in early; they get to talk to each other; they get to say, "Hello". They say something about you might try checking in [early] sometime.

You know there is no right way to approach this work.  Everyone is a total individual and some people just like to listen in the background and they are anonymous and we don't hear from them.  Sometimes a year later, a year and a half later, they send me an email and tell me: "I have felt really uplifted because of these Calls!" It is very important to be uplifted!  No matter where you are in your life.  No matter what's going on, there is an Energy in these Calls,that can help "Shift it".  [But] you have to "Shift it" and to "Show up!"  

It is kind of an amazing thing to have a Conference Call under the auspices of these Group Souls!  So what does that mean: "To be under the auspices?"  Well is doesn't mean that they "control us".  It doesn't mean that they "expect" anything of us.  It doesn't mean that you have any "obligation".  You can do everything exactly as you are doing it.  It means that (if you are not aware of this idea):  "You have an Energy that is connected to your body".  Some people call it your Soul.  That Energy [is] unlike your physical body which is very discreet [and] very finite.  Your body stays the same size more or less.  You get fatter or thinner but your body doesn't change very much.  But your Energy changes!  Your Soul changes!   

It [your Soul] changes by the input that you put into it.  It is like a computer and your physical body is like the input to your Soul and it registers everything.  So if you are at a certain state right now it is because your Soul has registered and held itself at that state because--"you programmed it that way"! Now you didn't know you were programming it!  And In fact you didn't know how to program it differently!  We are all stuck in this kind of a ..."Mystery".  But I know it works this way.  I know...but I am not going to talk because this is a Channeling Call. 

The key is that: when you input something different to your Soul, it responds energetically, to what is being inputted.  And on these Calls...this is a kind of input!  It is an input to your physical body and your Soul is monitoring it.  And then on the other side--in the other Dimensions--we have these Sources that say they are monitoring you!  They are monitoring your Soul!  If you want to be private and say: "I don't want anybody to look at me"...they won't...because they honor that "thought form" and stay away.  

If you are "open to the possibilities" and you "trust the interaction" then they can move into the "Space" of your Soul and share "Space" momentarily with you!  This is something you have to learn: "How to Trust".  You don't have to "Trust" today.  You can be in the "Space" of checking it out and see if it feels "Safe" to you.  

It is just like when you meet someone "New"...sometimes there is an immediate rapport and an immediate connection.  But most often relationships evolve and when a relationship evolves in a good way people start to feel each other's Energies.  They allow each other into each other's "Soul Space" so to speak.

The unusual aspect of our Calls is that we have these Group Souls that are very loving or certainly appear to be; no agendas or certainly appear to be and that can look down at our Realm and they can sense how alienated and how painful life can be for many people. They have the ability to project Love in your direction! And you have the ability to to feel the Love.  And when that occurs it builds a connection that regardless of how unloved you might feel in your life...there is this potential to feel Love from Energy Beings in other Realms! 

You have to hang in to see if you can have that experience because many people on our line have had that experience.  And once you tap into that, it is way easier to deal with other people because unlike Humans who can love you and leave you; who can be your friend and betray you; they don't need things, so they can Love You and Hold the Love

Now, I don't know exactly how all of this works?  I know a little bit of how it works.  I know they are a Group Energy and that they don't have anything better to do than to Love Us.  We are part of their creation in certain ways and they are not Gods in the way that normal thinking would think of God.  But you can see how easily it would be for them to be thought of as God because they have the ability to rearrange reality.  They have the ability to make you feel Loved!  

It is like...when you can feel starts clearing lots of patterns for yourself and you have got to remember that most of us have had loads of lifetimes in this Realm.  And we have established those Patterns over many, many, many, many, many, lifetimes!  And you know it's not your fault in most cases.  Not in all cases.  Sometimes it is your fault.  But in many, many cases your situation is actually a result of the programming in this Realm.  That this Realm has been programmed intentionally by Negative Forces on the other side that want and design certain things to trap you and to control you--to make you feel bad about yourself.  When you feel bad about yourself?  When you feel unworthy?  When you feel unloved?  When you feel needy...that is Ok.  We have all felt that way! 

When you feel that way you are very susceptible to being controlled.  So there is a design in this Realm to make you feel that way and to have that susceptibility.  I believe that in these Calls, and in the work we are doing, we are creating the opportunity to untangle that.  But you have to reach back!  You have to be curious! You don't have to believe me!

You know, one of the things about saying something like I just said, is that on the Negative Side, it creates a "Hook". I don't want to create a "Hook".  I want to create an "opportunity".  An opportunity, that you can take advantage of, to un-tangle yourself.  And if you are one of those people that have untangled yourself and have a lot of love and care to give and don't have a place to do it--this can be a place for you..."to do it!"

So that is kind of my Overview, and I speak from: "Not because someone else said this is true."  [Rather for example] if we are channeling and they [Our Sources] say something, I don't believe it until I see it work!  And I say what I am saying based on the experiences of so many people that have come into the Calls!

Those people that were coming in a few years ago used to say: "This is an experiment, this is an experiment, let's see what happens."  Because that is how I felt.  I didn't really know how it would work.  If I say: "If I do this, what will happen, and if I do this, what will happen?"  

The first time I did a Sunday CALL and I "Called in the Light" which is like an Invocation to bring the Energies in. Now you don't really need to do that.  That is the only concession to "Ritual" that we have.  When I do it, it is not really a "Ritual".  I am really feeling the Energies when I am doing it.  But when I first did it, I didn't know what would occur.  I said: "Oh my God, no one is ever going to come back to the Call again...we can't do this." But I felt this "Great Expanded Space" as I did it and then I got the feedback that other people were feeling it too!  So now that "Expanded Space” is just "Holds" from the "get go" as soon as the Call starts.  In most cases--that Energy is present and when you come in, you are tapping into that Energy and it is like: as you learn to tap into it more and more, your old Patterns start to clear, because it is an Energy that is "above" all those Patterns.  But you have to have that experience!  I only say that because I have watched it work for many people and what is great is: "that we are doing it for FREE!"

We are giving this "Great Thing" that is accessible to many, many people simultaneously!  We are not charging for Weekend Workshops.  We are not charging for Private Sessions.  We did Private Sessions.  You know Private Sessions were awesome for the people we did it for and we may do it again for a short period.  But, the problem with the Private Sessions are- it is not efficient.  It is one person at a time and number two: at the time we were doing it where we would do a "Reading" we would be Holding the Energy for the person and in particular Terry [Brown] would get really tired!  So we would do a One Hour Session and then Terry would be sleeping for a few hours.  Often times...I will tell you about Terry--this was beautiful!  Somebody was going through a hard time and Terry would be spending time--sending Energy to them--praying for them and that is all good, but we have got to "Think BIG".  So, we have to do it for Each Other! 

Everyone who is on these Calls is getting an Opportunity to learn how to be More than they managed they could have [or] imagined they ever could be!  And that is: You really are part of all that isYou really are part of all that is!  You really have Christ'd Energies in you!  You really can experience that!  But you have to make a "Reach"!  

You have to understand that once you want to "Reach" for that, often times, the first thing that comes up is that it gets worst- before it gets better because you are suddenly faced with all the Patterns that you had nowhere to surface coming up and in your face.  So then you have got to process those Patterns.

How do you process Patterns?  You just let if come through.  You accept whatever is happening.  You accept [for example]: "Today's a bad day."  "Today I feel angry." "Today I feel hateful."  Just don't take it out on other people.  Process it--assume full responsibility for everything that's going on in you.  ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND LET IT COME THROUGH!  Never blame anybody!  Never be a Victim!  And if you find yourself doing that: watch it, observe it, and Process that!  You just say: "Ok, here I am being a Victim; here I am being at-blame-the world is too much for me."  I used to do that, believe me!  I did it all! I know how it feels!  I had to move through all this stuff in myself!  Most of my life I have been working these things out and I know it works.  I know if I didn't succeed in it...I wouldn't be here now! 

We created this. This is our creation and I would say we--including Terry, and including Daphne at the beginning of it, and the Elohim Group and the Ra Group.  You know, one of the things that I kind of learned, and it took me a while to learn this: is that when we think of something as immense as the would think that they would know what to do.  But in fact, if they knew what to do; if they could do something that could remove the suffering in this Realm; to wake people up; they would have done it! They have been around a long time!  It is not their pleasure to watch all the suffering that happens here and not know how to fix it. Especially since they had some part to play in the very beginning of all this that has grown into this.  So of course they would fix it!  

What I have learned is it takes Co-Creation.  They need a GROUND CREW because they need connection with beings in this Realm who they can work with and through.  All it means is that you start Radiating Great Energy in your Space around you.  It doesn't mean you are following their orders.  They don't say: "You have to [do something]."  They don't tell people what to do!  They are a huge Energy Generator at a Higher Dimension and they have the ability to flow Energy through the Universe which causes all of us to feel that Energy and start tapping in to the Higher Aspect of Ourselves.  

I say this over and over and I will say it once again: "that all of this revolves around what they call and what both Group Souls call--The Law of One."  That there is--One Energy in the Universe--One Energy!  Everything is One Energy and at the Higher Realms the Entities; the Beings; the Consciousness; the Awareness's; the Awareness's know that there is One Energy!  They know that they are part of each other.  They feel the connection of each other. They can Blend and operate as a Team, which makes them very powerful or they can operate in Sub Councils or they can operate individually.  You know it is a flowing-Free Will association but at the Highest Levels it's loving because they don't need anything. They don't need a roof over their head. They don't need status.  They don't need money.  They don't need dinner.  Ok, so it is their pleasure to have the opportunity to have an Anchor Point in this Realm where they can help those of us who have gotten stuck and contracted and up against the wall and don't know where to go.  

So the Call we are going to do tonight, and let me get right into it now.  It is seven thirty and we have about 25 minutes.  By the way anyone who is thinking: "Why is Wynn talking and why, don't you just let them [our sources] talk?"  [It is] because my talking is part of the Co-Creation.  It is part of blending the Energies. It is like they come in to us; the better we have a Group Energy; the better we have a Loving Connection; the clearer and easier the Contact is with them!  The clearer and easier it is for Terry because she doesn't have to process everything.  We are coming in with a Group Energy and they can access that Group Energy and they can blend with that Energy and we can feel something Shift. 

 So that is why I talk and there are times when I have to talk longer and sometimes when I can talk shorter.  Sometimes I don't have to talk at all.  Particularly when there are new people on the line, there are people who maybe have read the book [The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce].  But being on a Conference Call is different than reading the book I think for most people, because it involves you more.  We are involved more and even though I am talking, you are all present in this Field.  Your Energies, your Souls, are in that-Field, and some of you who are listening for the first time are feeling the Energy of the Field.  And you say: "Is that it?"  Yes, that is it.  You are getting it.  It is something you can get used to and what you are doesn't feel like it is not-You.  It feels like it is a-You-that is Expanded!  That is exactly what it is!  It is a-You-that is Expanded!  It is a-You -that is learning to tap in to those Dimensions that have been shut down in your SPACE and learning to become comfortable with them. 

So I thank you!  You are all part of the Experiment. Every time somebody new comes in--the Field Shifts, and changes to flow around and include them.  When you go back to your life after this Call you will probably contract again.  And you will come back again and expand and contract, and after awhile something in you can click and you will see how you can create this kind of Energy in your Space.  

It doesn't have anything to do with turning people into Believers or knowing about the Elohim or knowing about the Shift.  If you try to do that they are going to think you are crazy.  Just tell them to go to the Web Site and read the book and don't ask them about it.  Let them reach back.  If they have read the book; if they are curious they will want to know more but it is one of those things that you can't talk to people logically and expect them to get it.  If they won't and in fact they will probably think you are crazy.  So don' don't have to do that!

Terry… are you ready?

Terry Brown:  Yes!

Wynn: Ok, so we are doing our little Invocation to the Light: "Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line [and any person listening to a replay or reading a Transcript] and any negativity be taken to the Highest Realms of Light and transmuted for the Highest Good of All Concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of Energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the Galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the Outer Energy Fields of Planet Earth, through our Bodies into the Center of the Earth and right now we invoke a Group Energy Connection of all those listening who would wish to participate in that Connection and we invite those SOURCES that are Positive; Service to Others; honoring The Law Of One to join with us and we create a Protected Space that only the Positive has access to and anything Not of that Nature Must, Leave, Now!"

And do we have our SOURCES present and would they like to give an Introduction or Comments to what I said, or anything they would like to say to our Group at this moment?  Thank you!

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) Yes, this is Ra'an.  We are delighted to be with each and every one of you!  This is the 27th of January 2014 and we localize ourselves in order to bring through this channeling and we also connect with each and every person who wishes to be Connected With and we take a moment to achieve that Connection.  We only connect if you wish connection.  Connection is a two way street.  It is not a one way street.  It is a Co-Creative Venture in which you are open to us and we open to you and as a result of this connection you may see generated from the connection a color of pink, a light pink.  The color of Love! We are here with you and it is a Sacred Moment of Time when we are here in the 3rd Dimension with you and we honor you for Coming and Connecting with!  We Love You!   Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes.  We are continuing our series of questions on: "How The Elohim Created The Universe".  If you go to our Archives section...I am talking to everyone on the line and you do a search called: "How The Elohim Created The Universe", you probably have six or seven of these sessions on there and they are very fascinating!  We are going to continue where we left off but just a quick review--like a one minute review.

Originally there was One Awareness and that One Awareness divided in to Multiple Awareness's because it was lonely.  These- Awareness's did not have Bodies.  They were Energies.  They were Energies in Time/Space.  And then there were millions of them.  There was the desire to have Persistence.  [With] the desire to have Persistence, things would last because when ever there was [just] Energy everything was just in the Moment and would just be floating.  They learned how to Create Frequencies; combine Frequencies and those Frequencies would become Points in Space/Time that would Persist.  And that was the very Beginning of The Universe. 

It started out with Galaxies and Planets and Life Forms.  Originally as I understood it, it was not that they thought of themselves as God, it was like the Universe was somewhat like an Aquarium that they could watch the development of.  Everything in the Universe had Consciousness and had some ability to “Create the Rules” around it that it would control that Space by those Rules and everything is Aware and Conscious.   So each Planet has a Consciousness.  The Earth has a Consciousness just as you may have a family and you “Create the Rules” of your family. You “Create” how your children are brought up.  You “Create” what Schools you “Create or don't Create.”  What integrity you pass on to them.  The Earth has its Rules.  We live in the Earth's Space.  We are learning and growing but we are hosted in the Energy Field of Earth. 

So once there was a Physical Universe there was such a thing as Possessions and that there was a reason for One Being to have control over Another Being.  There would be Slavery because it was easier to be here if you had lots of people taking care of you and they would do your bidding.  So there was a desire to Create Contraction by certain Beings in the Universe and our Planet is at the effect of a lot of those intents to Create Slavery; to Create all kinds of things.  It is possible to escape from that and still be here but you have to get your Hologram above that Energy.  

There were Elohim Souls that would come into this Realm.  Initially they could go back and forth (I believe that this was in the Edgar Cayce's material) and I think we have asked the question; that they would be sharing space with Beings that were here and they would experience sex.  The sex would cause their Energy to get locked in to this Realm and then they got stuck in Cycles of Reincarnation.  

Some of those Elohim Souls who had a lot of Power in this Realm would play their Power Card and turn Negative.  Some of the Secret Societies, some of the Control Mechanisms are Elohim who descended in to this Realm which are sometimes referred to as Fallen Angels.  

If we have it right, we are connecting to the Celestial Elohim that didn't have Bodies in this Realm and that they decided that they shouldn't have Bodies because somebody has to Hold the Center Point Space and if they all left...I don't know what would happen if they all left and took Bodies?  So, when they take Bodies there is a question of how much they remember that they were Elohim Souls but if you read the Bible, the Old Testament says:  "The sons of God mated with the Daughters of Man".  So, that would of, seemed to indicate that there were Elohim Souls that knew they were Elohim Souls and were having sex with the Humans.  So that is enough for my Preamble. 

So I am going to go to the question.  There was an interesting point that we came to some time ago about: "How the Elohim?"...we asked about sex, sexuality.  Obviously sexuality is one of the Prime Creative Forces in this Realm.  And obviously it is a very complicated process about how a Being got Created that could have those kind of drives; that could have a Male and a Female work so well together to Create Offspring and bring them up.  There had to be quite a bit of Design in the Creation of that and sometime ago we discussed about Amoebas.  They brought up Amoebas and the Amoebas were I think the first animal where DNA was established and DNA was like a reflection--a microcosm of the Universe.  

So let me turn it over to them.  Just to bring us up to date on the Creation of the Amoeba.  And let us explore how the Amoeba went in to Higher Life Forms?   

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) Thank you.  One of the Basics is Spiningness and Spiningness allows Life to occur! There is a constant motion that takes place and the Spiningness allows the intersection with other Spiningness's and these can then combine and can Create a Life Form, for instance with the DNA. The DNA is the winding around of Strands that are Created by Spiningness.  The Spiningness, and the result of the Spiningness of the Galaxy and of the Solar System and of the Planet.  The the Strands are wound around and more Stands are created and there are a number of Strands that due to the geometries come together and wind around and then begin to Create a Basis of Life.  

The Amoeba and or other Lower Life Forms begin to achieve Rudimentary Consciousness because of the collection of the Images--the Holographic Images that are wound around and are reflecting back and forth to each other and resonating back and forth.  And over time they, the Forms, get more complex and some of the Forms are inoperable and some of the Forms particularly the Round Form, for instance the Form of the Cell. It is more apt to survive because of its Round Nature.  It does not get destroyed.  It has a protection around it from the Spiningness's.  They are Creating a Template of a harder layer around it that can resist destruction and can find their way to combine with other Forms.  

When we would look at the Different Forms that were being Created we delighted in the fact, that they were moving on their own.  And we went to them and watched them and then would, due to our unique skills of being able to duplicate to be in total connection with them, would be able to make them jump or move and to be One With Them and then to see what happens when one would move them out and into connection with another.

We have a whole Group, Division or Section of Beings that work on the Creation of Life forms for the Best Cohabitation; for the Best Experience; for the Best Model to develop.  We work from a holographic sense of Self with the Little Life Forms, and would be able to control them, and control their mating or their uniting, and then to watch what the Creative Forces of The Universe brought forth.  

We did not create the Laws; The Major Laws of Consciousness.  We ultilized them.  We are Workers also, such as individuals, people in the Lower Realms-- and we Work with the Creative Forces that are available to us to Create!  Outside of Space and Time there is a Master Intelligence and the Master Intelligence has a bearing on ALL That Is and has the unique ability to keep track of All of Its Creatures at the same time and to send what is needed or provide what is needed for the Best Growth of that individual and this is outside of our scope.  This is outside of Space and Time.  We are on the edge of Space and Time and we can move outside it but we can work just on the Inside of Space and Time which is a very rapid movement there and as you move into the Lower Dimensions it steps down into slower and slower movement as all of the Factors; all of the Cells; all of the Consciousness's have to come in to Uniform Movement in order to exist.  Therefore things are much slower in the 3rd Dimension.

It took a long time to move from an Amoeba to have a Full Form Human Being and there was much work and there is still much work going on--on how to develop the Ideal Human Being.  There were Human Beings that were developed that were swifter and more durable than those that you have and there are Human Beings developed that are not as viable as your Species.  Your Species is really resilient and is particularly suited to Life in the Earth Plane.  There are in the Earth Plane many different Life Factors working together; the Bacteria that are in the Digestive Tract that help make the B-Vitamins.  The Digestive Enzymes that help digest the food coordinated with the environment moisture that is needed.  Life is particularly on Planet Earth suited to Planet Earth!  Does this help? 

Wynn: Yes, and I think we have just started a three hour discussion and we have two minutes (Wynn chuckles). I think that, you know...I have many questions about how the intention of the Higher Realms?  Where we have learned that in the Higher Realms, if we understand it correctly, that you are Energy Beings. those could Energy Beings work with an Amoeba?  And I am going to ask this one question and then I think we have to close the session.  We have about 2 1/2 minutes and maybe we will continue this next week since we just scratched the surface.

Where the Energy Elohim coming into this Realm other words you said you could occupy an Amoeba and I assume you could occupy Beings...were they coming in and doing [the] Higher Work of construction of things and then going back, back and forth?  Then according to Edgar Cayce they got trapped in this Realm because of the experience of sex pulled their Energy into the Realms of the physical.  Can you answer that in two minutes?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) We started out so strong and so confident that we could take over Lower Form and could come and go at will and would not get trapped by the Energies of the Lower Form however this is before there was sex and before the beings became much more Complex and as Beings became more Complex and sex was developed then it became harder to escape the Energy Field of the Body.  So that, if a Elohim came in and was a Lower Level Elohim with a Lower Level of Energy they would then move into the focus of the Body and not escape it! 

Wynn: Thank you.  I think that is all we have time for this evening know it was important to give an Introduction to this session to get the mood right and I think we should continue it next week or maybe we will do a Saturday, a three hour session, so that we can really get into it.  Because once the Energy is here, we are on the BBS [Radio] time clock.  So, I thank you so much!  Any closing comments, we have one minute?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) It is an honor to be here!  We cannot even express our profound gratitude at being able to Connect with those wish Connection!  Thank you! 

Wynn: Thank you so much for being here and thank everyone on the line for being here and Holding the Space!  We do our Wednesday Call and we will be answering questions.  Remember if you are on this line and you want to keep getting notices of the Calls be sure and sign up to that special sign up thing which is in the email which ensures that you'll get notices.   And on that note I am going to open the lines up.  Let us see here...just a second...

Listeners: Thank you Wynn!  Thank you Terry!  Everything was wonderful! Good night everybody!  Thank you so much! Love to everybody! (a cacophony of Thank you remarks, etc.)

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