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Thank you all for your interest in our work. If you haven't
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I wanted to call special attention to a free intro talk with Carla 
Rueckert this evening at 6PM Pacific time. Carla is a legend in
her own right. She is the person who channeled the "Ra Material"
from 1981-1983 and is foundational to both the work of 
David Wilcock and myself. 

David often refers to her work as the Law of One material and has
called it the "penultimate of channeled material". When I
first had discovered David, I spent quite a bit of time studying Carla's
Law of One material trying to believe that this new view of reality had
some credence behind it. 

I hope you'll join us for this free introductory talk with Carla this evening.
Click on the link below and register. Blessings and have a great day...


Thursday March 27th 6pm Pacific
Meet Carla Rueckert
On Thursday evening I'll be hosting a free conference call to introduce you to Carla Rueckert and her work. Carla is a pioneer channel who brought in a work called The Ra Material from the period of 1981-1983. Her work is foundational to the work Terry and I do and David Wilcock as well. Carla has become a regular participant on our calls and we are doing this session particularly for all the new people who recently discovered me on George Noory.
Who is the Ra Group?
Ra identified itself through Ms. Rueckert as a Group Soul comprised of graduates of this realm (got off the wheel of reincarnation). There are hundreds of millions of them and Wynn believes are the source that spoke through Edgar Cayce
and by inference David Wilcock. 
About Carla
Carla Rueckert is world renowned channel who had the Ra Group speaking through her from the period 1981-83. She went into a trance and never remembered a word of what she said. Her sessions were translated into 5 books, published by the Schiffer Company. 
Amazon Comments on the Ra Material

"There is a lot of channeled material out there, some good and some not so good. I think it is important to use discernment when reading channeled material, just as it is important to use discernment when reading anything, or when listening to a preacher talk.
Ultimately, the truth is inside of us, but we don't know it. So it helps to have it confirmed by `outside' sources. Sometimes we come across something that has that ring of truth in it, and we know it is appropriate for us in this point of time in out lives. Not necessarily appropriate for everyone at all times, or even for ourselves at all times, but appropriate in the now, for where we are at right now.

Thus, I have encountered many books and other sources of info that have all had varying degrees of what I consider `truth', but no one of them being THE TRUTH. (I have long ago dismissed the bible as THE truth, but consider it to have SOME truth in it, while most of it has been distorted.)
The Law of One books are the closest I have found to being THE truth. Many of the channeled works out there are cheesy, or they come across too `authoritative' ie ` such-and-such year this WILL happen...', `...that IS the way it IS...', etc.

Ra, on the other hand, does not claim to be an authority. Rather, this entity repeatedly tells us to please use discernment and accept only that which resonates as truth within ourselves. Then proceeds to give info that totally rocks your socks off!

This stuff is deep, very deep. I have never read anything else, channeled or not, that even comes close to such high caliber! It is just completely obvious to me that the info really is coming from a higher being, cuz no way anyone could have made all this up!"
Date - Thursday March 27th
Time 6PM Pacific, 7PM Mountain, 8 PM Central, 9PM Eastern