Subject: Trabscript--Monday BBS Call 04-15-2013--The Tunnel of Light and a Special Planetary Meditation

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The Tunnel of Light and a Special Planetary Meditation


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Host: Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is April 15, 2013. My name is Wynn Free; with Terry Brown and lots of people on our line from all over the place. For those of you who don’t check in early on our call and just listen to the replays, you have been missing a bunch of dogs and cats saying, “Hello” and barking and meowing.


Do you see what happens when we start recording, Gijs? People get shy; they’re are going to be saved for posterity. Just think, people may be listening to these calls for a long time to come, checking out our archives files. They’ll be saying “I wish I was there.”—and you guys are here.


Have you noticed how many people have been on our archives, Gijs?


Gijs:  I haven’t looked lately, no.


Wynn:  The last time I looked, it had 23,000 hits. That’s actually not 23,000 people, because a lot of people come back more than once. But, to me it means that they’re working; actually I feel freed up because we have those. For a long time I felt like, “I gotta keep doing these calls; I gotta get this out, I gotta get this out”. You know, we just had a handful of people.


Now that it’s on the archives, there is so much stuff there, so many amazing topics that we’ve covered: everything from channelings to—you guys have been on, many of you; so you know. It’s hundreds of calls that you can play on your way to work; you can play when you’re coming home.


Of course, the reason to play them—that’s why I think it’s working; that’s why we’re getting so many hits—is because there’s an energy on the calls. As you keep listening to this stuff, we talk many times about we’re all in this realm and we’re all carrying lots of baggage, all of us, we can’t help it; from our past lives, this life, our traumas, whatever.


If you keep coming back the chances are you’ve made some kind of decision to get rid of the baggage or at least lighten the load and these calls, this work, helps do that. It may not do it for everyone, but for certain people it really works, because there’s a loving energy on this call. It’s an energy that gets brought in from other dimensions.


Of course, that’s my thesis; that’s my postulate, because we can’t prove all of this. There’s kind of virtual proof, just by the way they communicate and the way we feel when they’re on the call. We have actually created a family. Some of you may have never said anything; some of you are listening to the replays on the Internet. Yet, you feel that sense of connection.


In a sense it’s real, because there’s no time in higher truth. So when this call is happening and you’re listening next year, it’s still happening in that moment. This is because the energies that come in on the call are not in time. So it holds the energy. Now I think that’s true; of course I can’t prove that, but I do know I get emails from people who listen to the replays and are having that experience.


Of course, when you’re on the live call there’s the excitement of saying, “What is Wynn going to say next?” There’s the opportunity to say hello to everybody at the beginning, which helps ground the energy. Sometimes, there are opportunities for people to contribute which you miss out on, but the energy is there whether you’re in on that stuff or not. The theory is that every time you tune into that energy, you’re helping clear some of your patterns; maybe all of them; who knows?


It’s very important to feel loving energy. It’s not always easy to find it in the world; in fact, it can be really darn hard to find it in the world. Oftentimes when you’re looking for loving energy in the world you end up worse off than before you started, because, of course, one of the most effective ways to find loving energy in the world is in a relationship.


That’s effective; but it’s not easy because now you’re connecting with someone else that has baggage and you have your baggage and they have their baggage. If you can manage to cut through all the baggage, it’s wonderful. Two people that do that can help clear each other, but so often that’s not what happens and people get stuck with not only their baggage, but the other person’s baggage. What do they do? They end up fighting; they end up feeling controlled. That’s the downside of everything.


The upside is that you have someone in your life that sees through your baggage and sees to who you really are and you see to who they really are. When you have someone in your life that sees who you really are, it allows you to grow into who you really are. It allows you, because they accept you; you start accepting yourself and vice-versa. That’s a very fast way of evolving, so it’s great if you can have a relationship like that. If you don’t, I’m not telling you to go out and look for it.


The reason for that is, because once you have a relationship, the choices you have made have given you a certain responsibility, particularly if that person is attached. So you then become responsible for hurt you create and that becomes another piece of baggage that gets attached to you; you have to carry with you until you clear that one.


Do you understand how this works? Once you start operating at a high level of oneness, you also suddenly have a huge responsibility, because everything you create for another person—let me make that not an absolute, because there may be exceptions.


In other words, you may cause somebody to go through something, but you’re not actually creating it. You’re catalyzing them and it can be a positive thing. But in general if you’re involved in another person’s life and you create something for that other person, either positive or negative, then you’re adding to your baggage either positively or negatively; but you’re adding to it.


I remember reading this and it kind of supports this idea that if you commit suicide you become karmically responsible for the people that you hurt by leaving. If you want to commit suicide, make sure that no one cares about you, so that way you won’t hurt anybody. But then if no one cares about you, then what is the energy that you’re carrying as you leave this realm?


I decided I was going to do the topic tonight on death. We’ve done some extraordinary calls on death in our archives. If you search the archives, there was this one call where Terry’s friend John had a car accident and he was in a hospital in Flagstaff. He ended up dying and Terry was in the room with him. He was fighting to stay in this realm and she saw this angel coming down. She had to kind of like encourage him to go with the angel to get to the higher realms. There are a lot of things we’ve discussed about dying.


Like this portal of light, how the higher forces work with you. I haven’t had the time to do this; it’s on my to-do list, to take some of those really extraordinary things that are in the archives and put them in a special section so that people don’t miss them. There are certain things that you can learn while you’re alive that if you can remember when you’re dead and you apply them it will impact some of the possibilities of what can happen to you.


Is that right, Terry? Do you remember all that?


Terry:  Yes, I remember all that. That’s correct.


Wynn:  Yes, so I’m going to ask some more of those questions. I’m not going to go back and ask the questions that are up there. Look on and do a search on ‘dying’ or ‘death’ or ‘John Sanborn’.


I don’t know if all of those calls are transcribed; do you know if they were transcribed, Terry?


Terry:  I think some of them were.


Wynn:  Yeah. But, it’s awfully valuable, since every single one of us is going to have that experience. If there is anything you can know while you’re alive that can help that experience be better, then that’s pretty cool.


Did you read the quotes that I sent out today, Terry?


Terry:  No, I didn’t.


Wynn:  I sent some quotes out on the email that I sent out about five minutes before the call. Here was Woody Allen: “I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens”. Here’s a good one; this was from a guy named Mitch Album; it says, “Tuesdays with Morrie”. I don’t know what that is; I can’t remember if that was a TV show or a book.


I can’t remember, but this guy Mitch kept hanging out with his friend and visiting with him, who was on his way to die. They just had this beautiful interchange. Uh-oh, this one pushes my emotional buttons; I’m just catching myself. This was a quote that I sent out: “Death ends a life, not a relationship.” For some reason, that touches me. Then, Mark Twain talked about death quite a bit. I have two quotes from Mark Twain:


“I do not fear death; I had been dead for billions of years before I was born and not suffered the slightest inconvenience from that.” And let’s see…


“The fear of death follows from the fear of life; a man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” That’s Mark Twain as well.


Let’s go into the questioning; we’re going to do a session. We haven’t done one of these for a long time on a Monday, but I have these questions myself. I thought I would just pose them publicly, because I think everyone will be interested. Let me see here…


Terry, are you on your cell phone or on Ooma?


Terry:  Ooma and I want to thank the person that contributed Ooma to us. It’s very clear.


Wynn:  Yeah, you’re clear; that’s Ray in Henderson, Nevada.


Terry:  We want to thank Ray; we appreciate it a lot.


Wynn:  Thank you Ray.


Sometimes people feel sorry for us and they do something when they see us struggling along to make all this happen. But don’t feel sorry for us. You can always help, but it is such a blessing to be able to reach so many people and make a difference in your lives. I have this idea that when you create value for someone else, you create value for yourself. I know that’s true. Those of you that can’t figure out why you’re here and are looking for a purpose, find a way to create value for anyone, even in the simplest way. Suddenly, you’ll understand how that works.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System and then through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others honoring the Law of One, to join with us; we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


Do we have our Sources present to answer some questions on transitioning from this realm?


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’An; the 15th of April, 2013. We are very happy with the topic that has been chosen today. Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes. Of course, we have been under the idea through my work, through Carla Rueckert’s work, and through David Wilcock’s work that we are in a dimensional shift. That this particular death experience would be different than others and that you wouldn’t normally return to Earth unless you had graduated with your heart chakra so you could move through, with Earth, on her graduation. Is that generally still the truth about how it works as of this moment?


Ra’An:  Thank you. There are various principles that apply in all cases. In the case of the ascending at this time, there are parameters available to Earth that have not previously been available to Earth for a very long time. One of these is the availability of portals due to the increase in frequency and the Love-Light that is available to all Earth beings that have the desire and the electrical-magnetic potential to escape the pull of the third density upon them.


Wynn:  In terms of escaping, having the velocity to escape, there are a lot of factors that impact a person at the moment of death. I wanted to ask a question about some of the various factors and their various importances in this process.


For example: one factor is the person’s entire life and their ability to do good works and hold their heart open during their life. Another factor is the person that is lying in bed and somebody next to them is holding their hand and helping them keep their heart open. There are the actual circumstances of death. We’ve been told that if you’re in a nuclear explosion, there’s a chance of becoming a big glom. I would imagine whether your heart was open or whether your chakras were open, you still may end up stuck in that glom that now needs to be untangled for a very long time.


So, the question is: what are the various relevancies of all these different variables in determining what happens to you after you die?


Ra’An:  Thank you. Perhaps the greatest determining factor is the person’s own desire; their own intention. That affixes them to the frequency that will then be their determiner of where they are going to go.


One of the things that the Tunnel of Light does is to loosen to the individual’s hold upon the third density and clear some of the energies as it transports them to the heaven realm and changes their frequencies. The length of the person’s being in the Tunnel of Light is proportional to the things that need to be cleared to propel them higher.


It is not necessary to go through the Tunnel of Light to get to the heavenly realm for individuals that are able to shift their frequencies easily. The person with the open heart therefore, is able not to hang on to other trajectories and fixed ideas and locations and is able to better move to the heaven realm. It is not necessary that they go through the Tunnel of Light.


However, the Tunnel of Light is a tool for them to use and the angelic realm, when they send the angels to guide people to the Tunnel of Light, is well aware of the individual’s need for how they would progress to the Tunnel, or directly to heaven, or to just comfort them while they determine that they wish to stay.


There is no time involved; it is not a sitting down and thinking about something; it is what propels and motivates the individual which then guides him. It is his own frequencies and his own seeking that, as he connects with the surroundings at the time of death; they are his own decisions, his own thoughts.


‘Decisions’ is too slow a word; it is not a forced decision, sitting down and thinking about something. It is where the person is at, and that is where he will have a tendency to go.


Wynn:  Uh-hm. Taking this idea that there’s a Tunnel of Light and that if a person moves into the Tunnel of Light, that’s like a vortex, I think; it’s kind of jumping into the vortex and it helps them move into a higher realm or a higher density. Is that a way of looking at it?


Ra’An:  Yes, it is. There are concentric rings within the Tunnel of Light that move ever-upward in frequency. The individual is guided along in-between the concentric rings; it is like a tunnel that is hollow with very bright lights moving lights and a spiral trajectory along the side. And these act as a guide and the tunnel itself acts as a guide, as a Light tunnel, to show the way forward.


And at the same time to increase the person’s frequency and to decrease problems or the thinking of an individual of being troubled or being pained; things may have gone on, trauma that may have gone on, at the person’s death and this releases the person gradiently from that trauma, as they move through the concentric spiraling rings of light upward.


Wynn:  But a person is actually making some kind of choice to step into this vortex; it is not like a requirement; they’re not forced into it. So they have to decide to move into it; isn’t that correct?


Ra’An:  ‘Decide’ is too slow a word; they have to want to do it.


Wynn:  Yeah; okay, they have to want to do it. Is the fact that we’re talking about it now and getting people comfortable with that idea going to help them? Are they going to remember that when they die and when they have it presented in front of them?


Ra’An:  It is possible that they will remember.


This is technology and information that could be sent to hostels; sent to hospices throughout the country, so that the individuals at the hospices will know better what to expect, what phenomena to see and how better to guide the person when necessary, when the person is seeking more information.


A book could be written on this subject that would guide individuals not only within this group, but individuals that work in hospices toward how to help the individuals who are in the hospices in the situation of transitioning.


Wynn:  Mhm. Once they get into this vortex, I would imagine it’s somewhat like an elevator. The person can go up the elevator to as high a floor as they’re able to hold the energy for. Is that somewhat accurate?


Ra’An:  It is carefully integrated and carefully built into the Tunnel; the relationship between the individual transitioning and the energies, the frequencies of Light within the tunnel, that they do not over-burden the individual or it take them beyond where they wish to stop or where their tolerance lies. It is synchronized totally with the individual and where the individual, their own self or their own motivation, is able to feel comfortable.


Wynn:  As the person is going into this experience there are other angelic beings, entities, assisting this entire process. Do those entities make themselves known? Since there is no time I’ll ask this the best that I can, at which point in the transition can those entities make themselves known? At the exact moment of death, at the moment of some kind of healing, in in-between states or at the moment when they move into this vortex?


Ra’An:  It is all carefully integrated with the needs of the individual that is transitioning. So the angelic being may show up at the person’s death, may show up before the person’s death to monitor the person or give the person solace. They may show up as the person is transitioning to guide them, to monitor them, to see if they are ready to transition into the Tunnel of Light or into the higher realm and may stand ready as they guide, to offer whatever assistance the individual seeks and can use to further lift his transition to the most success possible.


Wynn:  Thank you. Now we know that both the negative service-to-self and positive service-to-others can graduate this realm; 95% service-to-self, 51% service-to-others. Is this same column of Light available to both polarities? And the same angelic support systems available to both polarities once they leave this realm? Or, is there a differentiation?


Ra’An:  There is a differentiation. The 95% negative person is reluctant to give up control and so needs to be guided in a different manner, as the individual would sometimes balk at the synchronistic energies that were coming to him in the Tunnel of Light. The individual may simply balk and may not be open to the healing energies in the Tunnel of Light and may simply command himself into the higher realm.


It is a different transition, a different matter, for someone that has their heart open; they are open for receipt of healing and loving energies. The 95% negative person has the need to stay in control, for fear that they will, in losing control, lose themselves. They feel this way because they have been getting energy from others. If they give up the control…


Wynn: …they disconnect from the energies?


Ra’An:  Yes; they are afraid they would disconnect from the incoming energies. They may have a tendency to blanket an object; to connect to it, to attempt to pull energies off it. They would be reluctant to let that go, for fear they would lose an energy source. So they, in needing to stay in command, would simply will themselves straight there rather than being interactive and receiving healing frequencies.


Wynn:  And if someone was service-to-self and they had those kind of connections and they left this realm and they were holding onto those connections and they had followers, so to speak, or they had slaves, or whatever, would they pull those slaves with them in the same direction they were going?


Ra’An:  They may try to pull those slaves with them and they may give the slaves nightmares as they then may operate conjunctively between the higher realm and the Earth density and begin to bring some phenomena to the detriment of those slaves.


Wynn:  Thank you.


I think that will end the question on that topic. I wanted to take a portion of this call, since our planet is in such a transition right now. We have about ten minutes, I think. I wanted to do a mini-planetary healing session, particularly focused on Korea. Do you go along with that? Is that a good idea from your point of view? Would you work with us?


Ra’An:  We react instantaneously and we look at Korea and then we look past Korea. Then we look to individuals that are swept-up in the rhetoric and beginning to dramatize their own expression for their own reasons, different reasons, different people: angry, some angry people seeking to release that anger through destruction or violence. This has been set off by the rhetoric of the North Koreans.


We, again as on Sunday, put a calming influence over the area of the world that is affected and we again put a calming influence over those crowds of people who are demanding recognition that have felt unrecognized, that have felt, for the use of the a better word, we can say, although they would never agree, ‘jealous of’ and not getting the attention in their growth processes that they desire and feeling isolated and left out and resentful as of that.


And those that have been beaten down, for it goes into a spiral that turns in on itself; as one feels that they are abandoned and then they lash out, then there are reasons to abandon them. So, it is a downward spiral and then, they feel not worthy, because of their actions and their thoughts and they are not able to climb out of this hole easily.


Wynn:  Thank you.


There is another question on the previous topic that came up that I want to ask. Then, I want to go back and I want us to quietly hold the space to anchor this energy.


The other question was: when we’re on these calls, many people feel a vortex-energy; I call it a vortex, but they feel an energy propelling through their bodies into highest realms. They feel uplifted and their chakras open. Is there any connection between the vortex we feel on this call and the Tunnel of Light or the vortex that occurs when you die?


Ra’An:  They’re both vortexes; the individual has vortexes within their chakras and as these are opened, and particularly the crown chakra. As the crown chakra is opened, one can particularly experience a feeling of a vortex. It is the coordination between the individual and the energies that are brought in on the call that creates the feeling of the vortex.


It is a vortex-in-motion; it is the individual chakras in motion that they begin to feel, as the attention of the higher us moves into their sphere. And as two meet, us and them, it creates the inward-look at the energies: and they then see-feel-sense a vortex.


Wynn:  If one had become familiar with that feeling by attending these calls, would they have any recognition or familiarity with that vortex or that Tunnel of Light when they died?


Ra’An:  They are different and the feeling of the movement that is achieved on the calls can free up the individual to be able to accept movement which would then help them be less afraid of moving out of the body and moving into the Tunnel of Light, of which some people are afraid.


Wynn:  Thank you. So let’s all of us take a moment of silence, the theme is ‘World Peace’ for the Highest Good; the theme being the diminution of tension in those areas where tension is building up, the reconciliation with the [North] Korean President, that there be some kind of reconciliation where he is willing to back down and that this fear of nuclear anything is taken away and that we ask that if it’s possible for an intervention if anything should happen, that any weapon should be disabled from going off.


Let us take a moment of silence and hold that in our space.


Do we have any closing words from our Sources before we end this call? We have maybe a minute or two.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We appreciate deeply and treasure contact with each and every person that wishes to be contacted or each and every person that wishes assistance. We take a moment and we focus on Bogdan and Gary. We then focus on each and every individual on the call that wishes to be touched and we send our support and our caring from home


Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you for being with us and supporting our work and helping us play this role in this shift.


And on that note, let me see here. Everyone’s un-muted. We hear the birds in the background. They are saying, “How about us? You didn’t say about the vortex-Tunnel of Light for birds!” We have to cover that in some future time. That goes for the cats and dogs too. Thank you all for being here and we’ll see you next time.


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