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Short Calling in of the Light

Wednesday Call 02/08/2012
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O’Brien
Formatted and Sent by Aharon ben Or

Wynn: This is Wednesday, February 8th [2012] – Wynn Free in Sedona, Terry Brown. This is our Wednesday night question and answer call; tonight we’re going to call in the light and we’re going to keep it short because we’re packing to go to Los Angeles. We’re going to be at the Conscious Life Expo; on Sunday we’re doing a live grid healing. I normally greet each of you if you’re listening on the replays.

The format tonight is slightly different because I’m going to call in the light first; then each of you can put things in the light just like on our Sunday call. Anyone who is listening, after you track my words and use your imagination, you don’t have to believe that it’s real until you have an experience, just use your imagination just in case you get that to click in.

This is not logical; this is not rational and it’s not understandable even. I don’t understand it. Nonetheless, there is something that happens here that it is up to each person to have their own experience. We say it’s a bit of a mystery, but we’ll leave it at that.

Father Mother God, the One Infinite Creator, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here. Any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Solar Logos, through all the Milky Way, through the energy fields of the planets in our solar system, through the sun and the moon, the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

Right now I want you to imagine that you are surrounded by these beings, this consciousness, you can think of them as angels. The Ra group says they have team surrounding us; just imagine that a team is around us and it’s intelligent. It’s surrounding your body in a loving cocoon of energy, of comfort. You feel part of something.

These beings, this consciousness is always around you. Right now, we can feel the love they are projecting around and through you. Your job is to receive, to let it in and to direct it where you need it in your body. If it can be healed, then let it be done. You are worthy of being loved; you are worthy of receiving.

We extend this, of course, to everyone who is listening to the replays; you’re here also. I’m going to open the mics and let you verbally say things to put in this field of energy. You can do it silently; you’re already doing it. If you want to say it verbally, I want you to say it in such a way, that you do your best to hold the reverence, the reverent energy. I’ll keep the tape recorder on, and if you’d rather not put it in the recording, then after everyone says it that doesn’t mind be recorded, we’ll stop the recording then you can do it not exactly privately but to the small group that’s on the line.

I’d like to start: I’d like to put my trip to Los Angeles, safe driving, warm reception, finding new people who are interested in our work that we can help.

Remember: keep the reverence; keeping it reverent means even though people are listening, don’t worry about who is listening. Worry about the spirit that’s listening; make pretend that God is listening; that you’re really being heard.

Now I scared everybody off.

Caller: You didn’t tell us to start.

Wynn: Go ahead.

Steve: This is Steve from L.A. I would like to put all of the residents of the apartment building (where) I live in the light, that they experience consideration and respect for each other and experience peace and tranquility amidst all of the conflict and din that’s around us. I hope that’s the best way to phrase my intention.

Wynn: Thank you.

Wynn: This is Chris – I’d like to put myself in there from the healing from the effects of the Bell’s palsy in my face.

Zoë: This is Zoë in Sacramento. I’d like to put in the love light every human being who is of service to others or is open to becoming of service to others, to have each one a unique and unforgettable experience of love light that cannot erase and that draws them further along the positive path.

Wynn: Thank you.

Jean: This is Jean and I would like to put compassion in the light.

Thank you.

Wynn: You’re welcome. Thank you.

Suzanne: This is Suzanne in Columbus and I would like to express my gratitude for my family and the people in my life who are close to me that are here to teach me something to help me to grow. I’m ever grateful to have that experience to grow, to learn and to expand. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you for sharing. Next.

Jere: I pray that all of us become more firm in our being and light and that we could express it to the world in the most loving and uplifting ways. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you. Is that Jere in Finland?

Jere: Jere.

Wynn: Jere in Finland. I would like all the healing to go to the areas of you where you need personal healing.


Gijs: This is Gijs, and I first want to thank this group over here, especially you, Wynn and Terry, for making this all possible. I want to thank The One Infinite Creator for all the communications and I want to request for the Christed love light and to accelerate and support all the positive and service to other actions and intentions, and energies here on planet earth. Thank you.

Caller: This is …… in Gardena. I wish to put my family in the light/love and ask for love for everybody in this whole year.

Wynn: Are you understanding that, Terry?

Terry: I understood only about half of it.

Wynn: Where are you located?

Caller: In Gardena, California.

Wynn: Speak slowly because it’s hard to understand your accent, okay?

Caller: Okay, thank you. I would to put in the love light for my family and ask for healing and also everybody in the light love and ask for freedom because we are suffering too much now.

Wynn: Thank you. You know, we’re going to be in Los Angeles this weekend, Sunday morning, at the Hilton Hotel at the Conscious Life Expo if you can come and see us. Terry will probably give you a hug.

Caller: Thank you.

Wynn: Next? Is there anyone who would like to say something after I turn off the tape recorder?

Wynn: Let’s just take our energy right now and ask for planetary assistance, no earthquakes, no nuclear weapons, obstacles to the negative and the plots of the negative, blessings for our local communities; each of you, whether you know it or not, is becoming a light bearer for your community, for the people around you. It’s a silent service and you’re very important.

Terry, is there anything you’d like to say, human or otherwise?

Are you on the line?

Terry: Can you hear me?

I would like to ask that anyone connected with any shenanigans or any duplicity in Syria or Iran take a really good, hard look at what you’re doing and it’s consequences and, why you are doing it. I’d like to ask to add to the consensus for peace in the area, and for support for each service to other person in the area, and also for anyone involved in politics that can have an effect over more people that is service to others to give them support.

And Fukushima that place in Japan that is radioactive, I’d like to ask for the transmuting of that for the highest good, the eliminating of that. I’d like to ask for health of Ken for the virus to totally be disintegrated in his system; if not, then it be removed from his system and he be totally clear of the virus.

I’d to thank everybody who is on the call; thank you for your support.

Wynn: I’d like to send the light to my sister who is suffering from incredible back pain right now to the extent where she doesn’t want to live; that whatever remedy or healing to cleanse her so she can be relieved.

I’d like to extend my gratitude for all of you sharing and building this sacred space that we come to so often, and that becoming so natural to many of you, and that you are helping to create a reality against all odds in this realm.

On that, I’ll bring this to a close, and especially again to all of you who are listening to the replays.

I just want to remind you all that if you’d like coming into this sacred space like this, Team Shift is a way that you can do it every day; and, small groups of a few people getting together everyday. There are different groups at different times so you can be fit into a time that’s good for you, even in other places around the world.


We’ll bring this to a close. Thank you.

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