Subject: Grid Healing at 10am pst 712-432-1600 1099743#



The Sunday Grid Healings are probably the most important calls of allour conferences. Here's why:

1. We  do a personal healing session and bring in the energies of our Sources.  Many people experience and feel these energies while they are on the line. And some people have reported chronic conditions disappearing. Even if you don't stay on for the entire call, you can join us for this part.

2. We blend energies with our sources and then create group intentions for planetary healing. This is extremely powerful and if enough people did this, our planet would shift. (I should note that there are many other groups around the planet doing this kind of work as well).  So you can be of great service just bybeing on the fone and contributing your energies.

3. By joining us regularly, you will very likely notice a general upliftment of your energy and an increase in a commodity which can be somewhat rare these days --- Hope.

Hey there's no charge... You don't have to say anything. You can just listen in.

10am  PST -  712-432-1600  pin 1099743#


P.S. Did you download our Xmas Eve event yet? It was quite historic. My sister, who had the miracle healing, said hello to everyone and both Daphne and Terry did live channelings.  but it's purely voluntary.. There's a suggested donation of five dollars. When you make any donation (or none) below, you'll get the link emaile to you for the audio.

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