Subject: Audio of last nights Weds Question and Answer Session


Wednesday 6pm PST

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Wynn asks Terry questions submitted by listeners:

Here's the questions that were asked:

Hey Wynn, I have a question for tonight. Is there a person or astral entity causing me harm or negativity? If so, what can I do to end it? 


Why was this 3rd density established...and for whom...? (since we have some entities who never had this experience)

Were the Atlantians 3rd density?  or did their 'fall' create a need for it...


I know that Tiger Woods' life is private and what he is currently
experiencing is private, but this man is so hugely 'public' that
his current human condition must have some lessons or meaning
for the rest of us. And how in the world do you get the 'world'  to just let you be YOU
when you are so entrenched in such a huge experience????


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 Monday 6pm PST

Wynn, Carla Rueckert and Terry in a "spirited" discussion.

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Sunday Grid Healing-10AM PST

When you listen to the Sunday Grid Healing you can pick up the energies whether you are on the live call or not. At the beginning there is a personal healing meditation where our Sources braid energies with listeners. Many participants can feel this.

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