Subject: Grid Healing 10am pst this morning 712 432 1600 pin 1099743#


If you've never attended one of these, you should try it at least once. Even though the intent is to bring healing vibrations to the planet, we start off with a personal healing session and I get so many emails from people who are feeling the benefits of this part of the call.

If you're shy, or depressed, just call the number and listen in. You don't have to identify yourself. Experiment and see what happens...

712-432-1600  pin 1099743#


If you miss the call you can listen later on the replay line 712-432-1281  pin 1099743#. You can get almost as good benefit by listening to the replay and your energies will still out for planetary healing. You may not understand how this works, but it is a greater service than you might imagine.....



P.S.  On our Monday internet call last week we started a fascinating topic - How did the Elohim Create this realm, how we got stuck here and how we get out? . We barely touched into it and the time was over, so I'm going to continue on the topic this Monday, station 2 - 6pm pst.  Suggest that you listen to last Monday so you're up to speed.  Here's the link for last Monday. There's an amazing channeling by Terry at the end.