Subject: Sun mon and weds audios


Wednesday 6pm PST

Live call in 712-432-1600 pin 128506# 

some of tonights questions:

We assume our universe is the only one in existence, but are there other universes? If so are they different from this one?

Hello, what will the ascension process be like? Will we experience a physical death and have to go through reincarnation again? or will we wake up and it just be another day??  

Wynn asks Terry questions submitted by listeners:

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 Monday 6pm PST

Wynn and Terry and our channelled Source discuss how the Elohim created this realm.

Listen in live every Monday at 6PM Pst 712-432-1600 pin 368522# or station 2.

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Sunday Grid Healing-10AM PST

When you listen to the Sunday Grid Healing you can pick up the energies whether you are on the live call or not. At the beginning there is a personal healing meditation where our Sources braid energies with listeners. Many participants can feel this.

Listen in live every Sunday morning at 10am PST 712-432-1600 pin 1099743#

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