Subject: Get an angel in your living room right now!

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We sent this audio out earlier today to our Spirit Channel subscribers, but it is
so powerful, I'm sending it to the entire list. 

This is the audio of last nights' Monday night session with Carla Rueckert
and Terry. The topic was angels and we had a spectacular ending where 
Carla and Terry sent out angels to everyone listening. 

The energy at the end of this call was very uplifting. If you've been feeling 
a bit overwhelmed at all the changes coming down, listening to this might
shift your energies.

If it works, please email me back and let me know what happened,,,

         Thank You.........Wynn

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Sometimes information may bleed through from the conscious
mind of the channel. It is possible that a negative Source may
interfere. Apply your own discernment, take only what
resonates and discard the rest. An answer to a question is
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privilege of listening in because sometimes you can gain
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circumstances may be similar, do not merely assume the answer
applies to you.. This is not meant to replace seeing your
doctor, dentist or any alternative practitioner.  Some people
get healings here, so you can be open to it.