Subject: Transcript- Monday 01-30-2012, BBS Call-- How Does a Spiritual Person Endure when *it* Hits the Fan

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Monday – 01/30/2012
How Does a Spiritual Person Endure when *it* Hits the Fan

With guest Carla Rueckert

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Wynn:  Good evening everybody!  This is Wynn Free and this is our Monday Night [Conference Call]. 


I have such a dull name for this! I started out with Wynn Talks to the Elohim.  I couldn’t think of a name and I like being kind of low-key, so that way people can discover what it is.  We’re still calling it our Monday Night Conference Call with my co-host, Terry Brown, who is not here yet.  It’s simulcast with a conference line and is on the internet [on].


We have three people tonight who are going to be participating besides myself – that’s Terry, Carla Rueckert and Suzanne Hayes.  I’ll take a moment and Tina can just greet the people who just checked into the conference line.  I send it back to you Tina – go ahead.


Tina:  Sounds great, Wynn.  Welcome to all who have just joined us.  We have three of you.  This is the Monday Night BBS Wynn Free Conference Call.


Wynn:  Is Terry on the line yet?  Terry lost her phone! She’s busy looking for it.  She started a new university called “Lost Your Phone University.”  It’s going to be an auxiliary to the “Unmute University.”


Is Carla on the line yet?


Carla:  I am.  I’m right here.  Can you hear me?  Oh, good.


Wynn:  Your voice is weak.


Carla:  My voice is weak?  Well, I have the microphone snubbed right up to my voice so this is about as good as it gets.


Wynn:  [We] can barely hear her.  Terry, do you have your phone?  Why don’t I call Seth and tell him to turn Carla’s audio up, okay?  Carla, can you hear us okay?


Carla:  I hear you fine; I’m sorry that you can’t hear me better.


Wynn:  Now you’re getting better – maybe Seth is listening in.  Seth, are you turning up Carla’s volume?  I think maybe Seth turned it up.


Let me see if Suzanne Hayes in on the line.  Suzanne, are you on?  Hello, Suzanne?  I don’t think Suzanne is here yet.


Tina:  Welcome to the BBS Monday Night Wynn Free Conference Call.  Would you like to state your name and location?


Terry:  Hi, this is Terry in Sedona.


Tina:  Welcome, Terry.  Wynn, Terry is with us.


Wynn:  I hear her over the phones and I hear her in the other room.  Is Suzanne Hayes there?


Seth:  Suzanne is not with us yet.


Wynn:  I spoke to her three minutes ago and I told her to sit by the phone and answer it.  She’s in a rehabilitation home and maybe some nurses came in and said “We have to do this to you now,” and she’s got stuck.  Can you keep trying, Seth?


Seth:  I will – but, the number might be wrong.


Carla:  Why don’t you ask him if he can turn my volume up, Wynn?


Wynn:  Carla, say something now.


Carla:  Okay, how is it sounding now?


Wynn:  That’s much better.  I sent Suzanne’s number out anyway, because I wanted people to call her and tell her jokes.  (Please note that Suzanne passed over a few months ago, at the time of this call she was in rehab.  We all thank Suzanne for her contribution, dedication and love.)



Carla, you would think Ra could have bypassed it and gotten through anyway.  Did you ever have something like that happen, where you did something wrong and it came up right?


Carla:  That’s the way life is!


Terry:  That’s how I find out new things to do!


Wynn:  In fact, it’s only the things that I do wrong that come out right.  When I try to do anything right, it comes out wrong.


Tina:  Thanks everybody who has joined us – there have been several.  Welcome to the Monday Night Wynn Free Conference Call.  Would you like to state your name and location?


Suzanne:  This is Suzanne and I’m in Marshall, Arizona.  I’m happy to meet everybody, especially you, Carla.


Carla:  I’m just outside of Louisville, Kentucky.  And, I’m so glad to be here.


Wynn:  Be quiet!  Don’t say anything until we start recording.  Hang on –


This is Monday, January 30th [2012], and this is our Monday Night Call.  We are honored to have everyone who is on the call here, because you guys that are regulars know that this call is a co-creation.  It’s not just “you’re listening to us,” it’s also “us is you”. It’s an energy that we co-create together.  When you’re here putting in your energy, your love and your attention, it becomes part of the energy of the call that radiates out to the universe.


Tonight is a very special call, because we have Carla Rueckert with us.  Carla, somebody doesn’t like you!  Carla Rueckert has been our regular guest once a month on Mondays.  Really, if it wasn’t for Carla I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing; I don’t believe David Wilcock would be doing what he’s doing, because she pioneered something in the early 1980’s where a voice came through her.  If you saw the email that I sent out today, I sent a picture of you with your little thing above your head when you were younger than you are now – I also sent a current picture and a Law of One picture on the book, The Law of One.


This voice came through Carla. She was working with a gentleman by the name of Don Elkins.  Don was a very smart Ph.D. and Carla was one of his students in what would be called a channeling class or “Connecting with Extra-Terrestrials” class.  Carla became his star pupil when one day he asked a question and suddenly this voice came through and said “I am Ra.”  Ra defined itself as a social memory complex that was made up of graduates of the physical universe; souls that had passed through and gotten to a place where they were in a higher dimension than physicality and they acted as a group to help beings that were still stuck in this realm, like you and I.  I hope I’m not stuck – I don’t know!  I don’t think I’m stuck; you never know until you’re gone.


Four books of Ra channelings later, wherein this group soul explained who they were, how they operated, how to connect with them, their history on the planet, how they connected with the Egyptians and how they connected with probably even Atlantis  – it was an historic and controversial release of information from the other side.  It’s influenced many people.  Many people call it the most credible, precise channeling in history.  I met Carla when I first started researching the book on David Wilcock and studied her material.  It all connected; all the things connected with what I was working on.


Carla has been rehabilitating from a series of operations – two spinal fusions [and eight debridements to clean out wound site infections].  It’s been serious and she hasn’t been able to join with us in the past months.  I was so pleased to get an email from her this morning saying, “I think I’m ready.”


I decided to invite Suzanne Hayes to be on the show with us because Suzanne is one of those people who was greatly influenced by The Ra Material.  She and Carla have never met. She’s run blogs on The Ra Material in our group.  She’s done discussion groups on The Ra Material, and Suzanne is also in a rehabilitation home recovering from her own medical circumstance.  I thought the topic tonight would be “How to be a spiritual person and go through what would be a really difficult physical experience” - like pain, like spinal fusion.  Suzanne and Carla would be great to talk about that because they both have gone through that.


Before we start, Carla, you have one great fan here on the call in Hawaii who met you in 1988.  She wanted to say ‘hello’ – Lira, are you on the line?


Lira:  I am on the line.  Aloha, Carla.  Aloha.  I worked with you and Don with Andrija Puharich in 1977.


Carla:  Oh my goodness.  Isn’t that something!


Lira:  I went by another name then which I will not share on an open phone call, but I was so pleased to receive Wynn’s email and to see you and to learn that you are on pursuing a speedy recovery and full and complete health.  I hope to connect with you at a later date.


Carla:  I hope you do.  Wynn can share my address and so forth.  Was that during, after or before the time of the Mind-Link?  That was in the fall of ’77.


Lira:  This was before the Mind-Link that we did.


Carla:  It was before – okay.  Great!


Lira:  These were the early days.


Carla:  By all means, write.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Lira:  You too!


Wynn:  That’s great.  Suzanne, are you there?


Suzanne:  Yes, I am.


Wynn:  I cut you guys off from introducing yourself to each other.  I wanted to get this on tape.  This is like an historic event!  Did you happen to write anything [to read for us tonight]? Carla and everybody, two or three weeks ago we had Suzanne on Monday and we did the show with her.  She read some of her poems.  Did you have anything prepared to read?  Its okay if you don’t – but, I just thought I’d check.


Suzanne:  I don’t have any set writings today, but I do have a lot of deep feelings.  I’m so honored to meet Carla and everyone here.  I want to say, I did not remember until today that Carla had also shared a deep physical [challenge] – I don’t really know how to call what’s gone on in my life since October.  Right around my birthday something changed in my life.  A whole new change came over me.  I’ve not yet been able to sort it all out.


I do know that everything I see, I see now in the light of Ra.  I’m able to see things in a spiritual light; I’m able to – not just myself.  I’ve been able to see other people and realize what’s going on in their lives.  I know that Carla will come out of this just like I will – better for having had the experience.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Is there anyone else on the line who would like to say something to Carla before I mute everybody?  I know you’re thinking – should I say this – but are you shy?


Terry:  Welcome back, Carla.  Every time we’d call in the light we’ve been adding your name.  It’s really good to have you back.


Carla:  Thank you.  It is very good to be back.


Wynn:  I think that one of the most poignant things about being spiritual is being human.  When I was writing the message today about what we were going to do, I think that – I’m probably included in this – learning how to receive [is important].  When your body gives out you have to receive.  If you don’t receive, it’s over.  You have to allow people to help you.  I thought that there was something in the experience, that maybe if we learned how to do that – maybe Carla already knows how to do this, being an expert at it.  I don’t know.  Learning how to do that before something gives out in you where you have to do it.


There’s a complexity to receiving if you’re spiritual, because most people give with strings attached, and if you’re coming from a high spiritual place you don’t want any strings.  How do you figure out how to receive and to allow the receiving to happen without getting strings attached?  Do you have to pick the right people, or do you have to pick the correct response, no matter what the other person’s intent is?


Do you have anything to say about that, Carla?  I’m scared to turn it over to you.


Carla:  I have a few things to say about that, Wynn.


Wynn:  I’ve got to tell you – I’m always scared to turn it over to you.  Do you know why?


Carla:  There she goes, right?


Wynn:  Whatever I say, I have to say at the beginning because once you start talking, I say “Okay.”  But, that’s okay.


Carla:  It’s so true.


Wynn:  It’s 7:22; we have to be off by 7:50 – ten of ten your time.  I’m going to turn it over to you, Carla.


Carla:  Thank you sweetheart. You’re quailing!  I will try my best to let you , back in.  I have a lot to say about the experience of receiving blessings from others as well as giving.


I think the first thing I would say about that is you have to realize we’re all one.  Whether you think you’re on the giving end or the receiving end, it’s really all one transaction.


The second thing I would say about that is it’s the hardest thing in the world for most service-to-others-oriented people to do is to accept the love-offerings of others.  The more credit that other people give you for being high-vibrational and spiritual and so forth, the more crushing it is to you that you know your own secret thoughts.  You know you’re an idiot; you know that you make a thousand mistakes a day, and that you are not worthy.


Nobody really can convince you in any quantitative way that you’re wrong, because you know what you’re thinking and so forth.  Our culture is very strong on crediting people for their outer work.  Nobody ever comes up to you at a party and says “How do you be?”  They say “What do you do?”  And, you say “Well I do this and blah blah blah.”  It’s very easy.


If what you’re doing at the moment is resting in bed while you are maintaining a vibration within your being that allows the love and the light of the one infinite Creator to flow through you and out into the world, you’re actually involved in being rather than doing.  You are being that channel that allows the light through. And you even are giving it your color, the color of your personality and the flashes and the glints of your imperfections.  All of those are beautiful to the Creator.


All of these things are involved not in doing, but in being.  This culture does not credit or find worthy people who simply are.


When I was operated on in April of 2011 – that’s almost long enough ago that I could have had a child by now if I had gotten pregnant then – it was eight months ago.  The operation itself went very well, but I came out of hospital with – count them – five different infections in the site of the surgical wound and I kept having to go back in and get scraped off in operation after operation.  I think there were nine of them altogether trying to get rid of these infections.  Nothing worked except something called a wound vac, which I’m on now.


With a wound vac you’re completely limited – you have about four feet of play [in the cord of the pump] – just enough to get from here to the potty.  Other than that, you’re stuck.  [A wound vac is] a machine that keeps you from getting more infection. It takes the infection away very slowly and gradually. It’s a wonderful thing – it closes the wound all by itself.  I’m on this, have been on it for months and I will probably be on it for another six months, something like that.  The doctor won’t say – everybody’s different.


I have been doing a lot of being.  The wonderful thing about that is that I’ve been doing it for long enough now that I’m absolutely positive that I am worthy and that we’re all worthy, not because of what we do, but because of who we are and how we react to circumstances.  We don’t have to be worthy of anything; all we need to do is spend our time as best we can, intending to match our vibratory level to the level of unconditional love.  We spend time resting in the Creator’s love, and there is plenty of time to do that when you’re in bed, a lot of time for inner work. It’s a real blessing if you think of it that way.  You can count your blessings when you’re not busy doing other things.  It gives you so many chances for service to others, but they are not what people generally think of when they think of service to others.


If somebody asks you “Have you heard of Carla?”  [you’d say], “Oh yeah – she’s this channel.  She teaches, etc.”  Hopefully there are people in this world that are aware - and if they’re not it’s okay – that the most important thing any of us does is be who we are – exactly, specifically, creatively, spontaneously, who we are and allow the Creator’s love and light to flow through us.


Then, no matter how imperfect the intentions of people who want to serve you by taking care of you, you can see the beauty of that and you can give thanks for that.  It doesn’t matter if perhaps you get your feelings hurt or something of that kind – it’s all right; everything’s all right.  You’re a strong person. You’re not a weak person.  You’re not powerless. You have all the power in the world flowing through you.  Your intention is everything.


This is what it is to be a metaphysically oriented or a spiritually oriented person and to live what you believe.  It’s not so much what you do; it’s how you do it.  If all you’re doing is doing things, you may not be expressing your being very much.  That’s why Wynn doesn’t like to say how he is, because he’s not very how – he just is.  That’s what he’s trying to get across; he just doesn’t have the words.  I understand him perfectly.


I had a book come out on December 6th, and it was really neat because I haven’t been able to do channeling for a while – obviously, you don’t do stuff like that on pain pills. You’re not in the right zone.  You don’t give chances to the loyal opposition to get hold of you when you’re not totally in a controlled channeling state.  I have not done any channeling work [since the April operaton].  Work that I did in the ‘90’s was found by North Atlantic Publishing and it was co-channeling with a lady named Barbara Brodsky who channels a wonderful master of the Buddhist persuasion named Aaron.  It’s called The Aaron-Q’uo Dialogues.


What I’ve always said about this particular work is that when you pick up The Aaron Q’uo Dialogues, within a couple of pages of starting to read it you’re going to hit something that is important that day.  It’s magical material.  Believe it or not, what I read today in Morning Offering.[1] I’m going to read to you now and you’ll just be amazed at how apt it is.  This is from Weekend One, page 32, of The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues.


I asked Aaron, “I’ve been working to learn to value being as opposed to doing.  It’s very important to me because my physical abilities are more and more limited.  Do you have suggestions on how I can best proceed on this line of seeking?”


Aaron says, “In being, you are doing.”  He goes on to say, “I see you as light; each of you radiates a very beautiful and unique pattern of light.  When you are being in the most pure way possible for you, you allow that universal energy to flow through you and out, so that you become charged with the love of the universe; with the love of God.  Then the light that channels through is enhanced by your own inner energy so that there are truly two sources of light.  You are each a spark of God.”


Then he goes on to say further on down, “It does not work the other way.  In doing you are not always channeling that love and light so clearly; rather, you are using your energy, feeling that something must be done and that you in yourself are not sufficient.  As you allow this energy-flow, the doing becomes simply another way of being.”


I thought that I would share that with you. At the risk of giving away my cynosure for the night, Wynn, I turn it back to you.[2]  Are you there, Wynn?


Wynn:  I’m here!  I need to go back to Unmute University!  That’s a standing joke, because for months every time Terry would talk there would be silence because she didn’t unmute her phone.


Carla:  Details, details.


Wynn:  Can’t you feel the energy?  It doesn’t matter if I say anything!


We all get hooked, to some extent, on outward manifestation.  When you see somebody outwardly manifesting, on the one hand you’re receiving the energy level from which they’re coming.  Everybody manifests at a different level of – we could say ‘energy’ or ‘space in the hologram’ – whether they’re channeling or whether they’re being human.


I used to go through this when I was younger. You would see somebody who had a great outward manifestation.  On one hand, you’re receiving their outward manifestation and being lifted, and on the other hand you are comparing yourself to them and feeling worthless, because, “Look at what they’re doing and I want to do it!”


So many people say, “I want to channel too; I want to channel.”  When people say that – “I want to channel” - because you see the outward manifestation of someone else, oftentimes that would attract a negative source.  It’s not a pure enough intent to want to channel because you were moved by someone else who is channeling.


I learned when I was younger – I would be going through the course of having different conversations with people and sometimes something would click in.  Or, when I would write songs and poems there would be this *click” where suddenly I was wiser than I normally was; I was more polished than I normally was – I said “Where did that come from?”  I realized – I don’t know if one would say it was channeling per se – but, I was accessing high levels of my own being.  Things were coming through me, and that can happen in normal conversations.


Carla:  So everybody is a channel.


Wynn:  Everyone’s a channel.  If you notice – and probably everyone notices this as you go through the course of your day and you’re talking to different people - each person you talk to will talk to you differently.  [You will notice] if you’re being the least bit sensitive – automatically.


You’re on subconscious levels picking up the energies of that person, and there is something beyond your logical mind that is putting it together so you know how to choose vocabulary, concepts – whatever – to get across to that person.  Everyone has that ability.  If you are with someone and you start tuning into that part of you that’s being as opposed to doing you will access that. 


Oftentimes, you have to wait and not engage in the normal pattern of engagement, because you want to please the person; you want to entertain them.  You want them to like you.  Now, your communication is all built around that as opposed to finding the level of being in yourself where you actually reach the other person.  It has to do with going into neutral.


Let me turn it over to Suzanne and see if she has any thoughts or anything to contribute to the flow we’re doing.

(Please Note: This is an older transcript which was transcribed by Suzanne Hayes which we're just sending out. You may remember that a few months ago, Suzanne was a guest on this Monday night call and she was in a rehabilitation home for her health issues. We did a collection to help her out and thanks to all your generosity, we raised over $800. Shortly thereafter, Suzanne passed and any left over monies were given to her two daughters who lived with her. Suzanne was one of the first people to get involved and give support to this work about 7 years ago and she is missed. Sending light and blessings to her right now, wherever she is, in the higher dimensions......   Wynn)


Suzanne:  I think there is much food for thought here; especially what Carla said.  I notice this with myself, that giving and actually being able to take with graciousness when [people] want to give to you – that’s very important to be able to do that.


It was not easy for me to do this in the beginning.  I didn’t understand. [I thought] that I should be able to give all and I could not accept that they would give.  Then I realized:  it’s just as important to allow people to give to you as it is to always expect for you to do the giving.  That’s very important.


I’ve learned – I’m still learning.


Tonight I found out that I have to go through a blood transfusion in the morning.  There’s another new thing, but it’s going to be just fine.  It’s one in the mass of other things that have come up and I’ve taken them one by one by one and not shown any kind of fear or any kind of trepidation about it.  I’ve just allowed it to go through me – telling myself that “this is going to be another one that’s going to come out good.  This is going to be the good mind of God, this will display this and I will see this at the end.” 


I’ve seen it in every other instance that has to do with Ra, with the Elohim, and this is exactly what I’ve seen in the past.  I can’t remember the channel that Carla did – if somebody could tell me the name of that channel.


Wynn:  Suzanne, hang on just one second.  I can’t remember if I muted everyone on the conference call.


Suzanne:  I thought that and I saw the graces of Carla and the helpfulness of Carla during that time.  I really learned the deep things and the subtle things, and I’m still learning them.


That’s my comment.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Terry, are you on?  You’re muted.  Hello, Terry – we don’t hear you yet.


Terry:  I pushed *6.  Yes – I’m unmuted.


Wynn:  Now we hear you. Is there anything you want to comment on what we’re discussing?


Terry:  I love what you’re talking about, the ability to receive from others.  That really touches me to hear about that; it’s the other side of the flow:  not only to give but to receive.  I appreciate it.


Wynn:  In the highest level, it’s all the Law of One because when people are giving in their pureness of nature, they’re also receiving instantly back through the giving.  That’s where I think the trick is – to be able to give and receive back in the moment, because if you have a clear channel of connection with somebody, it’s immediate.


I remember, in Conversations with God[3], Neale Donald Walsch said (or, whoever was speaking through him said) that you can’t do something for someone else that doesn’t come right back to you.  If you’re feeling a bit down and you call somebody and cheer them up, you can’t help but cheer yourself up at the same time.


As you learn how to do this, I think its how you open up to receive from the universe because you become a little cell of universal consciousness, not just your little human cell.  [You’re] walking around on this planet as a universal flow or a walking prayer.


Let me ask Carla the question:  While you were going through all this, were you in a lot of pain?  Were you suffering?


Carla:  I still am, yeah.


Wynn:  How do you work with the pain?


Carla:  The thing about pain is that some pain is very useful, it gives you good information.  Most pain is not a signal; it’s just noise.  In managing pain what you have to do is identify which of your symptoms are interesting informationally and which of your symptoms are just static on the line. 

I’m not saying that because you can make the pain go away; I’m saying that because it helps you to manage the pain.


For instance, I’m not in a situation where I can really get into a creative space and hold it for very long because I’m on pain medication. But I have been able to find things to do because creative people create stuff in real time and they don’t get back to editing it for years at a time.


For a long time I was working on a future project of mine which involved formatting recipes.  I want to do a series of books that will be an accompaniment to somebody who has the care of a family – one volume for each season.  It has a little something for the spirit for the day; it’s got a recipe or two.  It has a funny picture to make you laugh; it’s got a tip on how to get blood out of linen.  You know, a two-page spread to accompany you.  I want to do a series of four books that are seasonal in nature, just to share with people the joy of living moment to moment.  I was formatting the 2,000 recipes or so that I’ve collected over a lifetime.


I finished doing that last October or so. Then I turned to the poetry of my lifetime.  I’m no good really as a poet; I’ve never tried to be a good poet.  Things come to me [that] just say, “Write me down!”  I rush and I go get a pen and paper, or the typewriter, or the computer – depending upon what decade we’re talking - and get it down because it’s coming through.  I have all these pieces of paper.


Last October I started working on my poetry.  The great thing about formatting a recipe or editing a poem is that you only have to hold your focus for five or ten or fifteen or twenty minutes and that is doable even if you’re in a lot of pain. And then you can let it go for a while and rest.  Then, you can get it together again and work again.  I’ve found that to be a really good way to do what I can to keep up with some kind of small service to others in terms of outer work.


That is a very helpful way to look at pain:  is it signal or is it noise? And not to give yourself a single moment for a pity party because that’s an expenditure of energy.  Everything we do takes energy and when you’re not well, when your body is challenged, you have less energy than usual.  Heaven knows you do not want to waste an iota – a scintilla – of energy.  When you’re feeling sorry for yourself - you just lost a day, hon.  There it goes!  Wave it goodbye because you’re not going to get it back for a while.


Decades ago I really learned that feeling sorry for yourself, having self-pity, was useless for me.  It might be helpful for other people because they’ve never had this happen to them before and they need to express it out loud:  “This is outrageous!”  But, if it’s happening to you on a daily basis for your lifetime, as it has to me, then you kind of realize that you need to take your shots.


I really have done wonders with a class I took in 1992 called “Pain Management.”  It was an in-hospital course; it lasted three weeks.  It really taught you to identify and manage pain – and, if it needed attention you gave it all the attention that it needed.  If it was simply noise – static on the line and something that was unfortunate, but there it is – once you’ve done everything you could with pain medication and eating well and doing your exercises – whatever it is you needed to do; then, you work around it.  You distract yourself or you can count your blessings.


I always have a great husband, I have wonderful people all around me.  Every day I get letters from all over the world.  I’m such a lucky gal and so I’ve basically spent a lot of time counting my blessings.  If I can’t do anything else I can sure just think, “Isn’t that just wonderful?  That is so uplifting,” and look at a thank-you note somebody’s written me because they’ve read something I’ve written for the first time.  Golly Moses, that’s just a real blessing.


You do what you can.  You said it, Wynn, and, as you also said it, Suzanne: you do it a day at a time; you do it a moment at a time.  You focus on the now as so many people have said.  You put yourself as consciously and completely into the moment as you can and you relate passionately and just out there with that moment of now and give yourself to that and let yourself be in that moment all that you can be.  Love all you can and appreciate all you can and give thanks all you can.  You work around the pain that way, and the pain becomes not very interesting and you just sort of work around it and move on.


Gradually, hopefully – I will get into a place where there is much less of that and I will be living a much more normal life and be able to do outer things again.  Wynn, that’s the way I handle pain.  I don’t duck it; I don’t deny it.  I even get into it sometimes; if it’s bad enough, I will go into it and I will say “These are the sufferings of the world.”  If I could take the sufferings of the world on myself and everybody else got to go free – I’d do that.  I would just lie in that space and offer myself.


Suzanne:  Can I say something?  I’d like to address what you said. I got to a place where I was seeing the magical-ness…


Wynn:  Suzanne, let me tell you:  officially, we’re off the air.  It’s 7:52 and in three minutes they have a new show coming on.  If you don’t mind, I’ll let you go over maybe another minute – why don’t we just all do a healing energy prayer towards Carla and Suzanne and to ourselves, whoever needs it; a couple minutes of silence.


Terry, are you on the line?


Terry:  Yes I am.


Wynn:  I was going to do this earlier; I was going to say if there was a thirty second message – which is not fair to our sources – let’s ask their energy to be present here, on this healing moment.  And, ask that we have all the positive forces of the universe to sending upon us right now – each of us is a repeater station.  As it comes to you, you send it out again.


For a moment, let’s focus that repeater-station energy on Carla and Suzanne, for their healing.  We’ll just a very short moment of silence.  If you need that for yourself, take it for yourself – you are worthy to be healed.  You are worthy to be connected.


On that note – Carla’s website is  She’s got loads of material there that you can probably read for the rest of your life once you get caught up in it.



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[1] Carla and her husband, Jim McCarty, do a daily Morning Offering to start
each day, which contain readings from the Bible, The Ra Material and several
other spiritually oriented sources as well as a hymn which Carla sings from her
hymn book and a silent meditation and a prayer for intention and intercession.
They are currently reading The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues as one of their readings.

[2] Wynn and Carla often joke about Carla’s tendency to receive guidance that
goes on far longer than is convenient for Wynn, who is trying hard to make a
good radio show and finds it hard to break into her flow from spirit!

[3] Neale Donald Walsch, An Uncommon Dialogue: Charlottsville, Virginia,
Hamton Roads Publishers, 1997, ISBN 0-399-14278-9.

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