Subject: Daphne-State of the Planet......Weds nite Questions and Answers with Terry/Wynn....Another Ra Source?

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Monday Night Wynn and Terry - This was quite an extraordinary call. I read some excerpts from a book - Earth - by Barbara Marciniak who channels the Pleidians where they are talking about a group that created this realm - the Keepers of Time. Terry then came up for a channeling about 40 minutes into the call and I asked our Source who the Keepers of Time were, having no idea what to expect and they said it was them. (That's Daphne playing flute at the beginning. )

Wednesday night Wynn and Terry  - Ra'an helps a lady whose friend has cancer. Ra'an answers - Who do we pray to in The Lords Prayer? Why are more children getting auticism. 


Daphne State of the Planet Address 10-07-09 - earth changes, etc... Any volunteers to transcribe these? Please email


Patrice forwarded this to me.... The description of Ra is very similar to the Ra description via Daphne.... Ra as an energetic template.......


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