Subject: Inspiration from one of our subscribers

Thank you Cathy Bryan for sharing this!   (I'm not sure if she wrote it or not)

WE are the shamen, soccerers, poets, and healers.
WE are also the dancers, teachers, artists and musicians.
WE are the parents and the children,
WE are the gentle ones who whisper our message
softly into the wind.
WE are the ones who would restore and renew
what others have deemed as  beyond repair.
WE are the ones who dare to dream that we
will heal ourselves, our communities and the earth.
 WE now enter a cycle of power and energy in which impeccability, truth, love, peace, harmony, and a profound sense  inner connection prevail.
Energy which flows into a congruency of our intention.
WE are unique  living bridges between all the cultures of the Earth. 
WE are unification of all  previous religions. 
and harmony between all social, economic, and spiritual classes. 
WE are ones that seek to shift the negative projections of the collective consciousness into a positive reality.
WE are  ones that  hold firm to our dreams and visions seeking truth.
WE are ones that choose to counter balance, all the fear-based prophecies running amok with manifestations of love, harmony, freedom and prosperity for our living matrix.  
WE are ones that re-write our future based on love, 
unity and oneness and most of all planetary brother & sisterhood.
WE hold strong to a vision that Earth 
is becoming a beautiful garden and shining star of the universe.
WE  understand that this prophecy is beginning to manifest right before our eyes.
WE are the ones that God has been waiting for. 
WE are our own ancestors returned as the universal caretakers of Paradise.

As summer turns to fall

We have entered a new  cycle,

an exceptional time and situation!

 a time of  evolutionary change

which may  not endure.......

 WE find extraordinary measures are demanded....

  to promote  our transition as quickly as possible, in order to utilize this energy while it lasts