Subject: TFA to assist financially as Gun Owners of America sues ATF over bumpstocks

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December 27, 2018

Announcement to TFA Members regarding TFA's support of the Bump Stock Litigation

TFA has been in contact with Gun Owners of America, speaking directly with Erich Pratt, about the lawsuit that GOA has filed over the ATF's new regulations attempting to change the definition of a machinegun in order to ban an accessory, potentially any accessory, that allows the shooter to increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm. 

It is important to note that under this new move by the ATF whether the firearm (typically an AR15) to which the bumpstock is or has been attached might also be classified as a "machinegun" and be subject to forfeiture.

TFA is committed to donating funds to GOA to help cover the costs of litigation. TFA is discussing with GOA whether more involvement, such as becoming a party in the lawsuit, is strategically the best move at this time.

Again, to TFA members only (see below), TFA wants to provide an opportunity for you to make a supplemental member contribution that will be used to help GOA financially in this fight. So, any donations received from TFA members between December 20, 2018 and January 4, 2019, will be used for that purpose - 100%! - to supplement amounts that TFA will make independent of supplemental member donations.

Member donations can be made online at

If you make a donation please put the phrase #NeverATF in the comments field.

Please note - TFA will at least double the amount of funds contributed by TFA members for this special project.  So, every dollar you can provide will at least double the effort!

(Note: This opportunity is directed only at TFA members. If you are not a member, you can join and then become eligible to participate. The reason that this requirement is made is that the Republican controlled State of Tennessee currently prohibits nonprofits such as TFA from raising money from non-members unless the organization registers also as a "charity". Registering as a charity under TN law allows the state to audit your records, review and obtain your member lists and to prohibit political contributions or activities. TFA told the state to "pound sand" and therefore only makes requests for donations to its members.)

John Harris
Executive Director

Joining and supporting TFA is an investment in the fight to restore our constitutional rights and to fight against politicians who are willing to sell their votes and your rights to whichever business interest gives them the most money!

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