Subject: GOP Leadership kills civil immunity bill! Legislative Report for 4-12-19 and Calendar for 4-15-19

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April 12, 2019

Each week TFA reports on the bills which have had activity during that week and the ones we are expecting to be heard on calendar the following week.

The good news is the Legislature is starting to wind down. The honest news is they have really done nothing to remove the infringements on the 2nd Amendment protected rights this year. Its more like “one step forward, two steps back) – but, what do you expect from RINOs?

Senate Bill 1275 and House Bill 409 was one of TFA’s top tier bills this year. It would have rewritten parts of the civil immunity laws in Tennessee to “catch up” with what other states are doing better. However, when the bill was to be heard in the House Judiciary this week, at least two leadership level incumbent House Republicans demanded amendments to the bill that would have made it undesirable. The bill is now dead for the year.

Senate Bill 1399 and House Bill 1380 was another of those sneaky “caption” bills. The description of the original bill addressed the required date by which certain reports have to be given to the governor. It was deleted and amended to do something entirely different. The amendment would have allowed public school teachers with Tennessee civilian handgun permits to carry only in the school(s) in which they worked and only in parts of the school. Perhaps it was a step toward removing some infringements. It had a few problems with how it was written. Anyhow, the point is that once it was offered as a “campus carry” bill, the GOP leadership and law enforcement came out in heavy opposition and shut it down.

Senate Bill 1401 and House Bill 545 is yet another caption bill that materially concealed from the public what the bill was ultimately intended to do. The original bill would have changed the number of days from 21 to 30 that a person has to get a temporary handgun permit if they are issued an order of protection. That language was entirely deleted and rewritten with two House amendments which passed the bill with the amendments this week. House amendment 4 appears to be the intended result. It deletes the original bill and establishes an exception to a charge of carrying a firearm onto posted property. The amendment states that it is not an offense if a handgun carry permit holder : (1) enters a place of business that: (A) Is not located within a private residence; (B) Is generally open to the public at large; (C) Is properly posted; and (D) A reasonable person would believe that it is lawful to possess a firearm in the business or on the premises of the business or there are special circumstances present at the time that would cause the person to subjectively believe that entry into the business or on the premises of the business with a firearm was lawful; and (2) Immediately leaves the business or the premises of the business upon being told or otherwise becoming aware that the business or premises is properly posted. The bill passed the House this week.

Senate Bill 907 and House Bill 731 passed both houses this week. It allows the Department of Safety to outsource to a third party the renewal of handgun permits and allows a fee increase of $4 for such renewals.

Next week’s calendar of fun and excitement? There are several bills scheduled for hearings as reflected in the Calendar report.

Please contact your legislators concerning these bills. It is important that we keep reminding them about the bills which remove infringements on our rights but it perhaps more important that we demand as voters that they put a stop to any proposed legislation the detracts to the smallest degree from our constitutionally protected rights.

The bill status report and the bill calendar can be accessed through the TFA's website at this page

It is important that you review these reports and contact committee members and your individual legislators with your opinions, particularly your support or opposition.

Committee compositions, calendars and members are found on the State Website

You can look up your individual legislators on the State’s “Find my Legislator” page.

John Harris
Executive Director

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