the Thrill of a Color Blocked T-Shirt by Sure-Fit Designs - Complimentary Pattern

January 5th, 2015 at 2:00 pm EST

the Thrill & Fun of a
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Many of you would love to have a Sure-Fit Designs T-Shirt that fits close to your body but that does NOT have a bust dart.  Enter T-Shirt Tactics - the newest set of instructions on how to easily remove the bust-fitting dart from your bodice pattern for a T-Shirt fit.  Yes, I know many of you very full-busted ladies still need the bust dart, but now there's a choice to remove the dart or not.  This leaflet shows you the simple process which can easily be 'Made in a Day'.

Then, once your bodice pattern is modified for your T-Shirt style, it's time to sew a stand-out Color-blocked T-Shirt.  This new downloadable Fashion Leaflet will be available free for all our SFD members for a limited time.  From today through Jan. 12, click here to receive your January 2015 sewing inspiration gift from Glenda the Good Stitch to you our valued customer.  After Jan. 12 2015, there will be a nominal cost for this Fashion Leaflet.   To obtain your complimentary Color-Blocked T-Shirt Fashion Leaflet you must order by using the link provided in this newsletter.  Make sure to download your copy today!
T-Shirt Tactics New instructions!  In past, you've either had the Dress Kit bodice with bust dart or the looser fitting Shirt Kit pattern to use to design your T-shirts.  Now, if you prefer, you can remove the dart from the Dress Kit bodice and achieve a T-shirt fit that's much closer to your body.  What a great option for so many of you that do not really need or want that bust-fitting dart.  See how easy this is to accommplish with the latest SFD Leaflet instructions - T-Shirt Tactics Instructions»
Color-Blocked T-Shirt What fun!  Color blocking is easy and super simple to design into your SFD sewing patterns.  You all know that color blocking is popular again and of course, you can design this stand-out style with your SFD T-Shirt pattern.  This is just one more quick design that can be 'Made in a Day'.

For this limited time, now though Jan. 12, 2015, you are invited to get your complimentary copy of Color-Blocked T-Shirt>>
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