Your Sewing Vacation - Update SFD Super Index - New Free Videos

February 2nd, 2014 at 1:00 am EST
Sure-Fit Designs February '14 Updates - News
Let's focus on catch-up news:
-The SFD Super Index has been updated - thanks to Sara.
- Want a Sewing Vacation?  The Fit & Sew Retreats are filling - consider attending if you can.
- There's more free videos for your fitting & sewing benefit.
SFD Super Index
Now that we have the new SFD Collar Collection and 5th Edition Dress Book, Sara, from, has updated the SFD Super Index.
It's totally free from our house to yours and well worth downloading.  It's a 'super' tool that indexes designing instructions and helps you find what you're looking for within the Sure-Fit Designs fitting system written materials.
Sara's put in a tremendous amount of work on the Index and deserves lots of credit.  I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.
Thank you, Sara!
Enjoy a Sewing Vacation
Enjoy a sewing vacation with the camaraderie, fun, sewing and learn to fit your unique body shape.  The Fit & Sew Retreats still have some availability.
- April is full. 
- May Pants Intensive has 3 spaces available.
July 6-11 fitting workshop - 1 space remains available.
 Oct 19-24.  So far, two lovely ladies from Australia, one from Washington, and one from Canada will be attending in October.  There are only 2 spaces remaining.  With only 6 allowed into the class, if you were considering attending, now's the time to get in touch with me.
SFD Complimentary Videos
Yes, we've been at it again.  Improve your fitting knowledge and sewing skills with these new, free videos.  See the following designing and sewing construction videos:
- Designing the Armscye Princess line
- Joining Elastic without Bulk
- Knit Tip: Easy CB Identification Stitching Tip
- Double French Dart Designing
- Designing with your Pants Pattern
And if you haven't watched them yet, see the new SFD Collar Collcetion and 5th Edition Dress Book introduction videos.
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