Waterfall Jacket - New Fashion Leaflet - Now Available, Digital Download

October 16th, 2016 at 3:00 am MDT
Sure-Fit Designs Oct 2016 Newsletter
Waterfall Jacket
New Digital Fashion Leaflet
    Simple to design and make in a day - you'll love it!

    Fashion Leaflet (convenient download format only).

    New Fashion Leaflet
    Receive drawing & sewing instructions.
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    Waterfall Jacket

    Use your Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit to design this trendy and comfortable jacket. It features a graceful waterfall front drape - dart transferred to shoulder line - long sleeves if desired.  This is a quick jacket project designed with the Dress Kit.  Wear over a Sure-Fit Designs Tank Top - also a downloadable Fashion Leaflet.
    Now Available
    Make it Sew
    Beginner's & intermediate DVD tutorials - learning how to sew.

    If you're new to sewing or want to refresh your sewing skills and techniques, the latest DVD series from Glenda the Good Stitch will teach you the essentials.  You'll receive 4 DVDs consisting of 28 valuable and detailed lessons.   Click Here
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