Subject: Triple Espresso or Decaf? Basic Blouse Designing 101 - A Must Watch

Basic Blouse Designing 101
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Everybody always asks how to design/draw a simple, straightforward blouse once their bodice muslin has been refined.
It's time for Basic Blouse Designing 101!
You can choose the Triple Espresso Fast Forward video version - only 1 minute long
View the slower Decaf/Tea video version - about 15 minutes long.
Have fun either way and see how easy this process really is.

Triple Espresso
It only takes a minute (promise).  It's fast forwarded and fast paced but you'll get the message.  Make sure to share this with your sewing friends.

See Joy B's blouse expressed in easy steps of what to do.  She always looks so great in her finished SFD blouses. (about 15 minutes)

More Free SFD Videos for your educational benefit.
Perhaps one of the following videos is a situation you are dealing with.  There's answers below, just follow the links.
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After 50 years of sewing buttons on, what new is there to learn?  I was surprised at how easy and neat this technique is.  I'll never go back to how I used to do it.  Here's how. Click Here
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