Subject: Transcript - Pants Chat (SFD) - June 15, 2011


Sure-Fit Designs™  Live Chat Transcript

June 15, 2011 - Pants Chat with Glenda

(In my haste to get the transcript out to you, I inadvertently forgot to change the Subject line....LOL - both messages contain the same info)

The good news!  With the aid of my office assistant (my DH), we were able to capture the entire conversation in last night's Live (Pants) Chat.

The Chat 'transcript' link - Please click through to Transcript for an overview of the questions and my responses.  You're welcome to email me with any further questions.  Email Glenda

Future Chats?  Yes, there will be!  This was such a success that there will be more in the future.  Watch your newsletters for announcements.
Once again...a BIG thank you to all who participated!!

Happy Sewing!


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