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the Shacket
by Bernard Burns Custom Clothing
New Digital Fashion Leaflet
Use your Shirt Kit blueprint...and easy to sew - you'll love it!

Fashion Leaflet (convenient download format only).

New Fashion Leaflet
Receive drawing & sewing instructions.
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The Shacket

Use your Sure-Fit Designs ShirtKit to design this trendy Shacket (instructions thanks to Bernard Burns). What's a Shacket?  It's a combination of a shirt and a jacket...a very current, trendy and popular style choice.  Make it yours in the fabric that suits your lifestyle.
UK/Ireland/EU Customers...please go to Judith Johnson's UK website to purchase the new ShacketClick Here
South Africa Customers...please go to Elsabe Hurn's website to purchase the new Shacket.  Click Here
Australia/NZ/SE Asia Customers...please go to Martha Schuster's website to purchase the new ShacketClick Here
For the USA and all other international orders including Canada ...please go to the main Sure-Fit Designs website to purchase the new Shacket Digital Fashion LeafletClick Here
1-Button LBJ Sew Along by Glenda the Good Stitch
Participate in our newest Design & Sew Along...the 1-Button LBJ (Little Black Jacket).  Designed from your Shirt Kit, you'll find this an extremely easy project to draw, design and sew along.  It's an unlined jacket making it even easier.
You can register for this Sew Along here.
Nifty Neckline Basics
Did you miss our latest live chat?  It was all about the basics of drawing're welcome to watch the replay - it's free - simply Click Here
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