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April Odds ‘n Ends

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Welcome to April.  I’ve called this month’s letter ‘Odds ‘n Ends’ since there are a number of unrelated topics to share as a result of your Survey responses as well as all the events and activities that have occurred for SFD during the month.


PS. Make sure to download the email images and listen as I welcome all our new members to the SFD newsletter.

What' New?


SFD Survey – Your Feedback

Thanks so much to each of you who took the time to respond to the SFD Survey.  Your responses have given me all kinds of topics to discuss in these newsletters and in the GetAmazingFit blog.  I’ll begin addressing some of your questions this month.  If you haven’t completed the Survey yet, please take a few minutes to offer your input – Click Here.


Personal Fit Issues

When some of you completed your Survey, you asked specific questions in relation to the fit of your personal SFD patterns.  The survey results provided me with your questions and comments, but did not identify the email name of who asked the question.  Therefore, if you have any specific issues related to your pattern results – email me directly  I am more than happy to offer you personal support.

To answer one of those questions – Yes, I am available via Skype (email or phone) to assist you with fine tuning your SFD body blueprint.  Skype address:  Please Skype me requesting contact.


Guest/Expert Chat with

I was recently invited by to be a featured Guest in their Expert Chat series.  This event happened March 23.  Many avid seamstresses attended the live chat, titled ‘Fitting from Petites to Plus sizes with Sure-Fit Designs’.  For those not able to attend (or didn’t know about this event), just follow this link to read the transcript.  Great questions were asked relevant to the successful use of Sure-Fit Designs.  Click Here.
My ‘thanks’ to PatternReview for this opportunity to introduce Sure-Fit Designs to their membership.

Past Newsletter Links

The SFD Newsletter mailing list has grown substantially.  For all our new members – Welcome!  If you’re interested in browsing previous SFD Newsletters – Click Here.  Bookmark this link for your convenience.


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Happy Sewing...


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Video Welcome!

First, download the images within this email.  (Or click directly in the box above.)  Then, when you click the forward arrow it will open up a new screen.  Click the arrow again and let the video load.  It will then begin playing.  When done, click the 'X' to close the screen - you will be returned to this newsletter.


Beyond ‘E’ (Bra Cup)?

There had been enough requests for what do with SFD when your bra cup size went beyond an E.  As most of you are aware, the SFD Adjust-A-Bust template provides dart widths from A to E.  To answer your needs, there are now instructions for enlarging the template from an E up to a J cup.  To see how – Click Here.  Please be patient while the pdf file loads.

Pants Wearing Ease

The SFD Pants master pattern has a minimum of 2’ (5 cm) of hip wearing ease.  You may need more or less depending on body structure, personal preference and your fabric choice.  If the hip circumference and wearing ease issue is a concern of yours, read this article – Click Here.


New Free Videos - How To Use the Designer's Companion

A number of you asked for a video on using and applying the drawing tool - the Designer’s Companion – the mini-Stylus - with lots of tight, tiny curves to assist in drawing your pattern pieces.  To watch this short video – Click Here.

April Special - Free Designer's Companion

In keeping with the new Designer’s Companion How-To video, with any Dress or Pant Kit Combo + DVD, receive the Designer’s Companion totally FREE.  This special must be ordered from the Special page – Click Here.

Tips ‘n Techniques

I’ve begun a new Tips ‘n Techniques page on the website.  In time, lots of great fitting, designing and sewing info will be offered here.  Fabric Choice – I’ve been asked about working with woven vs. knit vs. woven/stretch fabrics in relation to your SFD patterns.  To read my response –  Click Here.




New (Free) Videos

Live Chat with Glenda

April Special

For those of you who are new to Sure-Fit Designs, these videos definitely give you a clear understanding of how the system works and what you can do with your 'body blueprint' (sloper).


New How To use the Designer's Companion drawing tool.  Click Here.


New Shirt Designing Videos

Part 1 & 2 - Well worth taking the time to download the video file.  Get lots of ideas for designing with your SFD Shirt Kit.


Click Here.

Join me in the April Live Chat offered directly from the Sure-Fit Designs website.  The Chat will be Wed. April 13 5PM (PST).  I will be sending out the chat announcement toward the end of this week.  In the meantime, register by clicking this link, then mark your calendars to join us for a lively online discussion.  Check the World Clock for the exact time in your part of the world.

Twitter!! Sign up and follow SFD on Twitter

Sure-Fit Designs is now part of the Twitter community.  To receive short tweets and announcements of current events and other sewing and fitting related information log on to your Twitter account and follow me at

In keeping with the new Designer’s Companion How-To video, with any Dress Kit Combo + DVD, or Pant Kit Combo + DVD, you will receive the Designer’s Companion totally FREE.  This special must be ordered from the Special page Click Here.




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